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BP Controlling Police & Media!

Posted on June 06, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com June 03, 2010 MSNBC The ED Show
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MOXNews.com May 11, 2010 CNN
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  1. danworthj says:

    This is good for the environment. I bet wildlife is flourishing. That is why BP is policing the media. They want to surprise us with the great fucking news.

  2. BeantownJim says:

    S.W.A.T. teams on the scene first?

  3. MrGlowster says:

    BP should be arrested and removed from the area another company should be pulled in and fix this. This Tony nerd should go to prison.

  4. chad00023 says:

    we should scoop up all this shit and drop it off in tony’s home and surrounding yard wouldnt that be simply peachy??

  5. Planerian says:

    If Americans can cut down on our needless waste of oil we wouldn’t need to drill offshore anywhere. If we weren’t such pigs we wouldn’t be wallowing in our own filth.

  6. Tressco says:

    America gets it up the ass big time!
    By big government & big corporations!
    Fascism says hi!

  7. Sivels says:

    @11NACTX11 What about greedy politicians who have sold out the american population and their children’s future to foreign rulers in china and latin america FOR POLITICAL short term gain?…

    What about the regulations that force oil companies to drill with increased risk at deep sea levels and what about the banning of nuclear energy as a safe, clean alternative energy?

    Are you beginning to see a double standard here?

  8. KoschKff says:

    BP talks about RISK now. Why didn’t they buy the safety switches if they are so worried abour RISK?

  9. rsnboy08 says:

    And all the sudden no one reports on Wall Street and there crime anymore! why?

  10. trucking42witness says:

    There’s another big oil spill in the North Sea!!!

  11. MyRiseToHonor says:

    Cops working for BP!?!? WTF!!!! Fact, Police Officers don’t get paid shit down south! I can understand them doing this more than their looting during Katrina! That said, I would rather die than be a slave to those BP Bastards! They have doomed the Gulf for the rest of our natural lives! Bobby G. needs to go swimming in that shit! What a fool! That Hayward/Red Coat Whore, he and his company should go home! Take all their shitty gas stations with them! FUCKING FOREIGNERS! LOL

  12. 1140Cecile says:

    Whatever BP has to pay for the spill will be passed along to consumers. After 9/11, insurance rates went up for ALL businesses in North America. The people who create these problems don’t end up paying for their mistakes….everyone else shares in the cost. That’s the nature of the reality.

  13. Blindianboy says:

    i like how he slid in “obligations to stakeholders” at the end of his little statement

  14. 11NACTX11 says:



    What greed has done.

  15. 11NACTX11 says:

    What has greed done? The greed of oil mongering companies dropping the ball on fail safe measures to boost prophets killing off our wild life. That’s what greed has done.
    What’s greed in my book? Prolly the same as everyone else. Dictionaries are great little tools by the way.

  16. Roonskii says:

    @boots920 To bad ronnie isn’t around to see his dreams come true.

  17. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    Never trust anyone who calls you “buddy” or “pal”.

    Ed’s done both to Billy.

    This will get swept under the rug faster than Vince Foster.

  18. midevalcheese says:

    Obama didn’t watch this episode of “Ed” yet!

    He doesn’t know this is going on!

  19. Sivels says:

    @11NACTX11 Wtf, What exactly has greed done? And what greed are you talking about, and what is greed in your book?

  20. 11NACTX11 says:

    Rich republicans suck. Look at what greed has done. How sorry this whole thing is.

  21. awakesleepinggiant says:

    Come on Ed, we all know this has the finger prints of the New World Order. Bilderberg/Illumanati is currently meeting in Spain for the next few days. Who knows what else these megalomaniacs will think of next. The people will soon take matters into their own hands since the governments, the corporations and the especially the media are all in tandam working for the international bankers. Btw, where is Al Gore?

  22. WvMISKAvW says:

    BP needs to get its tail back home!

  23. TheHardMoneyMan says:

    Mox loves Ed. Where is the maddow and chris matthews tonight??

  24. maidenkid84 says:

    i think they are making BP a scapegoat, who benefits from BP getting there ass handed to them???

  25. iversonmatthew says:

    This shouldn’t suprise anyone.

  26. duba3988 says:

    fuck oil

  27. Allamericom says:

    Instead of losing the well head covering it up with concrete and sealing off the catastrophe There still tiring to salvage the well head due to MONEY costs – Our government is about MONEY then CONTROL without money they have no control.
    Sorry Obama is in charge America not maybe but is making Big Mistakes in the name of greed and control

  28. wirelesscps says:


  29. Melpheos1er says:

    @Melpheos1er put dot and slash at the right place… Youtube is preventing now to put even the word dot and slash

  30. Melpheos1er says:

    @trucking42witness @trucking42witness Google gave me this : tiny cc mxury

    interesting hu… No stop believing every silly conspiracy you read on the net and start to read REAL news !

  31. trucking42witness says:

    @Melpheos1er Rarely listen to Rush.

  32. trucking42witness says:

    I rarely listen to Rush.

  33. trucking42witness says:

    @Melpheos1er As I repeated before on this post…google…What Does It Mean by Sorcha Faal. Scroll down and you will see the news. Any posting about this has been taken off the tube. What does that tell you. Please, I’m only one person looking for the truth.

  34. trucking42witness says:

    @dude12nothin Google..What Does it Mean by Sorcha Faal. Scroll down and you will see the news. Anything about this has been taken off the tube. What does that tell you.

  35. Melpheos1er says:

    @trucking42witness of course, as it was in the Pravda and with absolutly no other sources but Rush Limbaught to back it up in his crazy buncker world it must be true.

  36. trucking42witness says:

    go to WHAT DOES IT MEAN and scroll on what is said about oil rig.

  37. trucking42witness says:

    @Melpheos1er Keep looking for the truth. That news came out on Russias Pravda. It was in their newspaper.

  38. MrMemag says:

    @ubtri In a reasonable world, that would be the only way to deal with this.

  39. imaginepeace63 says:

    Boycott BP

  40. KASPLARFO says:

    Thank you for documenting this crime Mox!

  41. KASPLARFO says:

    The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep.
    You know what they awoke in the darkness –
    Shadow and Flame.
    Our Mother Earth lays STRICKEN at the hands of our Greedy Bankster Elite and their swollen pig-bellies dragging on the floor!
    When will we RISE FOR REVOLUTION? We are in the FINAL HOUR.

  42. Melpheos1er says:

    @trucking42witness this is a conspiracist parody… Right ?

  43. blueorangelettuce says:

    Releasing the video would at least stop the rumors that more than 5000 barrels of oil are being released per day. Or maybe, that’s another reason not to share it.

  44. SurvivingSTL says:

    I’m thinking that everyone should call BP stations and ask for free gas since they are destroying our gulf coast.

  45. InternetSpanker says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say how much I love tiny titties… I just love ’em…and that’s for real!

  46. InternetSpanker says:

    Yeah, like BP can’t afford to hire one extra media tech to liason with the public. Motherfucking liars. Kudos to the “faux journalists” who never ask the hard questions. American television is nothing more than controlled entertainment and proaganda. More diverse and independent global sources needed for a contact with reality.

  47. dude12nothin says:

    @trucking42witness WTF?

  48. dude12nothin says:

    I love the BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” commercials.

  49. ubtri says:

    Shut BP down, make it an illegal organization in every country on the planet.

  50. trucking42witness says:

    @Melpheos1er Because it is probably a huge crater in the sea floor, which would tell us if it was torpeoded or bombed on purpose!

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