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update gulf oil leak may 13, 2010

Posted on May 30, 2010 by bp complaints

Times-Picayune Outdoors editor Bob Marshall gives the latest update on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
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  1. stevecast65 says:

    Another thing they are not telling you is that at least half of the leak is HS2 which is an extremely poisonous gas. Hydrogen Sulfide kills almost always with very limited exposure.

  2. StarrJaded says:

    Thank you for posting all these updates and info concerning this. =)

  3. stevecast65 says:

    @ona357 Notice they only list them as light irritants and irritants. Hmmmmmm
    Most people don’t know how to read Haz. Mat. Material Data Sheets.

  4. stevecast65 says:

    @ona357 Propylene Glycol AKA Antifreeze. Sulfonic Acid Salt, Organic or not is a corrosive poison. Hydrotreated Petroleum Distillates are a solvent which can easily be absorbed through the skin. Dexomethazone is a commonly used distillate used on livestock to absorb dewormers and other medications directly through the skin into the bloodstream.

  5. stevecast65 says:

    @ona357 Distillates, petroleum, hydrotreated light : Irritant
    Propylene Glycol : Exposure Limit, Eye irritant
    Organic sulfonic acid salt : Irritant
    This is a quote directly from the Hazardous Material MSDS records for corexit 9500. Notice it lists all as irritants only. Propylene Glycol is poisonous.

  6. ona357 says:

    @skybirdbird Hm ? They used 160,000 + chemical dispersant corexit 9500 of unknown compound. I don’t think I’ll be eating any fish that comes out of there.Very sad for the fisher’s.

  7. ona357 says:

    no pollution ? yeah right 1

  8. sammieluvsdoomy says:

    Thank you for doing such an outstanding job providing w/ info. from those on the frontlines =)

  9. briankofke says:

    @shorroll You are correct. I have had a lot of trouble findind anything on this as well, and for good reason. There is a good chance that this well could rupture, spewing enough oil into the ocean to kill 1/3rd of all life in it. This would effectively starve 2-4 billion in less than a year. This is being GROSSLY underplayed. Get yourself out of the southeast if you live there!

  10. shorroll says:

    Why do i have to search out info on this crap… This going to kill alot of people the ocean will die .

  11. skybirdbird says:

    @desire4liberation terrible…..

  12. desire4liberation says:

    i know i suppose head in the sand for many
    … i feel so bad for the fisher’s. this is their life not just a job and most are from generations of fisher’s. i think they are just rushing to get as much seafood as possible before it is affected.. freezing and such.
    tears come as i write this, they are mourning their entire culture, they must be feeling how the american native’s do 🙁

  13. skybirdbird says:

    opening up fishing….are they kidding?….how can anyone even pretend that all is ok?

  14. TrancePants78 says:

    thank you for the update 😉

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