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Rachel Maddow – The more spills change, the more they stay the same.

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

This was from The Rachel Maddow Show, 05/26/2010. I watched this, and I think for better or worse, it gives an interesting perspective on the off shore drilling going on both now, and in the past.

Government placing blame squarely on oil giant’s shoulders
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  1. Kakarotsan says:

    That was some really good reporting! She backed up all of her points really well. I’m impressed!

  2. MicNarcolepsy says:

    The government doesn’t run things here; corporations do.

  3. medini2 says:

    maybe that is why they don’t look they are trying. they already know it won’t work.

  4. medini2 says:

    @FranksVoice kind of like the death penalty to keep people from murdering…it just makes people murder more. this country is filled w/ murderers, taunting us, wanting to get caught.
    the people who want to stop offshore drilling are not murderers! look into haliburton’s role.

  5. gothatfunk says:

    This just increases my outrage and despair. thanks for posting it though. i remember the 1979 incident, but the parallels didn’t really occur to me.

  6. ProportionalResponse says:

    @FranksVoice Some people claim that have been attacked by Bigfoot too. It never ruffles my feathers when someone says “Some people say….” Some people say alot of dumb stuff. “Show me the information to surrort your claim” is my response. They they talk about the NWO, or have nothing. It’s the easiest conversation to have. Some people say they see Elvis…. Some people believe in UFO’s…. etc…

  7. SirPwn4lot says:

    @FranksVoice If they have actual evidence and not bullshit conjecture popularized by Rush Limbaugh to protect his corporate friends that has no evidence whatsoever then sure, please present it and I’ll do my best to impartially consider it and if necessary change my mind.

    As it stands we have no reason to believe a conspiracy probable.

  8. kalamain says:

    @happysplodie You have an apt name then! B-D

  9. AnonEyeMouse says:


    As I said, it is tempting to think that these guys, who spend hundreds of millions buying politicians to twist policy in their favour, are just smart enough and just evil enough to, once a well blows accidentally, turn it into a profit making venture.

    I would say don’t be so hasty to jump to that conclusion. I understand the drive towards it, but that is how conspiracy theories begin and it isn’t wise to play with those rather than engaging with facts and evidence.

    Be careful.

  10. AnonEyeMouse says:

    @FranksVoice It’s tempting to think that isn’t it?

    I was asked the other day if I knew wether the amount the oil was insured for might be more than it is currently worth. (ie: the insurance payout per barrel of oil that escapes may be more than each barrel is worth).

    The guy asking this was suggesting that this was why, after the well began leaking, it takes so long to block up. That BP are waiting for the insurance money to cover the cost of the loss + cleanup before they shut it off.

  11. Shazbotben says:

    We absolutely need to get off of our crack addiction as soon as possible.

    I mean oil addiction.

    We are going to have to make a lot of big changes that a lot of people won’t like (because change is scary).

  12. FranksVoice says:

    some people are claiming that it was done intentionally to stop offshore drilling.

  13. ProportionalResponse says:

    @VitaVeritasVictoria exactly my thoughts!

  14. ProportionalResponse says:

    @FranksVoice in what way?

  15. GoatOfTheMountains says:

    Kinda reminds me of that Groundhog’s Day movie.

  16. QWho2005 says:

    Inject multiple micro-nukes into the well and burn some oil!

  17. Tocxica says:

    Operation Top Hat…why bother with the poorly veiled euphemism? I’m sure no one would mind it being called something more accurate. Who’s for Operation Leaky Condom?

  18. girlpalooza says:

    🙁 enough is enough… i dislike people.

  19. happysplodie says:

    I personally support… The nuclear option.

  20. FranksVoice says:

    you think it’s a conspiracy?

  21. papafox says:

    Sad. Somebody ought to be doing hard time over this.

  22. VitaVeritasVictoria says:

    “Operation Sombrero” ? They were really creative back then huh? lol This whole thing is such a damn mess. If they’d be more concerned with just STOPPING this leak, instead of trying to preserve it (imo) I think it would have been plugged already. Greedy SOB’s.

  23. panthera50 says:

    LOL My kind of humor.

  24. danihc says:


  25. keyser33 says:

    I want Rachel to have my babies

  26. obetaman says:

    FOX, you’re the reason my grandma died.
    she had a heart attack while watching your dumbass program about death panels and all that dumb shit.

    I’ll use your tactics. “FOX news shot my grandmother in the head. It’s true.”

  27. JesusSatanAllah says:

    “who would have thought Exxon is where it is today. But it is.” Exxon benefited by being granted limited liability, meaning, they get all the reward but everybody else shares in their risk.

  28. eqsmooth says:

    what about halliburton? They are the contractors. Imagine some of this coming down on Cheney or friends of his.

  29. barthunt1 says:

    Look at North Korea or Iran….

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