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BP didn’t take proper safety precautions

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began, many people were immediately flooded with memories of the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. BP and Exxon Valdezs spills are very parallel, Greg Palast would know all about that. He investigated the oil spill in 1989 from the Exxon Valdez and he says BP should have had the safety precautions in place before ever starting to drill.

AssociatedPress — May 20, 2010 — Live feed: globalwarming.house.gov Archival feed: www.youtube.com A live video feed that shows the oil gushing from the blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico is now available online. Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts pushed BP to make the video available to the public. Copyright Associated Press 2010 Live video feed available to public oil spill gulf of mexico congressman ed Markey Massachusetts BP dispersants epa florida keys gulf stream Louisiana Alabama


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  1. pekoe67 says:

    If oil spills are profitable for oil companies then oil production must- logically-
    be made unprofitable.
    Unless you’re asking me to trust these people, in which case
    I would look askance at you.
    Nationalize oil production.

  2. fantem says:

    You all acting like you have no government or King who rules. Basically America has no ruler.The media mersmer control is the only thing that exists. Good luck zombies.

  3. fantem says:

    BP or the government would of not been able to do anything…. They both create dangerous scenarios and then tell people they are safe and that the ruling body will be able to make SURE everything is safe and in a catastrophy they can easily help the people. Every catastrophy to date, the government has no controll or power to help its citizens. Hurricanes or floods or whatever it may be. Your hero can do nothing except give you spin. So dont get angry when you just get spin.

  4. kilirm says:

    Palast is a key person for bringing information in this corporate nightmare we allowed ourselves into.

  5. entropyness says:


  6. urielstud says:

    It has been 3 weeks that 210,000 to 1 million gallons of oil/day have been spewing into the habitats of The Gulf. Yesterday BoP said it would try the “Top Hat” solution after they knew that gas hydrates would freeze that too at 5000 feet. They knew that wouldn’t work so they are proposing another pipe solution. We just sit and wait and let them f_ _ k up our country like we let the regulators let them do it.

  7. Valdris1987 says:

    No money will recover this catastrophe.

  8. WBarts says:

    @dissturbbed From What I found on BP They have found one of the biggest Fields in the gulf which was in 2009. I’m assuming this is the field only because the Rig blew and had a 22in stack. Est. Barrels/gallons per day, there is no profit with low flow wells because Rig Placement, setup time and the expenses. And yea, 40 yrs I used because I don’t know how big the well is or what the True Volume its leaking. Either way, The well will push out until the pressure is gone which scares me.

  9. dissturbbed says:

    @WBarts It would last much much longer if it was just this one well spewing 20000 barrels a day, most oil fields including offshore oil fields have several wells for one reservoir. The reservoir they are drilling into is a new find in the gulf of mexico and is estimated to hold more than 3 billion barrels. It would take way more than 40 years to drain this mega field down to nothing through this one well head. Chevron just tapped an oil field called jack 2 estimated to hold 10 to 15 billion

  10. datzfast says:

    @MonyMG1959 no, yes an inverted pyrimid would work ,

  11. datzfast says:

    @SunRoD i dont think shoving a tampon into a greezy pipe will work. but some sort
    kink in the pipe a thousand feet below the surface could work well enough to plug the well i just cant believe no one know a sure fire way to do this already

  12. datzfast says:

    @WBarts seems to me you lower an new blowout preventer in the open position over this bolt it on and then shut the mother off. am i missing somthing?

  13. Vengeance4Me79 says:

    Britian and the US saw the first JEW infiltrators since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the state of Palestine. Though JEWS were only a minority of the American intellectuals, politicians, and bankers by the turn of the 20th century, Jews began to dominate all aspects of US Government, banking, and foreign policy through bribery, extortion, and manipulation by the mid-latter half of the 20th century. Sadly today, most gentiles are obese, uneducate ponds because of the change.

