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BP Oil – Making Money Killing My World

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

BP Oil Making Money Killing My World. Music by: Bob Ponton / A Yisroal Boaz Film The Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico effects us all. It’s a really small planet and the web of life/ food chain is very fragile.This could end up being one of the biggest man made disasters of all time, with estimates of 100000 thousand barrels a day pouring into the once pristine waters of the gulf of Mexico. The really sad thing, it could have been prevented. A device called an “acoustic switch” would have allowed them to IMMEDIATELY stop the well head as soon as the explosion happened.Deregulation and Greed at play again; the need to save a buck on Environmental safety, so it can be crammed into already overflowing pockets of Corporate Fat Cats and Politicians feeding at the trough.. Making Money Killing My World..!!!!!!!
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  1. psychobilly444 says:

    @stalker50112 oh im sorry you “nice person” who is ignorant enough to abuse straight after stating that.. fuck.. who gave you’s the right to drill for oil, pretty sure you are fucking up the ocean and barak bin laden is chilling on his fried chicken not even caring. and calling america better then my country is a HUGE over statement. american’s have their head so far up their asses thinking their the best because their all opportunists. Educate yourself.

  2. cisco760ca says:

    thanks B.P For making our world a better place to live .

  3. 666Vannila666 says:

    @stalker50112 hell yeah

  4. 666Vannila666 says:

    @Sugarface011 don’t blame the citizens blame the bp “expert” its his fault that he is a dumb ass not us dude its the “expert’s fault”

  5. stalker50112 says:

    @psychobilly444 fuck u most americans are nice people who are you to say what we are u dumb fuck just because america is more rich, powerful, awesome, cool, fun then were anyone else lives u dont have to be a dick just because we are better then ur county

  6. Crystalwolf78 says:

    @psychobilly444 Hey not all the Americans are like that you know the Native American Indians and the few of us out there who actually give a dang but no one listens, hippies, pagans, w/e u call us, because they like their dang money more I hate people who give more care about the god of money more we raise our voices but they don’t seem to care they stuff their ears with money

  7. SeventhSandwich says:

    @exaurius Something tells me you didn’t even read my comment since what you just said had nothing to do with my comment. I was referring to fisherman, whose fishing season is ruined due to the death of fish.

  8. psychobilly444 says:

    pretty sure im not ready to face the end of the world because the americans think they are the worlds super power and can just rape the earth and not care about any consiquences.. just because it was there didnt mean you had to drill for it.. have fun knowing you’s killed the planet with a risk that shouldnt have even been taken.. maggets.

    • BPSucks123 says:

      oKAY rEALLY? yOU THINK WE ALL MEANT TO DO THIS? MOST AMERICANS WERE AGAINST DRILLING IN THE GULF!!!! It depresses SO many people that this planet is dying its not OUR FAULT its BP’s fault! So why dont u take your friken headout of your ass and realize that were not like we say you are, and NO Im not going to be nice about this cause it pisses me off so friken badly! and if you dont respect a country with Free speech, And all of the amazing stuff we have, a country STRONGENOUGH to TRY to cope with a desaster this big, WHICH WONT EVEN EFFECT YOUR COUNTRY THEN WHT THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS WEBSITE? huh?

  9. mrkku123 says:

    he or she is reading this from the goverment i know it’s sad but the goverment makes it sound worst then it is if they wanted to help the would do somthing instead they try to make it sound like they are doing it all but the aren’t

  10. itscook56 says:

    i gots an idea how about we just blow the ocean up we will be fine but the oil should come out of the water

  11. SabineMuir1 says:

    It’s sung by Robert Ponton and Sabine van Dessel.
    Robert wrote the song. It is available from itunes. Bob will donate the proceeds to wildlife charities involved in the Gulf spill clear up operation.
    More songs by Pandamonium can be heard on itunes, if you check out the Pontonish link.

  12. SabineMuir1 says:

    This Robert Ponton song is available on itunes from the Scarlet Woman album by The Pandamonium. Only 79 pence.
    Most of the proceeds will go to the organisations that help the wildlife affected by the oil spill in the Gulf.

  13. exaurius says:

    @SeventhSandwich also, my source of money was already cut off. I lost my job the week after Obama signed the bailout into law.

  14. exaurius says:

    @SeventhSandwich oh, so it’s ok to mess up the ecosystem or environment as long as you make money doing it? I think that’s what BP was doing 🙂

  15. SeventhSandwich says:

    Excuse me. Coming from you, someone who doesn’t have the ocean as their source of living you seem like a huge asshole. I want you to see what it’s like to have your source of money completely killed off.

    Fuck you.

  16. Betty5150 says:


    I never once stated that BP would compensate everyone, because there are certain government laws in place that don’t allow this. Government should always protect private property rights, but who would’ve guess, Government in bed with corporations.

    Sure you don’t need to be an Engineer to know that Corporations are in it for the profit, but that’s irrelevant to my point about lacking necessary knowledge towards such situations.

  17. Lonelnuyasha says:

    @Betty5150 You do not need to be an Engineer to know a Corporation is only interested in it’s bottom line. BP is in “Damage Control Mode”. The US’s worst mistake was leaving this in the hands of BP. If you think everyone will be compensated your wrong. BP will file for Bankruptcy before that happens and open shop elsewhere. If you don’t believe me go down to the Louisiana coast and pick up a Volunteer form. Read the fine print where you forfeit your right to sue BP.

  18. Sugarface011 says:

    I bet you Americans wish you educated yourselves and voted for Ron Paul.

  19. X4SerioX4ese says:

    @Swifkanator save me a seat while you are at it.

  20. X4SerioX4ese says:

    @rkellyonu what are you talking about you child mongolo???

  21. westbound888 says:

    Please tell me who sings this tune? Very very appropriate.

  22. mwillblade says:

    @Swifkanator Send me a postcard !!

  23. Sevencrazythings says:

    @Dudin8er if fish are sea kittens, then this is a sea makeover.

  24. rkellyonu says:

    @X4SerioX4ese Bp is british >.> mongoloid child

  25. 74Gibson says:

    @AwesomeDudes14 The response to the disaster DAMN sure is Obama’s fault and 69% of America agrees. 62% did not like the response of Bush towards Katrina.
    Obama is an inexperienced Idiot. And I can complain cause I didn’t vote for the Moron!

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