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Unemployment SOARS (Economic Update – May 07 2010)

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

This video is my commentary on the April unemployment numbers, the administration’s response to the BP oil spill and the latest retail numbers. demcad.blogspot.com Jobs up 290000; jobless rate rises to 9.9 pct. http Broader U-6 Unemployment Rate Increases to 17.1% in April blogs.wsj.com Retailers Posting Disappointing Sales in April www.cnbc.com US Factory Orders Rise 1.3%, Sales Jump Most in Two Years www.bloomberg.com AUDIO: Chicago Affiliate Wont Cover GOP Senate Candidate if He Continues to Hammer Dem Opponent on Bank Scandal bigjournalism.com Obama Backs Significantly Higher Damage Cap After BP Spill www.bloomberg.com
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  1. ipponsuki says:

    No, just stop NEW drilling.

  2. aranelinya says:

    They just started a new phase of the Census last week DemCad.

  3. mario72342 says:

    Retail sales increase, decrease does not include inflation. Food stores up 5% are really down about 12%.

  4. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    @thetwentyteens The laws of Nature aren’t written by Nature, they are Man’s interpretation of such, and so therefore are fallible, as written by Man. Not my rule, I just follow it. Windmills were made of wood way before steel was invented, which can generate heat energy to blow glass. With the oil saved from less diversification of resources, maybe I can get a tankful in the Honda 500cc bike!

  5. ImAManMann says:

    Government jobs shouldn’t be counted because they are paid for by taxes so they are a drain on the economy.

  6. mja2035 says:

    Still unemployed for 1 year 3 months and counting.

  7. roppokai1 says:


  8. thetwentyteens says:

    I doen’t go anywhere near credit cards. I don’t buy anything unless I have the money.

  9. thetwentyteens says:

    We’re on the same page with the second part of my comment. That’s cool.
    As for the first: free energy doesn’t exist. it’s the laws of nature. Just like the sun’s going to burn out in 5 billion years, we, too, will have exhausted our fossil fuels in a few decades.
    As for clean energy, It takes a lot of oil to mine the steel for a windmill, blow the glass for a solar panel, etc. And once the oil runs out, we can’t make any more windmills or solar panels.

  10. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    @thetwentyteens Disagree with the first part, agree with the second.

  11. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    I’ve never had a credit card, defunct loan, mortgaged a house, or spent beyond my means in any way, shape, or form. One persons fault it ain’t, is mine!

  12. seanboy80 says:

    They’re gonna bring it down when we go to war, most likely Iran. That way Obama can still take credit for the so-called phony recovery and blame the collapse on Iran. That’s why you not only see Obama going nuts and implementing all these outrageous policies, but why you see banks and corporations going for broke, engineering scheme after scheme and hording all the cash they get, sort of like a person with overdue credit card bills going on a spending spree b4 they declare bankruptcy.

  13. Publik says:

    Stock market crash = Zionist manipulation. Telling the government, ‘you do what we want or there will be anarchy’. CNBC’s Bartiromo: This Really Sounds Like Market Manipulation to Me. Google it on YouTube.

  14. DEMCAD says:

    @yogiudo Yeah, it smells.

  15. yogiudo says:

    how can you have jobs increasing while unemployment is increasing?? that clearly smells.

  16. practicalskills says:

    @practicalskills i believe the economy is much worse then we are led to believe and I see little sign of it getting better from my end. I’m just glad i still have a job

  17. practicalskills says:

    sense january 09 the comany i work for has laid off about 60% of employees and the remaining hourly employees are of 32 hour work week. we have less orders this year then last and now we are having problems getting parts for the meager orders we have because our supplers just dont have them.

  18. BLynchCAN says:

    Maybe that 290,000 is a ‘typo’ ??? 🙂

  19. yahoovisitor says:

    No of seasonal jobs is increasing just like the supply & demand rule of every day needs of life the whole year with respect to climate, weather, natural disasters etc. Human beings need to reduce their needs to basic needs & try to discontinue needs called lavishness. All the economic figures will jump up.

  20. videosouthafrica says:

    why hasnt BP hired EVERY BOAT avaliable to stop oil getting to ANY beautiful island … why hasnt Obama done this ? … BP has enough money to hire every person out of work NOW to get in their boats and PROTECT islands etc … they can Donate huge plastic covers for ALL islands in the gulf … why hasnt it been done ? BP can hire every florida boat and crew … YOU aint outta work !

  21. thetwentyteens says:

    There is no such thing as clean energy, or free energy. But it’s a nice dream.
    Brace yourself. The peaking of oil will dwarf all of these so-called emergencies you think are out there.

  22. ElConquistador24 says:

    9.9 percent unemployment. More like 25 percent. In my opinion.

  23. GungnirStrike says:

    It sincerely bothers me that we have to speculate like this. There’s so many opportunities for the Gov’t to essentially fake any statistic. I guess until the next revolution we’re not going to really be able to see the real picture, after the gov’t collapses.

  24. TheGerbilsRevenge says:

    Have you ever performed anal on a woman, Reginald?

  25. nathanadamsjairus says:

    what i dont understand is how many jobs were lost then how many gaqined and they expect everyone to be smiling about a lot less than a quarter of the jobs lost to be given new jobs? and im at the bottom so if the middle class is lucky enough i may have a chance.

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