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Top 10 Stocks To Invest In

Posted on May 02, 2010 by bp complaints

This economic downturn has raddled the stock market, and it continues to plunge.  Some are walking away with huge losses, especially in the automotive sector.  Fortunately, there are some companies that are really starting to shine and progress.

#1 – Exxon Mobile CP (XOM)

Fear not, Exxon is staying for good.  Its not as risky compared to BP and Shell, and remains to be one of the most profitable companies.

#2 – ProShares UltraShort Technology (REW)

With a very impressive month, there is no reason to doubt them anytime soon.  They began the month of February with a closing price of 76.07, and as of 2/26, a close of 81.66.

#3 – Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

ATVI is certainly not as recession proof as we all have expected according to their last 6 months history.  They have some huge games in development that I expect will shoot this company up to the sky later this year.

#4 – Safeway (SWY)

Safeway has been doing good so far this recession, and stocks have been a bit jumpy over the last few months. Don’t let that scare you.  Their profits are still rising, with a recent report showing profits were up 12%.

#5 – Best Buy (BBY)

Since Circuit City announced they were going out of business, Best Buy has really been shining.  Stock price has almost doubled over the last few months, and is looking very promising despite the economy.

#6 – Mastercard (MA)

Mastercard has limited credit risk, which keeps them in the safe zone.  Last quarter Mastercard’s revenue grew 14%.  With everything plastic nowadays, this company continues to prosper as it reaps rewards.

#7 – Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

I was very surprised when I saw the history of Netflix over the past few months.  Stock price has more than doubled since October, with a 19% increase in last quarter’s revenue.  There are expectations for Netflix to break its record high price of 40.90 during the recession.

#8 – General Electric Co. (GE)

With poor results over the past year, it’s unexpected to find them on a top 10 list.  However, with its recent dividend cut, they will have the cash they need to support their operations.   Stock is priced very low which is making it very attractive, and expectations are rising for next quarter.

#9 – Dollar Tree Inc. (DLTR)

Prone to succeed in a recession, Dollar Tree has proven successful as shoppers are cutting expenses.  They continue to expand and expect to add atleast 150 stores for fiscal 2009.

#10 – PetSmart Inc. (PETM)

Pet owners continue to shop for their loved ones, and spoil them on occasion.  Some analysts are predicting this quarter’s sales to rise 15%.  Support continues to grow along with the price of stock.

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