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Re: Deepwater Horizon oil rig Gulf Oil Spill Eclipse Exxon Valdez Disaster‎

Posted on May 05, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf Oil Spill Could Eclipse Exxon Valdez Disaster‎.

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  1. dawheele1 says:

    you said the the oil has hit the miss delta and is hitting shore all along the gulf coast, I havent seen or heard any reports that the oil has hit the beaches yet. Where did you get this info? 5/4/2010

  2. freebyrd01 says:

    If you can swim under the booms (and you can) so can the oil. Almost all of the oil from Valdez remains til this very day. The oil spilled in the Gulf might as well be there for good. I don’t believe they will ever get it up. Period. We are going to permanently lose the entire Gulf region. MARK MY WORD. Research all I have said. I speak the truth

  3. freebyrd01 says:

    The chemicals used to clean this up are highly toxic, just not “AS” toxic as the oil. It has to be toxic to fight toxic. The type of crude this is is highly emulsive meaning it mixes very well with water making it almost impossible to clean IF you actually had something that worked. The booms only stops the oil on the surface and not the huge cloud beneath the surface. .

  4. luke19631963 says:

    Current estamtes have the “leak” at around 200,000 gallons per day flowing into the Gulf. That is over 4,300 barrels of light sweet crude a day. I read somewhere the oil reserve feeding this is believed to be around 10 million barrels if not more. Left uncapped, at 10 million barrels, that is over 2,300 days (almost 7 years) of oil spilling into the Gulf.

  5. luke19631963 says:

    @PuciferSam It’s currently estimated it will take three months to drill a relief well to stop the oil gushing into the Gulf. Unless a miracle happens this catastrophe will make Exxon Valdez look like spilled milk in comparison.

  6. luke19631963 says:

    Its amazing there are no contingency plans in place for something like this. I mean if you drill and pump for oil under deep water it would be reasonable to assume an accident could happen and then what do you do? You can’t just assume mechanical safety devises will work. If they cannot contain accidents like this then it would be better to just abandon all off shore oil wells. The cost on the environment, not to mention the seafood industry, is just too high.

  7. NovusChaoMundi says:

    And the government wants more pollution controll mechanisms on your car, but don’t worry about the millions of gallons of oil spewing into the ocean. I don’t see there point in all this.

  8. cruxan007 says:

    don’t believe them.. it’s probably more than 5000 barrels a day..!!! some estimates go as hight as 8 or 9 million gallons already spilt.. remember there’s 5000 feet of water sitting on top of that well.. and that spells alot of presure like 1.5 tons per square inch with an open well head.. it could collapes and spew more oil in less time.. they better hope that well dosen’t have like 100 million barrels in it or they will be mopping oil for years..

  9. lrrvegas says:

    And they say mankind doesn’t have anything to do with global warming?

  10. sasami34 says:

    @nodesnetwork 500.000 gallons !!! Man !!! Near 1000 miles oil rig !!! And it is just start !!!

    Fuucking oil magnats whant more money !!!! KIll them alll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PuciferSam says:

    The standard oil barrel of 42 US gallons is used in the United States as a measure of crude oil.
    Exxon Valdez spilled 10.8 million U.S. gallons (about 40 million litres, or 250,000 barrels).
    So in about 50days this will surpass Exxon Valdez. Its been 10 days at the time of this post April 30, 2010. That means its 1/5 what Exxon was already. Lets hope BP gets a handle on this soon!

  12. nodesnetwork says:

    Correction: instead of 5,000 gallons, it is 5,000 BARRELs of oil per day.

    Ask the question: WHAT ARE THE CHEMICAL DISPERSANTS BEING SPRAYED ON THE SPILL MADE OF? What is the chemical composition? The oil companies make them and consider the formulas “proprietary.”

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