  14. WBarts says:

    @407buddy Its so true. How many trillions of dollars on cleanup? They could of gave each homeowner 20k for the purchase and install of solar Panel power on each rooftop. How many homes could use electric heat, AC all ran off solar. Less Natural gas, coal, Oil. I have Oil Heat and I Hate it. 500-700 gallons a season.

  15. WBarts says:

    @nightshiftmomof3 Sorry to hear that. Really! A Job is a job and it pays the bills for your family. Alot of people work with oil. Trained to do one single part of Recovery, Right down to the truck drivers. They are not engineers, they just do what they are told. Hope BP gets it under control and reclaims its Name or your station will close up from the public bans. Either way, All the cars and trucks still need Fuel, so banning one just helps Another Company Drill more oil.

  16. rabinomoshe says:

    how big is the hole

  17. WBarts says:

    @davetileguy What they have, A 20in pipe Main Stack that you see on the news and in this video. Then Inside of that is a Drill Pipe which is super strong. Then Poss. a few other small pipes for Flow control. Impact Hammer that could transfer its energy thru One mile worth of Water or at the Stack. Water will dampen the impact. They also only have a few inches of clean Egg shaped pipe to hammer smaller pipe into because of the stack connector a Flex joint and Multi- Valves below that.

  18. WBarts says:

    @seniorman99 Why would I know that? Looks like CNN did math today too.

  19. PunkDirector86 says:

    @davetileguy Your a jackass. Am I not allowed to say how I feel about a decision British Petroleum made that back fired, simply because it was six letters? Oh and in case you say “it wasn’t there decision to have an oil spill” or to the put the pipe there, and “the US Gov’ had to approve it first”, I already know that. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I insulted a the poor judgment of BP, not you. So why insult me? Have a nice day, and Blessed Be

  20. davetileguy says:

    if they can stick a pipe to siphen some of the oil why cant they just connect a series of pipes getting bigger at each section till it’s the size of the well head and either siphen it all or jam it shut? seems easy

  21. davetileguy says:

    @PunkDirector86 your intelligent

  22. seniorman99 says:

    @WBarts u dont know that dumbass

  23. PunkDirector86 says:

    Fuck BP

  24. fal2grace says:

    @WBarts thanks for the info

  25. WBarts says:

    If this well field has a life span of 40yrs. Low balling at 20000 barrels daily, at one year your talking 300 million gallons and its life span of 12 trillion gallons. So what does that look like? It would cover an area the size of California AND be About 4inches Deep.
    The Large crude Well fields are 70yrs old and are still being used today.

  26. Pyroscopy says:

    “real world” um its more of a corporations catastrophy….

  27. jeffcoolstuff says:

    good going bp. boycott BP!

  28. MonyMG1959 says:

    @nelson3300 What about putting BP president in a space suit and sending him down to plug the pipe? from what I heard last night on the news it may take months before they can stop the flow.

  29. fal2grace says:

    @WBarts think they’re in new territory with this …

  30. WBarts says:

    Plugging up a pipe that has Pressures of 3000psi or so. The pressure will just keep pushing out what ever is in the way. Granted the Oil drilling rigs do plug up the pipes with concrete once oil is found for later pumping. How much concrete or the length of concrete used? 2miles worth of concrete or all 6miles of pipe is concreted? Just drilling 10000 ft takes them 6-8weeks time.

  31. WBarts says:

    @SuEnRoD yep thats been done with 800,000 barrels of mud and mix concrete that is treated to harden like quick minute epoxy. They even tried rubber bits from what Ive read, but that sounds like a news myth, they always get things wrong. Your talking a pipe that is 6in to 8in round and 20000 FT long or deep. Yea 6MILES Deep plus the one mile of water on top of that totaling 7MILES. I cant even think of what kinda pressure it takes to pump anything 7 Miles down!

  32. nelson3300 says:

    @nepalihercules You aren’t coughing up black shit from sitting in your office…! :^

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