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Oil spill trajectory 20100504

Posted on May 27, 2010 by bp complaints

Projected movement of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Movement shows spill moving East to threaten Florida’s Panhandle, moving south to potentially get caught up in Loop Current and move onto South Florida/Keys and then up the East Coast to Georgia, SC and NC.
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wonkroom.thinkprogress.org 5/11/10: BP releases video of the gushing oil “plume” spewing millions of gallons of oil a mile below the sea surface into the Gulf of Mexico, after trying to prevent the video from leaking. So to speak.

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  1. stanwilcox says:

    @NeuroProctologist thats not the point, i mentioned knowing where this chap was pointing to according to an actual map

  2. MaxEagle50 says:

    @AngleCakeLol !

  3. yellowdotz says:

    No shit shirlock now figure out how to fix it you tard!

  4. NeuroProctologist says:

    @stanwilcox Gulf of mexico. Says in description.

  5. NeuroProctologist says:

    @OneOfaKind949 No, many of them are simply blaming this on a liberal conspiracy to discredit offshore drilling.

  6. NeuroProctologist says:

    @TheSaltyAdmiral Yes, indeed. Were still using defunct technology. So much for progress!

  7. NeuroProctologist says:

    @itsnanotime Oil is not the lifeblood of the planet, but otherwise I agree with you.
    One thing I wonder (and should prob research to find answer) is what happens to all that oil over millions of years if it just sits there and perpetually accumulates. I mean, things dying all the time, and thats all that takes to make it. Dead stuff, and time.

    Could be planets out there full of the stuff. Shhh, don’t tell the cons!
    Or better yet. We can send them all on a wild goose chase 😀

  8. NeuroProctologist says:

    @pr7820 Most moronic comment ever.
    Whats your deal with scientists? I’m sure you enjoy the cars, T.V.’s, Cellphones, this computer you’re typing on now to make this dumbass comment, Power Plants that produce electricity to run all this crap, safer food and higher food yields, life saving medical technology, etc etc etc that the educated have made possible.

    Stupid dumbass smart people, HAR HAR HAR!!!
    Go back to your cave, ape!

  9. fedtheend says:

    It’s kind of funny, all the rich teabagger’s that took all the poor people’s property, they will now lose all their money on the land they stole,and have to move up north and beg for welfare.

  10. handman4646 says:

    is everybody retarded????!!!! we obviously just have to get rid of the arrows before they keep moving all the oil around

  11. hellodarkness84 says:

    Maybe we all should stop pointing our fingers so hard at the oil company and government about this. We all use oil products like crazy which creates a high demand for oil in turn causes companies to drill for it.

  12. stanwilcox says:

    gee i know Britain lost the war, but what a way to pay US back 🙁

  13. jameronies says:

    I am a Florida licenced Mechanical Contractor and inventor certified in fuel
    line piping. I wrote the Department of the Interior with a design to cut
    a large hole in an oil tanker. Sinking the ship over the leak capturing the
    oil for weeks while other plans are readied. Oil entering would displace the water. It could also be raised and/or pumped away.”

  14. stanwilcox says:

    @LesPaulCustom79 thanks

  15. BuNRaKu8 says:

    “The Oil People have sent us a message: that they can drill whenever they want, where ever they want. And no one can stop them.
    Well, we will send them a message.
    That they cannot drill whenever and where ever they want.
    And that this…this is our land. This is our Earth!”- Inspired by Jake Sully’s speech in Avatar.

  16. mosesreincarnate says:

    I knew how to stop the leak immediatly after the explosion but the secret service threatened me with jail if I continued to call the white house about it, & I told them a few bad things were going to happen soon, but they ignored me , so the world gets what it deserves!!! the media is in on the conspriacy to let the leak drama continue, & BP took some of my ideas and I haven’t gotten any credit for it there is so much more to the whole story

  17. BuNRaKu8 says:

    “The Oil People have sent us a message: that they can drill whenever they want, where ever they want. And no one can stop them. Well, we will send them a message. That they cannot drill whenever and where ever they want. And that this…this is our land. This is our Earth!”- Inspired by Jake Sully’s speech in Avatar.

