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Uncle Jay Explains: May 3, 2010

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

News stories are gushing forth, oozing to the surface! As they spread out, Uncle Jay encircles the facts and burns off any doubts, delivering high-octane explanations!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. mrbr549 says:

    Great video Uncle Jay!

  2. MudDauper says:

    OK, Uncle Jay, That was a GREAT , and very slick, lesson. Now, could you, please, please explain to me this past week’s “Greatest One Day Drop in the stock market” and how all that works. Also, I’m just a kid, but is this going to hurt me and my savings I took from my piggy bank and put in the big “real” bank?????

    Wondering minds want to know.

  3. galanie says:

    @specialtymachining Yes, I was amazed at how the news only mentioned in passing, at the bottom of the article, that people died when that rig blew out. I’m betting most people don’t even realize that deaths happened.

  4. gratler says:

    very funny and smart as always. uncle jay need moar hits 🙁 tell your friends 🙂

  5. markgriz says:


    Ahhh… no, unfortunately those children have no hope of rescue from their “parents”

  6. markgriz says:


    You must be referring to some other kid that was “rescued” at gunpoint last year.
    The Gonzales incident happened 10 years ago.

  7. joecichlid says:

    Oh Uncle Jay, you so punny!! lol Good episode as always.

  8. specialtymachining says:

    After viewing the pictures of Deepwater Horizon I was overcome by the loss of life & $350,000,000 drilling rig. If one is aware of all the safety precautions that are taken to prevent loss of life, equipment & environment, you can only feel sorrow for Transocean & BP. I can imagine the drama occurring on that vessel before & during the fire. This of course is part of the cost of a barrel of oil, so it is our loss as well.

  9. skitzostudios says:

    Pretty slick, Uncle Jay, pretty slick!

  10. knowledge3051 says:

    Uncle Jay

    Very funny episode! I like how the oil spill on the map graduately gets bigger – also the pen in the pocket – and the ink on the letter sent in – very funny

    Thanks Uncle Jay!

  11. BlessedONE333returnz says:

    @comradesteve1990 HEY CRACKHEAD CHILD
    GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC since you are too stupid to have a decent conversation

    morons like you are a dime a dozen!

  12. scnsteph says:

    Hey Jay, why didn’t you talk about the oil slick going on in your shirt pocket???

  13. dgoldberg3 says:

    Didn’t she sing with the Jefferson Airplanr?

  14. WesSeid says:

    Hurray! Uncle Jay!

  15. Fghwads says:

    Yeah Jeanie! Pittsburgh represent! Go Pens!

  16. kirbyj2 says:

    “…and speaking of Congress…” – classic Uncle Jay

  17. jghue says:

    @klegster – No, it was 10 years ago. The kid is 16 now.

  18. legendarymoe says:

    BlessedONE333returnz is the most obvious troll I have ever seen on the internet… I remember when trolling was a subtle art. Now all you have to do is masquerade as a douchebag crackpot who spews crazy conspiracy theories and deflects arguments. sigh…

  19. comradesteve1990 says:

    @BlessedONE333returnz yeah, because Being and Time is filled with naked women…

  20. comradesteve1990 says:

    @BlessedONE333returnz Obvious troll is obvious.

  21. klegster says:

    I thought he was talking about ‘balloon boy’

  22. supafly345 says:

    @klegster The Elian Gonzales fiasco happened in 2000, he was like 7 at the time so I guess that makes him 17 right now.

  23. AnotherSpecialEdMom says:

    I don’t know how you do it, Uncle Jay; but you just keep topping yourself! Truly, truly excellent.

  24. klegster says:

    Uncle Jay,
    I know we are all human, and we all make mistakes, and I do enjoy your videos.
    However, and the 1:47 mark, you made a slight boo boo, you said ” that was 10 years ago last week”, um, the kid is not that old, and we know it happened last year, I do suppose you meant ’10 months ago last week’.
    Just thought I would let ya know, you had a slip (slick ?) of the tongue.
    The ink slick from your pocket is nice touch!

  25. teachmeautocad says:

    Loved the oil slick in your picket Jay. Very “slick”.

  26. Janet6961 says:

    The whole disaster is America’s Karma at work…

  27. braineater316 says:

    whoops man made* disaster I mean

  28. braineater316 says:

    “possible worst spill” does not grasp this well enough. Change it to “possibly the worst man disaster IN HISTORY” much much more accurate.

  29. chinoangel1 says:

    These are the signs of something bigger that is meant to come. Human is the worst disease for planet earth. SOS

  30. radiospirit says:

    It has already surrounded the Delta National Wildlife Refuge…

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