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Russia Today: Alex Jones talks about the Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on May 08, 2010 by bp complaints

Alex Jones weighs in on the Oil Spill and the Swat Teams sent out by Obama

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  1. shess0501 says:

    What news program is this??? Why are they interviewing Alex Jones? This is so weird.

  2. parasitesarefunny says:


    1 , 2 , 3 , 4

    1. 9/11 was a Demolition done by Israel & Zionist Traitors

    2. Al Qaeda = Jew Mass Media Conspiracy Theory (eg. FOX, MSNBC, CNN, All of Hollywood)

    3. Illuminati = Jew Alternative Media Conspiracy Theory (eg. Alex Jones, 911 Truth etc..)

    4. NWO/Globalization = the new name for International Jew Communism/Marxism

  3. makingbuck says:

    So basically all this stuff is a distraction from what needs to happen here.
    Stop protesting and get out there on the boats, start cleaning!!
    Get BP to pay you all 10 bucks as the same for the fishermen are getting…
    Isn’t the unemployment high enough?
    Time here to get a job and save our planet at the same time?
    Tell them no more excuses!!!

  4. pamaspamas says:

    @parasitesarefunny you got it!!!! You should see who some of his funders are (drug and gun runners). I am convinced Alex Jones is a controlled Opposition. True alex brings up legitimate issues, but as you say, he IS DIVERTING ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE REAL POWERS THAT BE. Hint: A Mr Jordon Maxwell may inform one of the higher Eschelons on the “pyramid of (illusory) power…

  5. gam3377 says:

    They have stopped the oil leak look here –> 338568fd.thesefiles(DOT)com

  6. TheAndrew668 says:

    Alex Jones says its an inside job…no way. He thinks 9/11 was an inside job…..why would a “news” show contact a member of the “Tinfoil Hat Brigade”?

  7. parasitesarefunny says:

    Alex Jones = Zionist Propaganda SHILL

    9/11 was done by Israel and Zionist Traitors. Alex Jones covers this up and constantly LIES about who owns the Mass Media and Federal Reserve not to mention he also LIES about the Communist Jew Holocaust Propaganda

  8. LMIMSsoi says:

    this guy know’s not what he’s talking about…

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