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The Gulf Oil Spill Coastal Crisis Full Evening Report 5pm May 4 2010

Posted on May 28, 2010 by bp complaints

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  1. dogsgone says:

    Where’s Obama ? Where’s all the help ? I miss George Bush !

  2. Snakkpungur says:

    @Marcus4president hei dude ,big questions and i got the answer,big oil 😉 (and other oligarchis. Why wasn´t there an emergency shutoff valve at the bottom?? One is reguired in most,if not all pipe systems and off shore oilrigs should follow standard pipe system setting rules, one would think :/

  3. MrBuckwilliam says:

    @G0ld3nB4lls, they should be shot with balls of their own shit and pissed on

  4. G0ld3nB4lls says:

    that stupid bitches who destroy our planet should be hanged!

  5. videosouthafrica says:

    a guy turns up late for work … the boss yells “why werent you here at 8:30 !!?” the guy replies … “what happened at 8:30”

  6. retous says:

    Obviously the coastline, wild life and the people living there are expendable in the need for oil. Why have the US millitary not simply destroyed the well head. One torpeodo would see it ended yet they are still trying to save the well. DUH!

  7. Marcus4president says:

    why the fuck are they attacking the smallest leak

    why the fuck are they using chemicals just as deadly to plankton as oil

    why the fuck are we using oil when we can use electricy, hydrogen, WATER,

    why the fuck do we use coal.

    why the fuck do humans hate mother nature and our planet we live on

  8. Habasch78 says:

    Easy. Death fishes new Oil. Needs a bit time. Thats the result uf our twenty cars mentality. Wakeup. Times gonna change.

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