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Oil spill live feed video

Posted on May 24, 2010 by bp complaints

budurl.com – This video right belongs to AssociatedPress. Latest news about the BP oil spill tell us that it is growing every singel day. But what have experts to say about this whole thing? According to scientists the spill can grow up to 130 million gallons in the worst case scenario according to their calculations. Since April 20, if you sum up everything, the total spill is at 102 gymnasiums. Despite of these estimations, it is not yet clear if this whole thing started last April 20, 2010 when it exploded or on April 22 when the rig sank into the water. Its also possible that it started April 24 when the coast guard first noticed two leaks.
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Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part!
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  1. supergenius123 says:

    @rubberbandman03 My parents won’t fly me there
    to put a giant cork in it xD
    no, I was kidding though, I know it must be far more complicated than that
    It just seems kind of ridiculous

  2. skaraborg55 says:


    Why not? According to Fox news it should be possible. But to be honest, i’m not sure. You may be right.

  3. rubberbandman03 says:

    @supergenius123 stop it?, well if u have such a great idea then why dont u stop it?

  4. rubberbandman03 says:

    @skaraborg55 lmao, u cant use explosice on a live well under water.

  5. rubberbandman03 says:

    @gsonnenberg haha im not dissing the spill at all but let me guess ur one of those people that will bitch and complain if u saw a kid drop a can or wrapper on the ground correct?

  6. rubberbandman03 says:

    @xSxumx what do u mean whats wrong with us?

  7. HistoryRevealed says:

    Lisa Jackson must resign. She was at the White House State dinner for Mexico instead of parking herself in the gulf command center.

    Jackson must go

  8. cscot11 says:

    @rubberbandman03 yes I would …just for the principle of it all. With all the millions the CEO gets paid…why not? I really doubt his lifestyle would be affected. even if all high officials in BP take a drastic paycut in salaries such as 75% cut….the action would speak for itself

  9. farmboy1150 says:

    We ALL did this!

    Yes, YOU and ME!

  10. xSxumx says:

    this is fucking crazy… what the hell is wrong with us!?!?!

  11. DustyMarlin says:

    Let them regulate themselves.
    Great idea republicans.
    Let them make their own estimates of the oil leak.
    Great idea Obama.

  12. 407buddy says:

    Earth is dying, we are killing it. Will precipice force humans to chance and turn it around..? I doubt it, one needs to wonder whether Earth is better off without humans or gorilla’s?

  13. tehfrog says:

    i hate you bp.

  14. gsonnenberg says:

    This is so messed up. And all of you kids sitting in your parents house need to go spit your hate somewhere else. How is any of this funny? Your ignorance is almost as sad as this spill.

  15. MrSmartgas says:

    @Abrading1 Ha Ha your comments contain well thought out trashtalk .hope your just being sarcastic and not a real pencilneck with an eraser head

  16. rubberbandman03 says:

    @cscot11 im pretty sure if u were ceo you wouldnt give up ur salary, plus BP has enough money to be able to afford a clean up

  17. cscot11 says:

    I think the CEO of BP should give up his 2010 salary to aid in the clean up effort. He wont miss it and it would be a gesture of confidence and honesty in this tragedy. The world cant afford BP to financially go under now. We need them to actively stop this mess. If all the bad and negative vibe continues toward BP people may not buy their gas and they will lose profits and go under.

  18. utsukushi1234 says:

    What’s weird is… that those people are just standing there talking bout who to blame… and not ways to stop it…

  19. Bifrons says:

    @ctswrx Yeah. Shouldn’t he be able to swim down there and weld it shut with his laserbeam eyes that were activated when the libs voted him in as messiah. Or, just plug it up with al gore.

  20. grandysfunction says:

    ONE of many shames about this event is that the CEO’s of this and other responsible companies don’t reside in China. I’m certain that by now, they too would be “sleeping with the fishies”!!!!

  21. singlaprety12 says:

    @luvnrunnin My home ec teacher knows to and might show Food Inc or The Future of Food.

  22. skaraborg55 says:


    Probably because they are too greedy to blow the well up and stop the leak. They could have stopped this leak long time ago by using explosives. But all they care about is their investments.

  23. supergenius123 says:

    @TheDrfoxx yeah, why don’t they stop it, instead of videotaping it!?

  24. supergenius123 says:

    @Abrading1 wow

  25. skaraborg55 says:


    “People are not so dumb that you might think, they are dumber”

  26. aikidoman2 says:

    @1313dufferin You do know it was a British company running the rig right?

  27. 1313dufferin says:

    nice job america you guys always know what to do to make everyone love you

  28. NatureCitizan says:

    if so there will be many many casulties…. i mean animals of the gulf!
    we need to change our we wont eat any seafood anymore!
    stop oil production!
    do ur part, protect ur planet!

    greetings barney

  29. Neflyte300zx says:

    i just heard in the news it didn’t work, i think this is going to last months 🙁

  30. HK379 says:

    that aint gona work …..

    you need to nuke it … thats how the soviets stoped gas leakes on fire .

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