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The REAL REASON Behind the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico – 2010

Posted on May 16, 2010 by bp complaints

Deregulation is the real reason / cause behind the US oil spill by British Petroleum in 2010 off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. For example, George W Bush and Dick Cheney helped block a 2002/03 Bill that would have required the use of acoustic switches to activate the blow out protectors. When the rig blew up, they had to MANUALLY activate the switch by sending submersibles, but, the entire rig collapsed. Because the rig was STILL ATTACHED to the well head / BOP, it bent or damaged the BOP making it unusable. An acoustic switch would have allowed them to IMMEDIATELY stop the well head (activate the BOP) as soon as the explosion happened. Drill Baby, Drill! Spill Baby, Spill. Now, clean it the fock up!

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  1. jmjfanss says:

    Thank you.

  2. poisonapple16 says:

    @amanghotra1982 I sincerely doubt ole big ears’ administration has the competence for something like that.

    Although it does make you wonder.

  3. Dynamik5 says:

    It’s called greed ED. And laziness. Welcome to the core of human nature. Get used to it..Is this completely true? Who knows..But never disregard something because you think “Oh, they wouldn’t do that!”.. Give me a break..

  4. marzolian says:

    An acoustic switch would not have prevented this blowout. The cause was carelessness and complacency by many people, during the planning for this well, preparation of the blowout preventer system, and the cementing. Yes, the ties between industry and regulators are too close. But that can happen in socialized countries as well. Examples: London’s “killer fogs” of the early 1950’s, Chernobyl, a building collapsing in Shanghai …

  5. ChristopherMarlowe says:

    You don’t know why the Media isn’t talking about this?
    The Media is captured. All the regulatory agencies are captured. Congress is captured.
    The Democratic/Republican choice is a false dichotomy. Both are crap. The false choice causes people to choose sides even when their choice goes against their own interest. Of course it is insane to operate an ocean well without this technology.

  6. Kearnspalmbay says:

    @nonameposter and GOP apologist, Halliburton makes it’s money on war and foreign drilling, much more than anything they do in our coastal waters. Halliburton is a soul-source contractor on so many troop support functions it will make your head spin. Halliburton’s plans and inflated stock price includes/depends upon more war overseas. Halliburton had been aboard this vessel that blew up, but all of Halliburton’s employees survived.

  7. milkman52879 says:

    I agree. It makes absolutely no sense for Obama’s opposition to create an oil spill in attempt to grab power when they’re the ones who have been chanting “drill baby drill” for years now.

    Conspiracys certainly occur, but that doesn’t mean that everything that happens is the result of one.

  8. milkman52879 says:

    Don’t. Vote 3rd party. At least then you won’t have to hold your nose to vote, nor will you have to take part in the 2 party fraud that is facilitating the destruction of this country.

    The only Republicans worth voting for are endorsed by the Campaign for Liberty, such as Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Peter Schiff, etc. The rest aren’t really Republicans at all. They just maintain a conservative appearance long enough to get elected, as do the one who are highjacking the Tea Party.

  9. GrayRealities says:

    why vote period.

  10. justonefirefly1 says:

    @milkman52879 Well then why vote republican?

  11. milkman52879 says:

    Hey dummy, blaming the American people for our government’s foreign policy is like blaming all of Islam for suicide terrorism. The majority of American people don’t realize what we’ve been doing overseas for the last 65 years. All they know is what the government and the news corporations tell them, which is we’re being heroic. The people are just now beginning to realize what the hell is going on. The people responsible for your anger are a small group of people who are in control.

  12. milkman52879 says:

    The Dems aren’t socialist regardless of what popular opinion is. They are corporatists, as are the Neo-Cons. Besides, research Nazis if you don’t see any correlation between Socialists, corporatism and fascism.

    Both parties answer to the beck and call of the military industrial complex, the medical industrial complex, big banks, and big oil, etc, although the Reps clearly are more friendly to big oil than the Dems are. Both parties have IDENTICAL foreign and monetary policies.

