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BP OIL Spill Hits Pensacola Beach, Jindal Loses His Mind, Johan van der Sloot, Al Qaeda #3 Taken Out

Posted on June 14, 2010 by bp complaints

5 June 10: BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill hits Pensacola Beach! Bobby Jindal’s absurd request to overturn the deep water drilling moratorium and GOP hypocrisy on the federal response. The rise of the corporations. President Obama’s response to the oil spill. Al Qaeda #3 taken out. Joran van der Sloot.

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  1. Dajuro says:

    I LIVE in Pensacola.I went to Woodham in the 70s. I get my fish at Joe Patti’s.

    Forget BP – what’s Obama done?

    There are dozens of companies worldwide that are experts in cleaning oil out of the water – Obama hasn’t met with any of them.

  2. PampersPete says:

    Some of things this planet has been through over oh…I don’t know…we’ll keep it consevative and say 3 BILLION years:
    Plate Tectonics
    Continental Drifts
    Solar Flares
    Magnetic Storms
    Magnetic Reversal of the Poles
    100’s of 1000’s of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors
    Worldwide Floods
    Tidal Waves
    Worldwide Fires
    Cosmic Rays
    Recurring Ice Ages
    (stolen from Goerge Carlin-The Earth+Plastic)

    It’s true though.

  3. PampersPete says:

    @DemocraticBlogger Bizarre? Because I don’t drink the Liberal Kool-Aid? There IS a TRACE(look up the word)of Exxon Valdez happening. In another 20 years, it really will be 0 trace. Watch how the talk on corporate media changes after the first large hurricane to hit the affected areas. Just watch. They’ll be singin’ a totally different tune.

  4. DemocraticBlogger says:


    Ok moron. I’ve never had a flu vaccine in my life. Nice try though. Is this Rush Limbaugh? Am I being punked? Your information about Exxon Valdez oil spill is absolutely incorrect. Evidence of the spill and significant impacts persist to this day. To listen to your nonsense, I should go out and coat myself in oil as soon as possible and drink the stuff every day. Your comments are so over-the-top and your pro-oil spill position is bizarre to put it mildly.

  5. DemocraticBlogger says:

    @PampersPete Yeah it has been IN the earth and not fouling the most pristine beaches in the United States and ruining the delicate marshlands of Louisiana. I think I’ll believe my eyes and the opinions of the country’s best scientists rather than your brilliant analysis if you don’t mind. I live here genius. I don’t need a lecture from you or a litany of your absurd talking points – thanks anyway. You’re way out there, I’ll give you that much.

  6. Boomer1949 says:

    @DemocraticBlogger Well, you people down there have something going for you that hasn’t been allowed in LA and that’s the willingness of your elected officials to take actions without asking for permission. I know the law says that BP is responsible for the clean up…so what..send them the bill. If I lived down there you can bet your ass I would be fighting like hell to keep that goo off the beach.

  7. PampersPete says:

    If anything, we need to drill more oil and get off the Middle East’s oil tit. Overturn the moratorium and let start drilling.

  8. PampersPete says:

    @DemocraticBlogger early 1990’s and get back to me. Remember the Exxon-Valdez 20 years ago? I do. There’s almost 0 trace of that spill ever happening. I’ll bet you ran out and got vaccinated for Swine Flu when mommy and daddy government told you to as well.

  9. PampersPete says:

    @DemocraticBlogger You’re right. I am a proud corporate apologist. The reason you and I can live comfortably is because of greedy corporations. Everyone is calling this a disaster. How in the fuck is this a disaster? Not only is oil a natural byproduct that’s been in the Earth for billions of years, all it’ll take to clean up the oil is a few powerful hurricanes. Quit listening to your politicians and media and start using your computer for research. Look up the Iraq “oil spill” back in the

  10. DemocraticBlogger says:

    @Boomer1949 We’re in shock here right now. I’m still hoping the impacts will be minimal; they have been so far. I guess we’ll see how it plays out in the next few weeks. I’ve been wondering about the impact on the dolphins. I just saw some in the bay a few days ago.

  11. DemocraticBlogger says:

    @underscored94 I respect ur opinion, but I couldn’t disagree more. Jindal is a fool. His response to the State of the Union was horrendous.. He mocked things such as volcano monitoring immediately prior to Mt. Redoubt’s massive eruption. The volcano made him look like a fool.

    There’s nothing complex about what is going on in the Gulf. To restart deep water drilling without appropriate safeguards in place is unimaginable. There is no tradeoff worth what we are seeing right now.

  12. DemocraticBlogger says:

    @PampersPete Another corporate apologist who needs to engage his ears and dust off that brain prior to spewing nonsensical criticism which fails to address any specific points in the video. Did I say I was against drilling OR did I say I was for strict regulations which would’ve prevented this catastrophe from happening?

    Corporate irresponsibility – Uh, yeah.. Are u seriously trying to make the argument that BP acted responsibly here? Wow. Amazing. Silly corporate zombies.

  13. truthforamerica says:

    @underscored94 A democrat talking logically…..refreshing.

  14. PampersPete says:

    DRILL BABY DRILL! I’d like anyone, Dem/Repub/Ind, to put your money where your mouth is. If this “disaster” so offends you, put your money where your mouth is and ride a fuckin’ bike!

    Bottom line? In 100 years, the oil spill will be but a memory in the record books.

    Corporate irresponsibility?? Huh? Whatever. Like I said, sell your car and walk or ride a bike if you’re so offended.

    Silly Liberals…

  15. underscored94 says:

    I am a democrat but I do understand the position of Jindal with respect to the lifting of the moratorium. We are in the middle of a crisis and part of the difficulty of managing a crisis is to navigate multiple competing considerations and complex economic relationships and risk tradeoffs. Jindal is no fool. Clearly he would not be requesting the lift of the moratorium if these tradeoffs had not been evaluated. We must remember that his is the worst affected state so far.

  16. truthforamerica says:

    If we didn’t have to go so far offshore to drill or could drill on land, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The modern left hates corporations getting bigger, but loves when government does. Obama’s handling of this has been pathetic and to say there were just some opportunities is naive. The reason the early message was so incoherent is because Obama was playing golf and didn’t even respond for 12 days after the explosion.

  17. b5b9 says:

    I disagree. Not nearly enough is being done to protect the coastline from oil. What we needed was 10 times the number of skimmier boats out there – no 100 times. After boom is laid out, it must be maintained. There should be a thousand small boats out there maintaining the boom lines night and day.

    Deep sea oil exploration is as advanced as rocket science. Oil spill clean up is as primitive as spit. Why was BP allowed to get away without having state of the art clean up procedures?

  18. Hroark7 says:

    The answer is return to the Constitution and STOP murdering millions of people in wars .America is Totally Currupt
    As to “terrorism” ,America IS the TERRORIST State and the whole world is SICK of YOU ARSEHOLES,just STAY in YOUR oil infested shithole

  19. Hroark7 says:

    Americans have got what they voted for,a Federal Reserve System & a military industrial complex with lobbiests
    This is NOTHING new yet they keep voting either dem /rep
    America is a Fascist Globalist shit hole.
    but hey keep on voting and watching the idiot box

  20. Boomer1949 says:

    I lived in California most of my life but the most beautiful beach I’ve ever visited was in Pensacola Fl. You can walk out in the water (much warmer than the pacific) a half mile and dolphins swim around you. I will never forget that wonderful afternoon spent on the beach. This news brings home the horror more than LA because of my personal connection.

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