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BP oil spill as of 05/29/10

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

Reported by CNN, BP oil spill and what they plan to do.

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  1. EPSWhiz says:

    Has the Whitehouse tried to get help from the world oil well drilling expert, Rick Brace of Siberia? He is the Red Adair of putting out fires!

  2. BrainStreamMedia says:

    i think we need to follow the money it always holds true. Who is profiting from this? or who will gain from this? Sometimes that cant be seen until after the fact.

  3. boots920 says:

    See the government doesn’t care about their own people. You pay taxes so the government can kill your ass by using chemical warfare.
    Article 1 Sec 8 and 10 has been ignored by government for 100 years.
    These events now were planned in 1913 – the American people won’t wake up, new dark age you won’t want to survive what they have planned.

  4. TheCashistrash says:

    @boots920 yeppers sadly but i think this disaster was by design. for what ends i don’t know yet. but they are adding oil dispersement chemicals more toxic than the oil itself. I hear stories that in florida they are already getting rain with oil in it. The crops will get destroyed if we get a hurricane in the gulf area and our fresh water is going to get polluted with toxic chemicals.

  5. boots920 says:

    Start shooting the idiots against a wall you’ll get a fix right quick.
    Barry’s on vacation – illegal immigrants don’t care if the taxpayers are under attack of chemical war fare
    Sure wish the American people would wake the fck up

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