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19 power plants on the coasts are awaiting oil spill

Posted on June 23, 2010 by bp complaints

As BP executives repeat amorphous phrases like “all legitimate claims” and “make things right”, Gulf Coast residents are becoming increasingly suspicious. First obtained by NewOrleans.com through an “insider”, a 582-page report details how BP would handle an oil disaster similar to the one we are now experiencing. From BP’s Regional Oil Spill Response Plan for the Gulf of Mexico, updated on June 30, 2009:: www.scribd.com As oil from the massive Deepwater Horizon slick in the Gulf of Mexico laps at Louisiana’s shores and tar balls wash up on beaches in the Florida Keys, saltwater-dependent power plants on the Gulf Coast prepare for the worst. “We’ve been monitoring the spill since it began,” says Suzanne Grant, a spokesperson for Progress Energy Florida, which runs four power plants on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Three of the plants pump in water from the Gulf to cool their turbines. “The good news is that forecast models continue to indicate it’s highly unlikely the slick will reach our coastal plants, but we’re putting an action plan in place just in case,” Grant says. … news.discovery.com
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www.TransAlchemy.com Today, Nintendo and Disney announced, at the E3 conference, the new “Epic Mickey” videogame. The game involves rebuilding a “wasteland” post-apocalyptic version of Disney World. What’s interesting, though, is that some scientists warn that the state of Florida in the United States, in which Disney World is located, is at major risk for massive environmental destruction, due to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster – possibly necessitating evacuation from the “wasteland”. During Nintendo’s E3 2010 press conference, Epic Mickey was demoed on the show floor, showing off some of the game’s features. One thing that immediately jumped out at us was how good the game looked, especially being a Wii game. At first glance Epic Mickey almost looks like your standard 3D plat former, but the player will be able to use paint or thinner to modify the environment to their liking. You could even thin the floor out to make a hole, and drop down below. Alternatively, you can paint the level to restore it. Apparently these choices will have an effect on the game later on down the line, but it remains to be seen what they could be. Epic Mickey makes its debut later this year exclusively for Nintendo Wii. Includes music by KMFDM. Read the lyrics http

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  1. mail2nomanbitdeals says:

    @satheeshactsinfo Planetresource(dot)net has a Eco friendly solution to clean up the tragedy British Petroleum has created
    One person can still make a difference in this world, is that simple interactions have a rippling effect. Each time this gets pass along, the hope in cleaning our planet is passed on .watch the youtube video title “COMPLETE CLEAN UP OF THE GULF SPILL” by? PRR7075

  2. skinrich says:

    Lubchenco said the oil could be compared to ash from a volcano, with the liquid rising in a plume and then forming an underwater cloud that drifts about the currents, NBC reported.

  3. skinrich says:

    At a briefing, Jane Lubchenko, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said that tests conducted at three sites by a University of South Florida research vessel confirmed oil as far as 3,300 feet below the surface.

    The oil was found 42 miles northeast of the well site and also 142 miles to the southeast. …
    This is the first time the presence of oil plumes has been confirmed by a government agency. …

  4. skinrich says:

    Flow Rate Technical Group member:
    Severed riser increased flow “far more” than 20%; now likely 100,000 barrels a day
    By oilflorida, on June 8th, 2010

  5. Johntkr says:

    BP could have used safety measures that would have prevented deaths of wild life and careers of fisherman and tourist industry. The billionaires of BP did not want to spend 500k that would have prevented this mess. Find out the names of BP, because they will sell fuel under different names. Avoid buying gas from BP company names. Google them and find out how to best boycott them.
    Set up a Democracy system; vote at libraries by everyday people.

  6. skinrich says:

    First obtained by NewOrleans . com through an “insider”, a 582-page report details how BP would handle an oil disaster similar to the one we are now experiencing.
    Link in more info

  7. skinrich says:

    Here’s a troubling scenario: A year from now, a giant plume of oil below the water’s surface washes up on the Gulf coast.

    At the present time, the oil is so deep, scientists say, no one is sure how long it will linger below the surface. Pockets could wash ashore in six months or a year, said . . .

    →Ocean current expert: Oil plumes “could wash ashore in six months or a year”

    find the whole story at the website provided earlier.

  8. UnoRaza says:

    These jerks are making some people enter the so-called “security” challenge on every comment in case you wonder why your comments/readers drop off.

    This really sucks, but “page one” comments were opening too many eyes.

  9. UnoRaza says:

    These jerks are making some people enter the so-called “security” challenge on every comment in case you wonder why your comments/readers drop off.
    This really sucks, but page one comments were opening too many eyes.

  10. UnoRaza says:

    They did not need a dispersant they needed a coagulant!

  11. skinrich says:

    Florida Oil Spill Law . com < remove all spaces

  12. skinrich says:

    @Doenietmeermee Tampa-area nuclear plant operator: “Intake canals bring water from the Gulf of Mexico” for cooling; Power shutdowns if oil arrives

    West Florida nuclear power operators preparing for ‘devastating effects of oil entering their plants’

    Oil Spill 50 miles from Tampa by June 6 says NOAA forecast

    Breaking: Coast Guard confirms oil sheen in Florida Keys; Officials lay protective boom

    BP chief sold 33% of stock days after company requested advice “on how to respond to oil spills”

  13. skinrich says:

    @Doenietmeermee they are hoping for a hurricane, picking up and blow tar balls about 100miles land inward, combined with “fish economic crash”, power plant fall out’s , and military e vac of the whole coast. at least that’s what i kind of think.

    Michio Kaku: Hurricane impact along Gulf coast to dump oil ‘all over the South’; Potentially 100s of miles inland.

    CNN Money: “If the relief well doesn’t work” deep sea wells “generally produce oil for 5 to 20 years”

  14. Doenietmeermee says:

    how many more props will be used in this play?

  15. HyperSonicSquall says:

    what the shit is OP talking about?

  16. StevenErnest says:

    That game actually looks pretty cool, a simulated world, other than it being Mickey Mouse, lol.
    There’s a bit of an interesting connection there, but I think you’re kind of stretching to make the metaphor.
    By the way, how many oil-based products went into your computer and the various products in your own life? We are all culpable to some degree.
    Good vid. ^_^

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