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BP Complaints

Underwater video of Deepwater Horizon pipes gushing oil into Gulf of Mexico

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

firedoglake.com Video mashup of underwater footage of oil gushing from pipes under the Deepwater Horizon in the BP oil disaster.

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  1. alpidistra says:

    Oil slicks and pieces of solidified oil and tar were seen in the waters off of California and on the beaches over a hundred years ago before oil was being extracted commercially. It would get released naturally and since it is a natural substance created by the Earth, it can’t be a pollutant. Even in the Persian Gulf, hundreds of years ago, there were oil slicks seen in the waters when it would come to the surface. Did the world end??? If this was gasoline or diesel, then it would be different

  2. alpidistra says:

    If crude oil is a natural substance created by the earth itself, why is it considered a pollutant??? This is not a man made highly toxic artificial chemical, its a 100% natural substance which even in natural circumstances can come to the surface. The tons of volcanic ash coming from the Iceland volcano is probably much more of a factor with the environment, however, BOTH ARE NATURAL SUBSTANCES. Plastic bottles and bags are far worse than crude oil because crude oil can be reabsorbed.

  3. MyRiseToHonor says:

    We won’t need to use any Crisco Oil when frying fish now! LMFAO

    BP has doomed out Gulf Ecosystem! Red Snapper is going to be like $50 a pound!

  4. WinningThisOne says:

    @WellIAMScottish You should speak to someone about your anger issues. Very soon. Now is best. Go ahead.

  5. jbenny1277748 says:

    Our oceans will be gone if it continues.

  6. jbenny1277748 says:

    More drilling=Lower gas prices

  7. jbenny1277748 says:

    Have to eat oily fish, that’s all. It’s good for you.

  8. TheUnitedStatists says:

    drill, mother fucker, drill

  9. hunterdarb says:

    Also, lets place the blame accordingly. If you drive a vehicle with a modern internal combustion engine, then you are part of the blame.

  10. ReliableInsider says:

    Take the board of directors of BP and it’s ten largest investors.

    Put them in a submarine.

    Shove the submarine in the pipe, and LEAVE it there.

    And drill, baby, drill screws to attach the sub to the pipe so they never get out.

  11. ReliableInsider says:

    This reminds me of nuclear energy.

    Offshore drilling might be an interesting idea when we have the technology to actually do it safely, but we don’t have that technology now, and it’s possible that we NEVER WILL.

    What the oil industry and the nuclear “industry” are doing is fighting for the right to operate UNSAFELY. They don’t have that right. And they never will.

  12. WellIAMScottish says:

    I can’t see why these exces can’t be charged with ECO-Terrorism and be summarily put before a firing squad. You can be sure that if true justice isn’t served, I am bringing back into fashion tar, feathers, and the guillotine. I’m not fucking kidding. I’m angry enough to sacrifice my life. BP is too evil to be hanged, they need fear of death etched into their souls.

  13. WellIAMScottish says:

    Greed should no longer be able to trump Mother Earth, OUR planet that we were born from.

  14. WellIAMScottish says:

    That “leak” you see. That’s thousands of animals being poisoned to death. People keep talking about the fishing industries. When are people going to start talking about natural life? When are people going to start taking animal lives seriously and realize that that dozens of dead creatures including turtles and dolphins are washing up dead on the shores of the gulf? Many more dead to come. Thanks BP and Halliburton! Now the animals have to suffer.

  15. baronmorris says:

    fucking evil. a recent (allegedly legitimate) poll claims 6 in 10 people still believe the benefits of continued drilling outweight the risks. yeah… right!! that’s true – if they polled all of 10 people and they all worked for (or owned stock in) oil companies.

    complete BS!

    we have the technology for sustainable, green energy independence!

    raise your voices! demand an end to drilling now.


  16. PlayT0E says:

    The Oil guys have no idea how to attach a new pipe to a leaking pipe.
    NO IDEA.

    Oil is far too dangerous a commodity for these idiots to be involved with.
    (They should try wind power. At least wind is non-polluting when it gets spilled)

  17. VeohBlows says:

    I bet them record profits they had for the last 10 years have already been spent. The American Tax payer is going to have to pay to clean up the mess in the worst ways, just so their record breaking profits can continue. 1 billion to Bush, 1 Billion to Cheney, and 1 big bill and disaster to us and gulf life.

  18. AdamEtheredge says:

    Thank you for posting, Firedog. Featured.

  19. NihilTico says:

    DRILL BABY… wat now? This is a bad idea? XD

  20. GreenEnergy2112 says:

    This leak may go on for a long time… it’s heart breaking….

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