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The BP Gulf Oil Spill: More dire warnings of environmental disaster

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

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USA – GULF OF MEXICO: Hundreds of small fishing vessels are lining up to be officially approved by the us Coast Guard so they can help pitch in with the oil spill cleanup operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. denzil7 says:

    devastating 🙁 im wondering if it can catch fire???

  2. All4GayUSA says:

    This was at the beginning of the month of May, its much worse now and still no signs of ever stopping. The destruction of life on our planet is at hand…

  3. easytodo123 says:

    search youtube by my name “easytodo123” look for video titled “GULF COAST BP OIL SPILL BEST FIX ” thanks you for looking

  4. bobodd5 says:

    they dont give 2 hoots the boss called it a war he just wants the oil stupid evil scumbag

  5. 860326k says:

    שוחר שלום היפנית.

  6. DefconO1 says:

    classy 😀 “When the oil comes Venice will be as ready as she can” Shot of two birds banging.

  7. NKombo says:

    About the seagulls… thats nature solving the problem its own way. LOL

  8. skinnym974 says:

    Were the seagull at the end passing a barely subliminal message?

  9. demoshe2002 says:

    These guys do not know how to edit , or they just perverts who were watching Seagulls fuck at the end of the video

  10. swinewarrior says:

    the segulla aint giving a fuck………..rock on

  11. HemiHead66 says:

    Watch the Republicans vote against raising the damages cap on the oil companies. I know they’ll have something to say about it. The same way they want us & Lawyers to take a pay cut on healthcare lawsuits, while letting their CEO Pals get 10 million dollar bonuses.,

  12. chilich33z says:

    If he signs away his rights he won’t be the only one to get ph$cked like those birds.

  13. iownslaves says:

    Loved the last scene!

  14. fuzzywuzy says:

    It’s good to know that Gerald Terraun (sorry about spelling) is in it for the $2,000 a day. Anyone know if a submersable was used to seal the wellcap? If we’re going to continue offshore drilling we should have such a device ready – or have emergency valves at the wellhead. The only good news was the two lovebirds at the end (getting it on like there’s no tomorrow)

  15. liquidefeline says:

    Best money shot evar!

  16. ProfessorWikipedia says:

    RIGHTS! HA!….. let the rich people worry about rights. I hope this guy has no children.

  17. akompsupport says:

    seagulls in love! and you cant sue BP if you work for them on the oil spill.

  18. GPBraaten says:

    What the heck.. why are we watching seagulls getting it on? LOL ROTF LOL

  19. coldbloodid says:

    @Pkr haha you said Faux news instead of fox news lol your clever

  20. ProfessorWikipedia says:

    Something symbolic about 2 birds fucking at the end of the video

  21. Pkr says:

    Hannity of FAUX News wants the federal government to rush in there and take over the oil business. He’s critical of the government not to have done this already. Jindel of Louisiana wants government money… and direction… Limbaugh thinks it was done by radical environmentalists… We need input from the Tea Party People to tell US what to do next….

  22. anthojoe says:

    @TheOldmanmetal oh man i was laughing so hard when it showed those seagulls gettin down lol

  23. karolen777 says:

    mating season for seagulls 😀

  24. TheOldmanmetal says:

    those birds at the end are interesting

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