  18. frogstomp7 says:

    Thanx for fucking up our planet… BP DICKS!!!! When the fuck are all you all going to stop it?

  19. D33Lux says:

    @itsnanotime This was orchestrated and the Freemason Georgia Guidestones is proof. First law “Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature” This was No accident, this was the effect of greedy pigs circumventing security measures for profit. This is a monstrous screw up of biblical proportions

  20. ZalgoZalgo says:

    Don’t be so negative about scientists, without them we wouldn’t have internet

  21. LesPaulCustom79 says:

    Scary looking just like a virus multiplying.

  22. LesPaulCustom79 says:

    @stanwilcox Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisianna, Alabama, panhandle of Florida.

  23. LesPaulCustom79 says:

    That is scary looking, just like a virus multiplying and spreading.

  24. pr7820 says:

    I love seeing these “KNOW-IT-ALL” yuppie, egg head scientists just scratching their heads, baffled as to how their going to stop the leak.
    Weeks before they would have the moron, idiot public believe that they (yuppie egg head scientists) were the saviors and were prepared for any possible problem.
    So much for higher education.

  25. AngleCakeLol says:


  26. dtango says:

    @LOLitsJono How do you like having your natural environment being raped for a change?

  27. cherylannflynn says:

    There are no words – except for maybe “God help us.”

  28. YuraJagov says:

    “Drill Baby Drill”
    Where is John McCain ?

  29. thesokable says:

    @HoodwinkedbyanAngel go on….

  30. bushtyranny says:

    Maybe BP should change its name to a more respectable name, like Blackwater…
    Might suit them better too.
    Time to build a trout lake way upstream and cash in on the demand for fish that WILL stick to a pan.
    Only third world countries should be offshore drilling, like Texas!

  31. TomPayeaLive says:

    BP should build a giant vertical pipe stemming from the mouth of the leak that extends high above the ocean surface, the force of gravity above the water will pull downward on the rising oil and the pressure of the oil and the force of gravity will reach equilibrium at some point above high above the ocean stopping the flow of oil.

  32. ToneJoint says:

    @romanmir01 I agree there liars. Our EPA told them to STOP distributing that chemical, they have released 800,000 thousand gallons below the surface and 8 hundred thousand above the surface, thats 160,000 gallons of oil dissapation chems that are illegal to use everywhere but here, its toxic to humans and plant life and our EPA said no and BP did it anyway. WTF! Get this, this chemical has been banned by the UK, Norway… but here , they can lace us up with poison, way to go BP!

  33. romanmir01 says:

    @FatBird11 the pressure from the shaft easily overcomes the pressure at the ocean floor. The ocean floor is at 1500 meters, that’s 150 atm of pressure at the bottom, so the oil overcomes that and it overcomes the pressure of the oil column, which is another 13000 feet under the ocean floor, that’s 1300 atm (oil is lower density than water, so probably less.) That means it’s over 1400 atm that this oil gushing out at, probably much more than that. Coagulate that how?

  34. romanmir01 says:

    @ToneJoint humans built the A or H Bombs to cause disaster.

    Apparently those were used to prevent disaster so why not try it?

    The oil is 13000 feet under the ocean floor, the freaking pipe that they drilled needs to be collapsed. Nuclear provides many thousands of tons of pressure per nanosecond, if they can drill a few hundred feet 100 meters away from the shaft and lower a nuke there, it’ll blow and collapse the shaft. To make it safer drop a bunch of containers with rock on it first.

  35. romanmir01 says:

    @ToneJoint They are lying through their teeth with every breath. First it was ‘just an oil rig fire’, then it was ‘1000barels per day tops’, then ‘5000’, then ‘we do not need to know how much is spilling, so the scientists get out of here with your measuring equipment’, also ‘we will do everything not to let the coast line suffer’ and ‘we will pay for all’, now it is ‘we will surely fix it by august’.

