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T. Boone Pickens: Way too much is being made of BP oil spill, it will get cleaned up

Posted on May 22, 2010 by bp complaints

T. Boone Pickens: Way too much is being made of the oil spill, it will get cleaned up visit: firedoglake.com
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  1. JFKlone says:

    Mr. Pickens, you and your cohorts are NOT above “common law”, and certainly NOT above “natural law”.

    As for “divine law”…

    You, sir, will someday soon fall into the hands of the living G_d, and when you do, all the lawyers in the world will avail you NOTHING.

    Consider this your “fair warning”.

  2. xpat73 says:

    go fuck yourself Pickens.

  3. jcub33 says:

    @hawkermustang Just a little FYI, MSNBC is owned by RICH CORPORATE Americans, not some Socialist poor folk. You’ve been had. Keep watching Faux News and Glenn Beck with his lies and propaganda.

  4. jcub33 says:

    Pickens has been oil all his life and will be all his life.

    Classic old school redneck with dollar bills in his eye, how much is enough prick?
    You’re gonna die of old age soon anyways.

  5. ANTIDALLARD says:

    Silly old bastard. “Payin for both sidea of a war ” Yeah, While their piping Iraqs oil out of the country

  6. littlegiantkennel says:

    inside job!! bush and cheney strike again. why do you think they halted drilling? what sense does that make? one rig was blown up by cheney and haliburton and now 10,000 gallons of oil anhour leak into our ocean. obama declares oil will shutdown. why shut down all the offshore rigs when only one rig blew up that haliburton worked on…. something smells fishy to me.

  7. edwsshaw1 says:

    OPEC is really not an enemy.

  8. optimus8288 says:

    nothing to see here people… just millions of gallons of oil destroying our environment.

    People need to stop calling it an oil spill too… it’s not a simple spill “whoops… 10m gallons spilled into the ocean” it’s a near unlimited supply gushing into the ocean.

    They need to stop worrying about how to preserve their well for future extraction and fucking seal it off…

    Everybody who has lied or tried to play down the situation should be under arrest.

  9. hawkermustang says:

    @billbeau That is a crazy statement. Safety measures should be strictly adhered to, but we should continue drilling. Right now Cuba and China are drilling in our oceans and we buy foreign oil. If we stop off shore drilling all other countries will continue.

  10. Conspiracy2Riot says:

    well then it wont be any big deal when i dump oil in the water that he’s bought the rights to down south.

  11. billbeau says:

    @hawkermustang What is socialist about this awful mess? This is absolute proof and confirmation that deep sea oil drilling is dead wrong, and needs to stop. All of it.

  12. bobcria says:

    Be kind please. He is suffering from diminished cognitive capacity. This is due to the reduced blow flow to the brain. Notice the enlarged neck which indicates fatty tissue. My guess is that there is plaque deposits in his arteries which restricts blood flow.

  13. hawkermustang says:

    MSNBC is the news network for socialist loons.

  14. fulmetalmage says:

    not a big deal! it will get cleaned up!!! the damage is already done, there is wildlife that has already been poisoned… if its not a big deal you go and drink some crude oil and we will see how you feel in a week, and your pathetic patriotism, this planet belongs to me, you, everyone reading this, and all the people who want. the planet is common heritage to all the people and animals and plants living on it. nations are only lines on a map. get over yourself you bigoted twat!

  15. usergently says:

    That old bastard is living in another world. I hope is ass blows off!

  16. dale8203 says:

    The brainless morons are the name callers here. Why don’t you shut your fucking mouths, and go further your educations beyond the fucking third grade. People like your fucks are why this nation is going to hell. Dumb fucks like you elect dumber fucks like Pelosi, Reed, Obama, and now look at the dike bitch he wants to put on the supreme court. Glad I be dead and gone before this comes to a head.

  17. Andreas748 says:

    @CHICAGOHI you’re right but he’s a saint compared to Cheney

  18. CHICAGOHI says:

    hey T.Boon, you may fuck yourself

  19. railadvocate says:

    The propaganda phenomenon that is occuring with this rig incident is anti-capitalist/anti-global-multinational corporation.
    The particular insurance companies involved should attempt to use this high degree of media focus to salvage PR and turn some of this negativity around. We know insurance companies can do very good work…It is in their interest to demonstrate quality responsibilty and perfomance in this sort of thing. Other oil operations will seek their coverage!

  20. arnoldsimage says:

    this jerk sees one thing, just like the goldman sachs boys… dollar signs. these criminals worship at the altar of money. it is so obvious.

  21. MegaChacha777 says:

    There are inventors that have created free energy devices that would completely eliminate the need for oil and gas. Scientists all over the world are taking these devices seriously. These inventors are working with the forces of nature instead of against them. The problem is the greedy cant put a meter on this stuff and charge you for it therefore they dont allow it to be used. Many jobs could be created converting peoples homes and vehicles to use this new technology!

  22. MegaChacha777 says:

    Its quite concerning to see this man say that too much is being made of this that it will all get cleaned up. I am grieving over this. I love the ocean and our planet! Greed is so destructive.

  23. kronosgyros says:

    I’m mother fuckin ready for you mother fuck, bring that shit and let’s see how it turns out.

  24. kronosgyros says:

    You too. Let’s arrest you also for nothing. How about that you moron.

  25. kronosgyros says:

    @volzrule98 Shut up you stupid fuck. What a fucking moron you are.

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