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President Obama Comments on the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

President Obama Comments on the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana visit: firedoglake.com
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  1. dahoss2x says:

    Newly-released documents show government regulators exempted BP from a comprehensive environmental review of the project that resulted in the spill. The Minerals Management Service granted BP a categorical exclusion from a full review before approving the project . Obama recieved 3 million dollars from BP. The media silence is mind-boggling, to say the least .

  2. midevalcheese says:

    @GoaTseTung They have been drilling for oil in the ocean for years and this leak has gotten way out of control.

    If they didn’t have the equipment or the knowhow to deal with a situation like this then they should have never started drilling in the first place.

    I believe they are stalling on this on purpose.

  3. Bruce says:

    @katards That may be true but we would have to turn over all of our crop land to hemp production, just to keep up with current energy consumption, which would only replace or destroy existing agricultural communities and economies

  4. GoaTseTung says:

    @midevalcheese What are you talking about? They’ve done plenty already but it’s not a simple problem.

  5. dj504dj says:

    @Allamericom this rant doesn’t make a bit of sense.

  6. dj504dj says:

    @dkkght46 I don’t really know what the govt’ can do other than oversee the coordination efforts. No govt agencies have drilling expertise.

  7. theroilsoil says:

    The leak will FAR exceed 5000 barrels/day – which means the problem will
    FAR exceed the Exxon Valdeze spill in 1989.

    The ecosystem around the Gulf states is toast for decades to come – let’s give a hand to humans once again for f***ing up the environment once again due to our insatiable greed.

    Obama and his crew need to pack their bags and head on back – they can do nothing to stop this.

  8. beeshor1 says:

    Can somebody get that man an umbrella? Is the country so broke that we can’t provide a little cover from the elements for our president?

  9. Allamericom says:

    Lets see inside deploy 911s as buildings fell with no plans hitting them and a missal was on pentagon labeled a plane that disintegrated no parts to see all to deploy a undeclared war over oil/Money
    Here our new government 911 To LONG to LATE to BIG The failure of Government is all around us The DemoRepuplicans will go alone with whatever the presidents employer needs as a distraction from freedom take place End the Fed and the inside 911 games will end with them. Wake Up America

  10. dkkght46 says:

    I wonder how the state run media will spin this to blame it all on Bush instead of the community organizer. Where is the leadership? Obama fails. The greatest environmental disaster and NO LEADERSHIP. If Obama’s fire engine showed up ten days after your house was on fire think you would be a little pissed? Obama said: It’s NOT my job to oversee, regulate and steward over our great nation and natural resources!! Oh wait, it is my job… And I ignored it the best I could!

  11. Allamericom says:

    To LONG to LATE to BIG The failure of Government is all around us
    America is going to believe the cretin politicians are now oil experts. Obama stay away and find experts that can cap off the well. Are you are you here to cover up or make them a welfare States too? Use a bunker missal or one used on the pentagon . Bring back our troops Demorepublicans we can use them here and now. Difference between Katrina and this is Nature / Man another Obamanation of America and sea life. Wake up America

  12. TheVMFA333 says:

    @midevalcheese yeah!! BP do something!

  13. midevalcheese says:

    Good speech.


    Talk – Talk – Talk

    no action

  14. MrRightAllTime says:

    oh that’s because bush put too many colors in as advisers

  15. lowbottomranch says:

    gosh a pres who is on the ball and not going on or staying on vacation while crap is happening. We haven’t had that since Clinton.

  16. BusterXXXL says:

    “BP is responsible for this leak. BP will be paying the bill.” And off course BP will bring forth all of it lobbyists to ensure, there are as few items as possible on this bill.
    Make em pay!

  17. integral says:

    @Wolfiemouse refreshing, isn’t it?

  18. Wolfiemouse says:

    A calm intelligent voice, speaking for OUR government, searching for solutions, and taking action is a good thing.

    Thank you Mr. President.

  19. eicebleu says:

    Sounds like he’s on top of things–pity it’s futile. Off-shore drilling was always a bad idea.

  20. craigman777 says:

    a very ugly, gold fish eyed, man..

  21. craigman777 says:

    a very ugly, gold fish eyed, man…

  22. WeAreChangeChicago says:

    @calumcoburn there was nothing we could do, there was a man playing a piano in the room and he wouldn’t leave

  23. calumcoburn says:

    Video producer: PLEASE don’t distract us with music. We want to listen to Christopher, NOT your choice in music.
    Christopher unfortunately doesn’t recognise the huge advancements that have been made in safer nuclear energy, and the geo-thermal energy power plants that are now cheaper than coal plants.