    I don’t trust them at all, let the military deal with it.

  36. ToneJoint says:

    @romanmir01 Im with ya man… I appreciate your apology!
    I too feel terrible for my southern brothers and eco system. Yea, JUST CLOSE IT!
    drop whatever it takes, JUST stop the leak already.
    I think we all want the best, its a heated situation where feelings run high and touchy & frankly, great things come from constructive heated debate. So, I appreciate you and your comments. but yea, Im hearing now, the ONLY way to stop it is relief drill, which they say will take until august. 🙁

  37. FatBird11 says:

    Couldn’t they run a conduit into the oil layer, and by the introduction of some other chemical(s) into the oil layer create a coagulation (similar to blood clotting)? Although this might not be enough to completely stop the emission of oil, could it slow it, and reduce the pressure enough to place a plug?

  38. romanmir01 says:

    @ToneJoint sorry for lashing out there as well.

    I feel terrible about the ocean destruction, it’s a fucking nightmare to see this. I wish they close that hole now I don’t care how, with nukes if necessary. It sucks for sure, but if they don’t close it….

  39. Thetan1974 says:

    9/11 cover-up, Goldman Sachs scandal, Bilderbergers, lots of UFO sightings(?), Obama in biiig big trouble – his administration turned down the Glass-Steagall bill which was removed in 1999 to get free access for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Goldman-Sachs and the whole InterAlpha group to basically control US and EU econimies and politics. And his health care and Co2 taxing are also exposed as what it is – FRAUD!
    This is likely a Blackwater (what a name for this one) operation to remove focus!

  40. spsyed says:

    Is the Mexican Gulf ‘Deepwater Horizon’ oil leak designed to sabotage, cripple and bankrupt BP? Is it a take over bid by the US government (CIA-Blackwater XE) protected American oil companies to monopolise the global energy industry chain from exploration to retail distribution? Is reality better than fiction?

  41. ToneJoint says:

    @romanmir01 I sincerely apologize for calling your idea a joke, I am sorry. Atleast your trying to come up with a solution and I apologize and commend you for that. can we truce? Thanks!

  42. romanmir01 says:

    @ToneJoint Except that it has been done 5 times before, 4 times it was a success. They didn’t use containers, but in this case there is too much methane and it is more dangerous, so pressure has to be applied equally.

    5 Nukes were used previous to this disaster to collapse drilling shafts, 4 were a success.

  43. trex457 says:

    they just let spill.all this is intentional

  44. TheSackGirl says:

    WHY WONT THEY PLUG THE HOLE ALREADY!!!!! If the can make the i-Phone they can make a plug for an oil leak!

  45. xxhalo100 says:

    @SuperFunX STFU don’t tell everyone!

  46. ObaManure says:

    Even though the sea life and entire eco system will greatly suffer from this…

    The Dems will suffer the most!

  47. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    i can prove this is a lie

    they spammed me for the same reason they dont want you to know the truth..

    we are bieing screwed by the lying polititians from top to bott..feeders that they are!

  48. SuperFunX says:

    you can scoop it up with buckets and sell it for mney! 😀

  49. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    All creatures swimming through this nightmare will die within 90% certainty

    All oil dispersants will remove all of your skin in five minutes & then work on the FLESH!

    We R being lied to & I can prove this!

    43,000,000 gallons of oil per day are being pumped out of that hole at only 500 psi.

    Fluid dynamics does not lie!

    Area { x } PRESSURE { = } VOLUME

    My video and I will prove this to you in five minutes ~ & the 44th POTUS IS lying & his ears are growing by the minute

  50. kirbycutterkid says:

    @OMGItsChrisLaws You’re fake and gay! don’t you see that It might kill thousands of animals and contaminate an entire golf?!!!?!?!??!
    you’re too selfidh…

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