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Alpaca Fleece to Help in Gulf Oil Spill?

Posted on June 02, 2010 by bp complaints

Four alpacas at an Alabama zoo could help keep oil from reaching part of the shoreline.
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  1. joyariffic says:

    BP really needs to figure something out. theres no reason the oil should be leaking this long

  2. BiGZaY20 says:

    @pastrulazo68 lol

  3. BiGZaY20 says:

    @trucking42witness Boycott BP!!!

  4. AnfoMerc says:

    I invite everyone to see my heavy metal music video called OIL IS BLOOD. It was done 2 years ago. Even more relevant today.

  5. rw5791 says:

    it’s about 45 miles southeast of tibbedeau.louisianna
    there lived a man named doc mill south and his pretty wife hannah.

  6. debtruth1 says:

    this fiber can be as soft as cashmere – by shipping all this fiber out for oil spills, the alpaca fiber/yarn industry is not benefited at all.

  7. isaacnd200 says:

    Do you really know what is going on ? Oil may be the least of our problems. Please take just 10 minutes and read the 3 blog posts on my yahoo profile, Isaacnd200….then take a deep breath.

  8. isaacnd200 says:

    If you think you are really informed about all of this, I welcome you to check the facts. I invite all of you to take 10 minutes to read my blog posts (all3) on my yahoo profile . When you are done, take a deep breath.

  9. trucking42witness says:

    It’s already too late! I believe theres more to this than is being told. Possible sabbotage? What about Gov’t/BP Corporations carbon footprints.
    Our Creator gave us Paradise and look what we got from Govt.
    BOYCOTT BP!!!!!

  10. DivinePonies says:

    3:07 Ok, that’s just wrong… 😀

  11. MT1337ness says:


  12. busterbone says:

    with the recent economic down-turn the about past 2 years, green energy became back-burner issue to new and lasting job creation, but with this sticky mess-and 2 US recent refinery explosions it’s seeming relevant again. Let’s finally have more safe, clean alternatives to fossil fuels for the long-term.

  13. pastrulazo68 says:

    nice! now go get 5 billion alpacas

  14. globehunter2 says:

    I think every American should shave their head bald and dump their hair in the Gulf!
    better to have bald head people than tar balls rolling on the beach.

  15. kobie8819591 says:

    Nothing can help this disaster is out of control, dont let them fool you.

  16. kennedymarijuanaseed says:

    @anmoose true that!!!

  17. wannaruwae says:

    alpacas are complaining to goldman sachs, rothschild, why you did it?
    and stupid americans are collecting our fleece?

  18. videosouthafrica says:

    i heard that all BP employess and the Obama admin are going to donate all their pubic hair for the same coastline as they believe that human hair is more powerful

  19. anmoose says:

    BP, the corporate monster that’s responsible for destroying the Gulf of Mexico, “has not approved the method”? What the Hell right do they have to say anything at all at this point? Plug the damned hole you made in the planet, you irresponsible idiots, and then maybe we’ll talk.

  20. TheKmk173 says:

    @dylanErr1994 That’s like asking the whole internet if they wanna get hacked

  21. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    Pork spending. Hay and straw will work much better for a LOT less money!

  22. dylanErr1994 says:

    Anyone want a Lockerz invite? PM me with your e-mail.

  23. createsutoo says:

    They’re using Dawn Liquid Detergent, it’s taking the oil out of the Wild Life, Dawn Soap is saving them.
    Buy a bottle everyone.. it’s written on the bottle.
    i got mine…..yep.. i sure do.

  24. 3031607 says:

    @yuhcgte its not just america

  25. manusmleon says:


    sure… but uh- don’t you know what BP stands for?

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