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Oil Spill Threatens Seafood Says Gulf Coast Expert

Posted on May 09, 2010 by bp complaints

www.discoverynews.com In the hours before the Gulf oil spill hit the Louisiana Coast, James Williams discovered what Gulf Coast experts were most worried about in terms of the spill’s impact.

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  1. RyPetermannQuickHit says:

    Click on my title for my musical comment.!!!!

  2. RyPetermannQuickHit says:

    Click on my title for my musical comment.!!!!

  3. ohiowesty says:

    @NBAGOATS – wow, this says it all, ur a complete dumb ass.

  4. dahoss2x says:

    Obamas’ Katrina… He waits 10 days to act in any way whatsoever, then blames BP, and sends out his minions to spew “since day one” rhetoric to try and deflect from his administrations’ gross incompetence! Guess who British Petroleum gave the most political contributions to? Barack Hussein Fraudbama!
    Hope for change in 2012.

  5. NBAGOATS says:

    Republicans are stupid. I’m glad this happened to them. And i’m Glad Obama took so long to respond. He’s allowing the world to see what a dumbass the republican party is. Bush Big Oil Buddies and his republican party has FAILED

  6. mayconunderline says:



  7. ChildePC says:

    Maybe this was intentional. Big business couldn’t get the land legitmately so they blew a well. The result would be poisoned land, but land sitting on top of another oil field. BIG BUSINESS IS ENTIRELY ATHESITIC, There already ignoring the practice of freedom of religion so ignoring morality as a whole is on their agenda.

  8. Blount33Productions says:

    @zenbeer I agree!

  9. zenbeer says:

    Spill, baby, Spill. Ban off-shore drilling.

  10. Shadowmov3r says:

    @firedudejklef No I am not turning it back to you, I’m just trying to explain, which I always lose at because of things that aren’t your business.
    It was also meant in a more sarcastic/pseudo-ironic, it was more like “hey, they’ve been very smart again, playing around with the risk factor”, because, like I said, Bigger business = bigger risks = maybe disasters = bigger disasters because of bigger business.
    Can’t really explain it, but it wasn’t meant THAT bad.

  11. firedudejklef says:

    @Shadowmov3r lmao so your turning this back to me right? well i try to conserve as much as i can but your saying that “why don’t we fuck up our planet earlier” just speed up the processes.

  12. ronaldreika says:

    We could apply the china model on this one. Get the executives responsible for this & give’em life in prison or shoot them with the cost of the bullet going to the surviving
    family members. They are trying to play this one down to cop out on responsibility. Get their names out on youtube before they get away. Make their lives a misery.
    The lives they are about to put in peril will be misrable by no choice of their own.

  13. zobcity01 says:

    What a mess. looks like the natural gas find in mid USA needs to be opened up then OOPS I forget, its about control of ppl, not usage of natural gas WE have found a long time ago. Or converting the coal into 99 clean burning energies, But hey, its about control NOT saving the earth right????? the game is obvious!!!

  14. murraykat says:

    continued from above…
    Do high capacity oil / water sparators already exist on oil supertankers? One main flaw that may ocur might be when the two drunken supertankers captains collide with each other during manouvers ?

  15. NovusChaoMundi says:

    Wait till the entire ocean turns black then we can light the world on fire !

  16. dkkght46 says:

    The fed better get it together and send the USDA NAHERC down there who has the largest veterinary & technician staffing in the US. Its great that they have these volunteer NGO’s going down but they are going to needed NAHERC due to the length of the event and they are a paid emergency response organization.

  17. StompingRabbits says:

    Why did it take President Bingo Obongo 9 days to get off his ass and send the Feds to help clean this mess?

  18. Charbok12 says:

    1:41 is that oil coming out of the water? thats amazazing.

  19. rggfgjerjh says:

    @Crazysora yeah i thought thats what happened, i was just messing around with you 😀

  20. 803brando says:

    @MyFavoriteOil im not sure what planet you are from or how many movies you watch per day, but the location where the oil is coming out of the ground is almost 1.5 miles underwater you cant dive that deep and need a submersible to withstand the high pressures. At that depth water pressure is about 3500 lbs per square inch.

  21. 803brando says:

    i wouldnt let this spill doubt ones confidence in the technology, I would like to see some transparency placed on any company drilling offshore. So that we can see if they are ignoring regulations or not using methods that are safer but cost slightly more.

  22. Crazysora says:

    @rggfgjerjh sorry, I type faster than my brain can think…I meant money.

  23. shadowace421 says:

    so could this oil spill affect beaches near louisiana like galveston? ?? whata bout water quality in all costal regions???

  24. MyFavoriteOil says:

    Seems to me there is an easy solution to this oil spill. Simply clamp a hose around the leaking pipe and hose it directly into an oil tanker. Or Design a large weighted tent (underwater dome ) to cover the outpouring of oil and funnel the oil through a hose to the top and capture the oil and sell it.

  25. 67tr876 says:

    @Generationxxxxxxx …..

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