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Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

BP DENIES CONGRESS LIVE FOOTAGE OF OIL SPILL TAGS: gulf of mexico oil bp oil leak florida petrol gallons camera footage remote controlled sea pollution environmental disaster oil well leak gulf of mexico oil bp oil leak florida petrol gallons camera footage remot…



  1. sparkie231 says:

    why doesnt obama just part the ocean like moses to make the repairs easier

  2. bennmug says:

    This is the most lame excuse I ever heard its destroying the planet but its not our business?!?! It could contaminate our drinking water when hurricane season comes. If your car does not pass emissions test you get to spend all kinds of money to fix it and cannot drive it until it is resolved. How can they say its not our business?

  3. itube4yu says:

    @ln4359 I would imagine that if a large storm were to move in and blow all the fumes onto the shore, it could be worse than the oil itself.

  4. itube4yu says:

    Yes it makes me sick, and it makes me angry as hell too to think that not only did BP downplay the severity of the spill, and then deny that they downplayed it, but now they’re blocking media access to the beaches. PUBLIC taxpayer-funded beaches!!

  5. b2flyer1 says:

    @oakbooks : The time is PAST,to jail them.It’s time to start H^%%$**g them….

  6. TheRodeoX says:

    It is outrageous how the government and big oil are conspiring to hide the oil. They must think we are all stupid. How about we the people start breaking the rules and go look for ourselves? I don’t need an oil company to keep me safe, indeed I think I’m a lot safer without them.

  7. professorcurtis says:

    Try taking a short break from the subject. This Oil spill is just now entering the public conciseness. In another week or so people will realize how bad the situation is and they will be begging you to make another video. I can hear the emotions in your voice as you speak of this disaster and I know that it is hurts you when you speak of it, but you’re the best spokesman on this subject on YouTube. You must follow through with this. Thank you for your videos.

  8. uspimpclub says:

    @ln4359 wow thats true never thought about that that can actually happen?

  9. ln4359 says:

    I am concerned about the live flame steady flowing off the rig that is siphoning up the oil. Could a loose spark ignite the oily waters? Or as mentioned before lightening igniting the oil in the ocean? Also, what if the oil fumes in the air worsens and spreads to different states? Would states then have to be evacuated? just wondering…

  10. skaraborg55 says:

    Stop BP NOW.

    Before it’s too late…

    I don’t even live on your continent, still i’m pissed off by BP, a greedy bunch of incompetent idiots.

  11. jiffy59 says:

    bp will burn in hell soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. desire4liberation says:

    @PREPAREORSUFFER i agree… but lets go a step farther and boycott all big corp!!!

  13. facestomp88 says:


    I already have, and I told my wife if she stops at a BP and gets gas then I will boycott her ass next….lol. I did the same thing with Heinz ketchup!


    its simple people………EVERYBODY BOYCOTT BP GASOLINE….that will kill them in the wallet !!!

  15. uspimpclub says:

    @professorcurtis u are so right,, I should make a video about that ,the Hurricanes this year they will be bad ocean temp up 2 degree, but just sick of talking about it , its getting so bad that i would just forget about it , put my trust in the BP and the Government ,

  16. professorcurtis says:

    The Corporations control this country now. The Obama administration empowered them with Government stimulus money. He could have done better by sending the money directly to the people. I see now, thanks to this posting, that British Petroleum is too Big to fail too. Our Government is as out of our control as the Oil spout and in both cases, we are helpless!
    What’s it going to be like after a Hurricane hits the Gulf?!

  17. uspimpclub says:

    @oakbooks I AGREE

  18. oakbooks says:

    Well if it is none of our business why are we the people picking up the tab?
    You were right about this in a previous video; Jail All BP CEO’s responsible for this mess!

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