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Video of BP Oil Spill #3 of 4

Posted on May 24, 2010 by bp complaints

Undersea video of oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Again the same plume but showing the Riser Insertion Tubing Tool (RITT) and dispersant tools in operation. Filmed 05/15/2010. Link to additional information: epw.senate.gov
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BP’s gulf oil disaster spill on the deep water horizon – my opinions on what it’s going to do to the country, the marsh, the gulf, etc. Wake up America.
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  1. bluesoulrising says:

    This was not an accident. It was exactly like 9/11, staged event made to look like something else. Notice that everyone is too concerned with the on going leak to ask wtf caused this is the first place? Keys to note. First the name of the rig “deepwater Horizon” (do you NWO Egypt tie in age of Horus research) Then the number of people sacrificed, er, ahem…I mean, killed (11), then look at the time it happened (3 am, aka, the witching hour). This was no accident. Find the truth, expose them.

  2. whizkidsecretscom says:

    @dmoore707 I have no problem with Obama being black whatsoever. I do have a problem with the fact he’s lied to the American people and only continued Bush’s agenda. He hasn’t stopped 2 undeclared illegal wars of aggression, and he hasn’t shut down Gitmo. If he’s CHANGE then he’s only CHUMP CHANGE.

  3. dmoore707 says:

    Dude get a life, you dont like Obama because hes Black; BP permission came from the Bush administration under the Minerals Management Service BP did give Obama lots of money but they also donated to all the candidates.

  4. Probesoul says:

    Good overall analysis… One video I saw mention that the fumes from the oil may be cause for massive evacuations… This disaster should be number 1 news item… it’s huge

  5. fleetingdays says:

    The spill is very bad. Very bad.

  6. anongrey says:

    Here is more for you. Halliburton bought out ‘Boots and Coots’ oil clean up company a week before it happened and they were also on the rig doing “repairs” a day before it blew up. Just google it and you will find articles confirming it. Draw your own conclusions.

  7. xBabyDragonx says:

    oil in gulf…NOT ANYMORE!!!

  8. RichieRich64UK says:

    Your talking sense my friend!

  9. Ladyshystar says:

    Think of this scenario, now that they have trashed the gulf for decades, WHY NOT OPEN IT UP TO UNLIMITED DRILLING?

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