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Re: Underwater video of oil gushing into Gulf of Mexico

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

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MOXNews.com May 14, 2010 C-SPAN
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  1. 92451721921892113 says:

    humans as a species fucked up all our science and technology OOPS our bad hope the next sentient beings who inherit this planet do a better job!

  2. resfalgio says:

    read this book, traslate it, please,”el libro secreto de luan vidad.”

  3. felixfontan says:

    yup what he’s been smoking must be some real good shit lol

  4. explizittexas says:

    it’s good to see the people are awake. now it’s time to wake the rest

  5. ray711ray says:

    your right…….good luck.

  6. JohnKillrory says:

    I spoke to John Carpenter at a convention and I told him it sounded like he knew some of the truth because of some things I had read and seen myself.Quote from him. If the people on this planet could see the world as I have seen it they would flip their wig’s and rebel
    He told me that quite a few movies have the truth in them and people need and should to open their ears and eyes to see that what is on the big screen is a form of them trying to wake us up. unquote

  7. JohnKillrory says:

    Watch the movie they live 1980s
    They Live is a 1988 horror science fiction dark comedy action film directed by .John Carpenter,.. of greed and conspicuous consumption common among Americans and aliens in the 1980s. …the ruling class within the moneyed elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast that is concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media.

  8. HunkOfBurningLove1 says:

    i say the goverment, bp ,Haliburton,and so on,, they all need to stop with who did or who said , and work on getting this stopped then start pointing the finger solve the problem first. and dude……. what the hell kind of english talk is that they have what is called today Hooked on Phonics try it might help you.

  9. Karmathejedi1701 says:

    the crazy part for me is that 3 weeks ago they could have nuked it & closed the hole.
    they didn’t nuke it, & not because it would be morally wrong to nuke the Gulf of Mexico, but because they would loose all the oil, it would become useless to them.

  10. Clemenza6 says:

    You call this PROGRESS???

  11. Clemenza6 says:

    You call this PROGRESS???

  12. JawsJaws says:

    @silvercbring He took credit for the drilling. Hes to take the blame for rushing in. FUCK OBAMA

  13. JawsJaws says:

    @silvercbring WRONG!

  14. silvercbring says:

    @JawsJaws also mcain was all over drilling..obama wasn’t..

  15. silvercbring says:

    @JawsJaws why would he be to blame do you think he dove down there and cut the pipe..damn stupid

  16. silvercbring says:

    are you for real..I have never heard of someone dumping oil..i mean why would they..that’s money..you think someone rigged this that’s crazy..whats to gain..i mean you mention spring break and vacation..who wants to go to a oil field ocean for vacation..your stupid..hell natural gas is coming out also..do you think the gas companies at blame also..if you can’t do better than this on blogging you need to stay off the internet all together..

  17. soulplayorb says:

    You are in the know probably more than 90% of people.

  18. JawsJaws says:

    @threemorrills Obama was taking credit for the drilling. He can take the blame for it also.

  19. threemorrills says:

    hey jaws looks like you were born yesterday huh. Obama seriously? Shows that any one can write on the internet brain or not.

  20. threemorrills says:

    @JawsJaws what the hell are you talking about? you born yesterday?


    i was just trying to imagine what 5-600,000 barrels would look like if you put them somewhere? 100.000 every 2 days. WTF, is beyond pathetic. they should be charged and shot or hung.

  22. fhattest says:

    im not saying i believe you but since ive started researching all thi zeit geist and f’ed up politcal crap,they are letting alot of crap pouring out ,maybe its to help make all the religious people think its the apocalypse

  23. KroganWrex says:

    wow this guy is hi as hell YO
    i think u should shut ur mouth YO
    u got no clue bout what ur talking bout
    well at least u guys are smarter when ur high cuz if ur not
    u wont give a shit yo
    pce YO

  24. chevyman03ss says:

    dude your a moron!!! YO

  25. XxskitzofrinikxX says:

    are you fucking serious…..YO….dont open your mouth unless you can make sence……YO…..get off the pipe…we all know our government is a bunch of retards….

  26. devnulzzz says:

    @sngrmnsthsm Lets vote this horrible loser out of office in 2012, he will soon be a lame duck in 2010, thankfully. This socialist criminal, who took more money from BP and big oil than Bush, who buys off senators and buys elections (sestak), who legistalates AGAINST the people and Lies about EVERYTHING and has destroyed our economy. Obama will be stopped, and hopefully this horrible socialist disaster will never happen again.

  27. louis12346 says:

    The very obvious point Mr. Obama, is you should have saved our Gulf of Mexico, by making sure Transocean, Halliburton, and British Petroleum had absolutely nothing to do with the clean-up efforts, rather than making them pay to turn the Gulf into a dead zone.

    President Obama went on to say many parties, including the federal government should accept blame for the disaster, he stopped short of saying he, himself, should be held responsible for his part in so destroying so much life in the Gulf

  28. TennesseeJed says:

    How can we punish BP or any large company? Any fines will only end up costing the final user in the cost. Now the Supreme court allows them rights as a person with no real way to punish them for breaking laws.

  29. kristy48759 says:

    At least he admitted the Federal Government f*cked up, thats more then Bush or Rumsfeld did with the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. I’m not, not criticizing him either he supposedly was asked to look over and have a federal investigation conducted on the MMS and oil companies before all this happened. A lot of the politics resulting in this spill happened before his presidency. But I’m trying not to be as cynical about politics as I used to be.

