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BP oil in the gulf, no relief until August

Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil in the Gulf, no relief until August BP Scrambles New Plan to Stop Oil, Says End Point Is Relief Well Due in August A BP executive says a relief well is the “end point” of efforts to stop the Gulf oil spill — which suggests there’s little chance of plugging the leak until the new well is completed in August. With BP declaring failure in its latest attempt to plug the uncontrolled gusher feeding the worst oil spill in US history, the company is turning to yet another mix of risky undersea robot maneuvers and longshot odds to keep crude from flowing into the Gulf. Robert Dudley, BP’s managing director, said on “Fox News Sunday” that company officials were disappointed that they “failed to wrestle this beast to the ground.” But skepticism is growing that BP can solve the crisis. www.foxnews.com
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  1. freedom4kaz says:

    @bennmug I’m not trying to be an ass, if I lived in Texas, I’d be planning to get the hell out!!! Anyone south of the Mason Dixon line is in GRAVE DANGER!! Anyone east of the Mississippi is in GREAT DANGER!! Both of these are referenced to a hurricane blowing through!! Spreading the oil all over the Mid-West!!

  2. freedom4kaz says:

    @TheLostinspace Another great point!! Where are our concerned gov’t green people!?!? Oh… my bad…. You said they were at the bank, sorry!!

  3. freedom4kaz says:

    @MaKaElectric Ya I told hefeltbad if he needed to relocate to come up to my place for a while if a hurricane blows through!! What scares me more MaKa, if a hurricane does blow through, will it carry the oil north, possibly into the Great Lakes?? Think about it.

  4. freedom4kaz says:

    @PHILLYDEMOCRAT apparently you didn’t hear, they estamted there is about 9000 days worth of oil in that well. That breaks down to about 24 – 25 years of leaking!! They really need to cap it!!! NOW!!

  5. bennmug says:

    Stock up on food and water if you live in that area. I live in Texas not far from the gulf I am going to start saving jugs. And what if the relief wells don’t work?

  6. TheLostinspace says:

    where the hell are all the people that care about the earth so much.the likes of al gore,and all his fucking green friends…where is all the save the planet bullshit know……..what a joke….oh ya they are probably counting their money on the other side of the world,,,,,,,,

  7. MaKaElectric says:

    God Help Us!




    sure , then in august BP says wait until january

  10. freedom4kaz says:

    @jcattera Ya we need to pass this info to everyone we know!! Pass it along to everybody!!

  11. hefeltbad says:

    @freedom4kaz i can sell a whale water..lol…but none the less they will see first hand shortly..

  12. jcattera says:

    Prepare and remember the 3,3,3 Rule! You need at least 3 mins for air, 3 days for water, 3 weeks for food to survive! BP’s attempts are just window dressing for the sheeple that are STILL FUCKING ASLEEP until BP fails in August with their relief wells. WAKE UP!!!

  13. freedom4kaz says:

    @hefeltbad We all have to work together!! Maybe you can convince my family there is something going on!!

  14. hefeltbad says:

    @freedom4kaz if need be believe me. ill take ya up on that offer in a heartbeat..i clocked 7.4 miles in fucked up crazy terrain today with the gals,I couldnt believe it. i was so whooped.heat index was at 95 degrees.

  15. NibiruMagick2012 says:

    @freedom4kaz Very much so… Wonder when they will go D.U.M.B.?
    This has been in the works a very long time.
    The story does have a happy ending tho…
    Peace, Love and Light

  16. freedom4kaz says:

    @NibiruMagick2012 It’s all part of the agenda!!

  17. freedom4kaz says:

    @hefeltbad Dude I feel for you and all the great people of the south. Do your best to get the hell out!!! If you want, come up here bro, we’ll make room. My son would love the new friends.

  18. freedom4kaz says:

    @ltyt Ya I did some quick research and found out that indeed we are still a colony of Britain!!

  19. ltyt says:

    ye see, someone has pointer out that “the financial the financial obligations of the 1213 Charter En #1, are still in effect, along with the Charters establishing America. Two, the last sentence of the 1689 Bill of Rights En #2, proves that “the Charters of the Colonies could never be overturned by a Declaration of Independence, or the 1787 treaty, otherwise known as the Constitution, ”
    Sorry, I tried but could not pinpoint the source of this passage.

  20. ltyt says:

    @freedom4kaz somehow it all started at 1213 as a result of King John’s conncession of England and Ireland to the Pope.

  21. hefeltbad says:

    The clock is laughing in my fucking face.

  22. NibiruMagick2012 says:

    Get away from the gulf coast!!! TOXIC GAS has shut down clean up!

  23. freedom4kaz says:

    @ltyt Hhmmmm I don’t think were a British colony. If we were, our laws would have to get OK’d from them.

  24. ltyt says:

    Just want to ask a question brought up by another youtuber, a bit off topic freeom, but isn’t the US still a British colony and if so, can’t BP does whatever they want to do in US territorial waters?

  25. freedom4kaz says:

    @cbr6864 Bottom line Just get prepared!! The shit just hit the fan!!

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