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The Media’s most Unreported part of the Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on May 07, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com April 30, 2010 MSNBC The ED Show I felt I had to mirror this video so that it gets out to more people. Please also subscribe to this channel if you are all for protecting our Oceans. www.youtube.com Please also check out his website: www.oceanfutures.org Oceana also has a petition to tell the Senate NO on Offshore drilling….. na.oceana.org Just enter your zip code and it will automatically generate a letter for you. -Thank you!.

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  1. desire4liberation says:

    @dannypantsgm assholes.yes.
    they are dumping toxic dispersants into the gulf at alarming rate 🙁

  2. desire4liberation says:

    @disrxt apparently up to 90 days when they plan to have a relief well dug

  3. disrxt says:

    What if nothing works to cap this? How long will this blowout go on? Months, years?

  4. radiospirit says:

    500,000 dollars out of all of those billions?

  5. omnigear1975 says:

    yea, it sucks… sux more that the gas started creepin up again :/

  6. dannypantsgm says:

    I’m so pissed about this. The beaches along Florida’s gulf coast are some of my favorite places on Earth. Assholes.

  7. AGodlessProgressive says:

    This is truly a catastrophe of epic proportions. Just thinking about how they could have stopped this and they didn’t just sickens me.

  8. AlannahBabalon156 says:

    Corporations and their greed………….doesn’t fucking surprise me. These people fill me with contempt, and if we dont stop fucking the environment up, it’ll fuck us up. And it’ll be because of these cunts who can’t get the dollar signs out of their eyes.

  9. Dusty341 says:

    Concerned for sure, this is obviously a disaster. I just wonder…is this as bad as the media says it is? I hate being a skeptical fuck, but I try not to take what the media has to say at face value. I hate Bush as much as the next sane person, but when I hear his name brought up, I call into question the motives of the story.

  10. mikwid says:

    More and more shit in the world. It gets really hard to hear this sometimes…

  11. prodigyat9 says:

    The people who would not hear still will not hear. Keep watching. Want to place odds republicans and their nearly mindless supporters will find a way to blame Bill Clinton for this? Republican = the “never our fault” party.

  12. papafox says:

    So, the corporations just said “trust me?” And the previous administration did? Ugh…

  13. thecursedland says:

    triple V good find! much love to you gorgeous@!

  14. kelliko70 says:

    Deregulation…. this is one of the reasons why deregulation should not exist. This is beyond “devastating.”


    two words…….lynch mob

  16. CousinoMacul says:

    @seriouslymatsteele Well, BP isn’t exactly a Yank company, so there’s plenty of “silliness” to go around.

  17. jesuslives57 says:

    I would like to say i was surprised but…

  18. TheX2Com says:

    “If BP would operate in Norway they had to use the system, If BP operate in the US they don’t”
    I just loved that statement, lol
    This is a catastrophic event….):

  19. jimrbsn says:

    “Drill baby, drill.”
    Fucking brilliant.

  20. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    I haven’t heard a single thing about the oil spill on the nightly news here. They can’t keep it under wraps forever. When it reaches shore there will be a thousand clips here on youtube.

  21. stealthbadger says:

    This goes back for decades – the many many years of “government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.” ._.

    F**kers and their Magical Thinking.

  22. 6stringbadger says:

    Deregulation. This sort of thing was inevitable.

  23. lucifael1 says:

    Corporations are greedy soulless collections of bottom line aggregates out to win at all costs. I wish I could dredge up the vague possibility of being surprised. The best I can manufacture is a fluttering ember of apathy tempered in part by the vultures that have shambled from the woodwork just to poke the oil industry in the eye. They dont care about anything else either.

  24. JonPaulDorn says:

    I echo oojamaflipper’s sentiment

  25. oojamaflipper says:

    fucking hell. seriously depressing. i shouldnt be surprised. i guess im not, but it dont make it hurt any less that we already knew they were fucking evil.

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