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An Afternoon at the Beach; A Daydream. Deer Lake St. Pk, Hwy 30A, Walton County, Florida

Posted on June 27, 2010 by bp complaints

This was filmed with family on Saturday, June 13, on one of my many trips to one of my favorite beaches lately in fear that it may be the last time that they are beautiful. Currently, those of us who live along the coast walk the line between concern and sadness under a thick and heavy fog of anger and disbelief over the effects of the BP oil spill. We push on with our lives while we and our neighbors speak of hardship claims filed with BP, our loss of business and tax revenue in the busiest time of the tourism season and whether a dozen Apalachicola oysters will be our last. As the oil makes it way east and southeast, all that we can do is pray that our Walton and Bay County communities will be spared the pain being endured by Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and now the Florida panhandle an hour down the road to our west. Deer Lake State Park along Highway 30A in Walton County, Florida is a stunningly beautiful pristine coastal dune park that straddles the borders of the communities of Watersound Beach and Seagrove Beach. I created this video as an outlet of pent up frustration and feelings of helplessness where the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster is concerned. I cannot do anything about the spill except document the beach in its beautiful preserved state now, and if spoiled this summer, help clean it up later. Three days before the explosion of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Drilling Platform, Florida Rep. Dean Cannon shelved his proposal to lift the ban on oil
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  1. djonesowens1 says:

    Thank you for documenting this beautiful, pristine place. My children and I have visited these beaches for our entire lives. I mourn for what is coming. My grief is almost more than I can bear.

  2. carolingwholeo says:

    Third try at a comment. Love the text enrichments of good video of one of my favorite places. You could add Florida Rosemary, slow-growing plants seen along the dune crossover. And the Choctawhatchee beach mouse, protected at adjacent WaterSound beach, must have wandered over here. Sad to say, a week later, tarballs arrived on the Gulf waters. See the video I attached.

  3. rceureid says:

    This is my second video…learning. 🙂

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