  24. mooners40 says:

    but let’s hear the message and look beyond looks – please

  25. mooners40 says:

    @BeondaPale in a vote i think the ayes have it – as in the bettie davis song but different eyes

  26. eatmecrew says:

    What about sunpower?

  27. LordVigeous666999 says:

    If you can’t tell me who planted the thermite after 7 years, you have nothing, period. Because, who do you want to blame? Who do you want punished? You don’t have a name

    I don’t know what valve you’re talking about, or if a regulation putting the valve there would have stopped the spill, but lets say it were true

    The oil leaking was not a disaster, the spill not being contained… IS. That was the Gov’s job, which they failed, their own policy, if followed, would have contained the spill

  28. LordVigeous666999 says:

    Woa woa woa. Synthetic chemicals are different than chemicals. Chemicals is a generic, meaning all chemicals, which is what you used

    And also, synthetic chemicals is a meaningless term anyway. Why you ask?

    I will put two chemicals in front of you, organically made H2O from rain. And Synthetically made H2O from a lab.

    A) can you tell the difference?
    B) is one more harmful than the other?

    This hatred of chemicals is getting old. I mean, Coffee has over 1000 chemicals, & people drink it

  29. HyperBorealOperator says:

    “Govts are not even good at running govts” !!

  30. BeondaPale says:

    Is this guy related to Marty Feldman?

  31. Vexed34 says:

    I’m terrified that his eyes are going to fall out

  32. wdcsucks1 says:

    @LordVigeous666999 your entire body is not made out of synthetic chemicals!

  33. snozzcumbers says:

    @SwaloMyLode He supports them so much because they are the way out of poverty for the 3rd world. Cheap energy is their way to a better future.

  34. libertarianjury says:

    Dude has some pretty powerful peepers!

  35. SwaloMyLode says:

    Come on We are Change…I’m with you mostly but why does this jackass support the oil and coal industry so much…They are the largest financier of your NWO and own most of DC..How many more fucking centuries are we going to suppress new tech and continue the bullshit dependence on fossil fuels?? Fuck the global warming debate, nobody is going to kill oil overnight, but for fuck sake lets start looking ahead…

  36. harryman11 says:

    @snozzcumbers or he is just getting paid by oil companies more than the other 99% of the rest of the world

  37. harryman11 says:

    @jouberts5 yeah everything biodegrades don’t you know plastic does too, however you have to look at the time scale on which it does, plastics can range from 100-1000 years. What type of oil is spilled, crude is the worst, it can take years for it to bio-degrade in the best conditions. Oil is doubly bad because it is very damaging and very invasive. There is still oil from the exxon valdez spill 20years later, a few inches below the surface and the fisheries still have recovered.

  38. harryman11 says:

    @katards That may be true but we would have to turn over all of our crop land to hemp production, just to keep up with current energy consumption, which would only replace or destroy existing agricultural communities and economies

  39. harryman11 says:

    @BigRedBB Well your suspicions are correct although I don’t know how amazing you think amazing is, but a perfect example is large format NiMh batteries, These batteries were developed to make large Nickle Metal Hydride batteries on the scale suitable for electric vehicles, the only problem is that an oil company bought the patent on the battery and the processes that went into making it, since then no more batteries were produced by the new patent holder. 15 more years until that patent is up

  40. 99missingperson99 says:

    @LordVigeous666999 Human farmers are the elite ruling classes, the say couple thousand families who truly dominate the world.Theese Farmers have always altered the rules of the game to benefit them,they allow very few to join thier ranks and live off our productivity by devising means of control.Physical slavery was replaced by economic control.if you need more ill send u a letter

  41. therhythmicmenace says:

    I will tell you what F***ING happened in the North Sea. The Piper Alpha disaster happened and since then there has been NO OTHER MAJOR incidents. This incident is a total joke.

  42. therhythmicmenace says:

    911 was an inside job. The lame stream story is a load of F***ING bollocks and full of holes and just because we can’t blame it on a particular individual does not mean it was not.

  43. therhythmicmenace says:

    I’m not sure why I should care what you are talking about, as far as I am concerned there is only one North Sea and it is in Northern Europe.
    The regulation which I was talking about, is about the actual valve that failed, which, frankly is a TOTAL joke, that sort of thing should not happen these days, it seems lax US safety regulations caused the incident.

  44. LordVigeous666999 says:

    I am deleting your guy’s comments? How paranoid are you people?

    How could I possibly do that? Hack into youtube? Hack into your profile?

    This is what I’m talking about, you guys are paranoid. You think I want to remove your comments? Your comments are my supporting evidence, that you guys are a bunch of nut bags. Why would I want them removed?

    You’ve been working on 911 truth for 7 years? So….. you have a name of who put the thermite in the towers yet? Name of who authorized the attack?

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