  30. kristy48759 says:

    Finally, addressing the issues of the corruption going on in the MMS. So much deregulation went on with the oil industry in the last presidency, just to save the oil companies and halliburton a few million on installing a safety kill switch that is required for off shore drilling by most industrialized nations.

  31. 1951sk says:

    BO will fix it…it will just take a butt load of your money!!!!

  32. boots920 says:


    Huge problem – there’s no value in the money system, paper money has built in coercion you do things you don’t want (slaughter peasants) to protect your own well being.
    Example no sense in having social benefit programs if its all based on paper, no future value.
    That’s why society is imploding on itself world wide, all value is based on the worthless Federal Reserve Note.

  33. endlessmountain says:

    thank you new world order for giving us your story. it should have started with “once upon a time” because your track record of lies is historically high.

    Here I am listening to these so called leaders whom do stuff like 911. If the evidence is so high that our government is capable of doing crap like that, then this could be set up for whatever reason.

    The powers that be can be very sick and its time for people to wake up and see that Obama is a pro liar. YT search “Obama on 911”

  34. pvtjamesryan3 says:

    I have to give it to Obama. The first part of his speech was 100% true.

    Usually, he’s completely full of shit. It’s very unusual to hear him say anything true.

  35. cowboy1165 says:

    @hergs They ask people to sign up for a “free” newsletter, If people want them to manage any stocks that the company represents then more homework is up to those people. The real fraud here is you hergs, considering you are spouting off without proof of anything but ignorance. Anyone can condemn something they know nothing of, but without facts and reference to those claims is just dishonest.

  36. cowboy1165 says:

    @hergs My favorites betray nothing false. I do prescribe to a Libertarian/constitutional philosophy. Since you have no real knowledge and understanding except what you parrot of failed economic and government politics, I suggest that you seek out the libertarian arguments that go beyond the scope of youtube, before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

  37. nippytaytay says:

    Invest what? We are 14 trillion in debt.

  38. MrSpieldose says:

    He probably paid Halliburton for the cleanup…

    but never fear America…

    He’ll be bombing Iran soon… you’ll forget about it.

    poor Tel Aviv won’t have to hear Iran say they don’t like them anymore… (eye roll)

  39. skybirdbird says:

    @skybirdbird you have stolen at least a generation…small business loans?…no? BP should have been put on the auction block and the money dibbied up amongst the damaged….

    no shit with that “cozy relationship”…you did not mind when they were giving you money…i’ll bet they still are….you are despicable…it has taken you almost a month to even open your mouth? i can not even begin to tell you how loathed you are now…we KNOW our enemies…and we KNOW you are their happy puppet!

  40. skybirdbird says:

    FUCK YOU OBAMA…LIES, LIES, LIES, you are doing just what your corporate sponsors have paid you to do…THIS IS CATASTROPHIC!

    are you fucking kidding me…jobs, economic recovery!..you haven’t provided it before…how are you going to pull it out of your ass now? what are you going to hide in this “legislation”? you always hide SOMETHING….why does it require legislation to do the right thing…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?…and if it does, why was it not in place BEFORE?

  41. hergs says:

    @Wobblecoc Actually I agree with Libertarians on smoking pot and getting laid. It’s just that, that is all we agree on. But like the GOP, they still want unfettered laissez-faire “free” markets, which has brought us the current predicament of Banks screwing everyone over, holding government hostage like a suicide bomber while they rape and pillage the people. Not to mention the lack of regulation, due to cronies in positions of power that justify actions of pure self-interest as right and just.

  42. llvlladfuker says:

    is FEMA on the case?? Now they cant fix a pipe wata crok of shit

  43. llvlladfuker says:

    Bail them out barry bush

  44. bigc028282 says:

    Of course Barry Soetoro does. He funneled money to create the Carbon Credit Exchange in Chicago. ENRON CEO Ken Lay created the scam with Al Gore. Goldman Sachs owns 10% of the Exchange. It just goes on and on. The oil spill must be working well for the agenda, cause WHERE THE F*CK IS AL GORE? Still hiding from all the BS he got caught up in over “CLIMATE GATE”?

  45. odin422 says:

    keep reading what they write you Satoro.

  46. Wobblecoc says:

    @PersianPaladin how old are you?

  47. Wobblecoc says:

    @hergs Like smoking pot and getting laid is a bad thing? lol… whats a human to do? Personal responsibility and choice…might be too hard and scary for some people.

    The worlds a stage, the US government is there for show, right to your local CFR member for confirmation on this.

    Release the suppressed science and clean this mess up.

  48. hergs says:

    @cowboy1165 You do know that InflationUS is a fraud, right? He gets people riled up, and has them go sign up for his newsletter where he recommends stocks to fuck people out of their money. He is no different than any other Wall Street scum.

  49. hergs says:

    @StarrJaded the reason the largest chunk went to Obama is because he was a Presidential candidate (and the most logical one to support). That doesn’t mean he has been bought off, but it does make you wonder. We need publicly funded elections now, and make all political contributions (direct or indirect) a FELONY. The UK election took 6 weeks, ours endlessly repeats every 2 years.

  50. hergs says:

    @Armando7654 And an electric car for everyone else. Let’s make these tycoons irrelevant.

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