  13. asifagha77 says:

    hey american people, i don’t care at all.
    I hope you feel the pane and the fear as you did to many people…
    I hope this oil slick ruin your lives as you did to us [ Iraq – Afghanistan – Palestine – Pakistan ].. hope you enjoy this event…

  14. nonameposter says:

    Sorry for being Anti-American, but you guys are so easy to manipulate. Fox news promotes a stupid conspiracy, some videos are made and you simply believe what ever they say. And fight for the companies and against the fishermen/nature.
    Grab power…lol, what do you think will they do? Nationalize British Petrol and start a war against England? Stupid conspiracy monkeys..this only exists in the US…

  15. nonameposter says:

    79% of BP’s spending went to the Republican party. And there is a difference in the politics. And i do not understand you point. In the US “socialist” is an evil word. (mixing up stalinism with social democracy)
    However, even the democrats are called socialist, so of course they think they are too left and try to be more moderate. Now, they are blamed for being socialists and corporatists? That does not make sense…

  16. nonameposter says:

    In a deregulated market only the company which is cheapest (does not spend anything on safety) is successfull. You have to FORCE companies by law, but I know that in the US, you have a different opinion on regulation. However, it does not make sense to blame the companies only, which CANNOT invest in such equipments if they want to be successfull. At first you deregulate, then you boycott..that does not make sense.

  17. CivilianSpaceAgency says:

    well I would say this invest in oil stock’s while you can with these two huge losses in oil we have right now you gonna be a rich man in about 2 year’s when we feel it Bp gonna help raise gas price’s to crazy prices to ” help pay for there fuck up” on our fuckin dollar WTF . Obama sending our tax payer money already to “help with the spill” why we didnt do it nor should we help pay for there fuck up’s I think the government did this shit to stir us up some because there NO action alot of liers

  18. seymourbrest says:

    Deregulation has given us the wall street meltdown and now the oil spill. Maybe all these teabagging nuts shouting about less government intrusion should look at katrina,wall street and the oil industry as examples of what happens when the US government abandons its main duty–to protect its citizens.

  19. southernborn1860 says:

    I watched the mentioned video and i think it is fake. Here is why :
    !) Haliburton is a support company , they dont drill are lease land to my knowledge.
    2) That track of water is leased to BP and im sure they paid several hundred million for the lease from Washington.
    3)One pound of C-4 would have completely destroyed that rig. Another thing Blackwater is no longer in business under that name( after the heat from Iraq)
    4) Didnt say who the speakers were on the video.

  20. southernborn1860 says:

    The sad thing is that most people leaving moronic comments have no clue that shit happens in the real world.
    Two wells in a general area is a great idea. But i could hear the compaines hollaring at the cost of drilling two wells within a mile of each other, just in case.

  21. milkman52879 says:

    Bush, Obama, McCain, Palin, Pelosi, Glenn Beck, Cheney, etc all subscribe the same corporation-friendly policy, the same Liberal / interventionist foreign policy, and the same Liberal / Keynesian fiscal policy. There aren’t 2 parties in the US, only Corporatists.

    All you people who think that one party of corporate whores is better than the other party of corporate whores need to wake up. The people who created these problems aren’t going to be the ones who solve them.

    No one else gets this?

  22. kronosgyros says:

    Don’t listen to this bullshit, this was a planned event. Occured just after Obama opened up the gulf to drilling. You’re watching DC engineer a problem so that they can grab power, nothing more, nothing less.

  23. Mathew1985AZ says:

    @BaylieBugg good idea..during a bad economy.IDIOT.

  24. itsthatshit says:

    @BaylieBugg energy could be free for the world without useing oil. Nicola Tesla invented free enerygy in the 1930s. jp morgan aka greedy evil bastard had him black balled.

  25. BaylieBugg says:

    @nonameposter it wasn’t an exactly an accident. It was ABSOLUTELY preventable. And because they decided NOT to buy a ‘cheap’ piece of equipment, now this is happening, so before you go about babbling about it being an accident you should relies that they’re still responsible because they wanted to save a few buck…

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