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Oil Spill harmful to BP Stocks! Who would have guessed?

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

BP is very, very concerned about the oil-spill in the Gulf. After circumventing governmental regulations, and paying off the regulators, in order to save $ 8 million bucks for this particular drilling project in the short run, they are now facing billions of losses, a 13% drop in their stock price.and YES, they are very concerned. You betcha! So, as the article stated: no, not even the oil industry’s most fervent apologists, is making light of this accident. Except, that this accident would have been entirely preventable, had it not been for short-term profit concerns in the first place. This is an industry, which has resisted alternative and renewable energy for DECADES, because its just too profitable for the time being, and other infra-structure investments may cut into their profits instead of making long-term investments far into the future. They do not care about the planet or its inhabitants long-term, all that matters are their stock portfolios on Wall Street. Is BP another company TOO BIG to fail? Why do you think, that the people of Greece are so pissed off? Or do you think these people are taking to the streets, supporting a General Strike just for the hell of it? Decades of progress for ordinary people are being taken away from them, because the elites lined their own pockets on the backs of working people and they are angry. And rightfully so. Irregardless of Peak Oil, which is debatable, we continue to pollute the entire planet with outdated hydrocarbons

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  1. fleetingdays says:

    This oil spill saddens me deeply.

  2. 55ella2007k says:

    @chuck1967 : I’ all for environmentally responsible clean up efforts. Unfortunately, the hair/ hay idea cannot even begin to address this disaster. The ocean is NOT a still body of water, and there isn’t enough hay or hair to soak this shit up. Not to mention, what’s going on underneath the surface, killing everything off…an entire eco-system being destroyed as we speak for next 40 or 50 years, if not longer, while the chemicals dispersants only add to the damage.

  3. 55ella2007k says:

    @wyteoutt1 There you go ! 😉 Can’t wait for the next shareholders meeting 🙂 Plenty of share-holders around… 90% of the world’s population, in fact. Just don’t expect any mention in FORTUNE magazine. Actually, I’ll take that back…the Financial Times of London just published an article that a prolonged period of global unrest is about to unfold, and the suggestion was to throw some carrots to the masses, before embracing more forceful policies. These articles are firewalled, btw.

  4. wyteoutt1 says:

    i care about the stocks. fuck the environment. i wanna invest

  5. chuck1967 says:

    Is Halliburton To Blame For Gulf Oil Spill? Just do a search for it on YT.

    Keith O says it all and why are only HALLIBURTON OIL projects to fix OIL rigs the only ones blowing up?

    I wouldn’t put it past them for a minute.

  6. chuck1967 says:

    Now instead of using a cheap way to clean up the problem in the most efficient and ecologically safest way possible by using hay and other grasses to contain the OIL they have chosen to use another chemical to solve the problem that might not even be biologically safe for the environment. The stupidity never ceases to amaze and disappoint me in this Country. LOL!

  7. chuck1967 says:

    And why do we allow the British to even have control over an OIL field off the coast of the USA to begin with? LOL! It sounds like it was purposely sabotaged to me.

  8. 55ella2007k says:

    @terr547 : Exactly! I hope you realize that the title of my video was tongue in cheek. What is going on in the Gulf is an immense environmental catastrophe. Add to this, that 80% of the world’s rain forests have been clear cut, and you start to see the big picture:(

  9. Elaina43 says:

    @55ella2007k I’ve been wanting to make a video about friendship over 40 but whenever I try, the vid is just a whiny, pathetic mess. Here’s to me eventually making a coherent video *clink* (with coffee)

  10. 55ella2007k says:

    @Elaina43 : Yes, I consider her my friend, even though we do see each other outside of work. I’ve never been the type of person who has or has had many friends. And yes, the older you get, the harder this becomes…

  11. Elaina43 says:

    @55ella2007k *warning* personal question alert – feel free to ignore
    Do you consider yourself this woman’s friend? You’ve referred to her as your co-worker yet you seem genuinely concerned for her, her happiness, and her well-being (Can you tell I am in the middle of reading a Sam Harris article?) The reason I’m asking is because (for me) becoming friends with someone (breaching the acquaintance barrier) seems ever more difficult the older I get…

  12. 55ella2007k says:

    @Elaina43: thanks for your comment. My co-worker left the church over 10 years ago…but she has not made many friends since then. And ‘reality’ as is, is too overwhelming for her right now, so she’s desperately grasping for something, and every time she tries, even in the ‘rational’ world, she gets beaten down again. She has seen many therapists, including quacks, which is not helping in the least. It’s very terrible situation, and we are facing layoffs…

  13. 55ella2007k says:

    @valhala56 Alternative renewable energy IS the only long term solution. But even if they get this ‘gusher’ under control after many months, and that’s a big IF, the Gulf of Mexico is basically finished for the next few decades, if not longer. And they’ll keep right on drilling. BWT, this HAY thing will not work. See my comments on jak’s vid, as to the specifics of why not. It’s too massive. Look at some of the aerial footage, where huge ships are nothing but tiny specs in comparison to this

  14. 55ella2007k says:

    @Smarterthanyouarable Of course it’s theoretically possible 🙂 And just because I disagreed doesn’t mean that I did not listen. I DO take you seriously + always have. I wouldn’t be subbed to your channel otherwise.

  15. CityzenJane says:

    @valhala56 Hair – and mushrooms – interesting stuff…if only they would listen to the greens…

  16. CityzenJane says:

    @valhala56 Gulf was already in horrible condition due to ag runoff – it was starting to recover but when I went to the beach down there in the 90s it was all dead fish everywhere… horrible..

  17. CognitiveDisonance says:

    @55ella2007k True, as individuals we could effect only so much within the limitations of our own abilities. But corporations operate in the world of limited liability. The founders taught us to protect ourselves, people of good will must unite. We could hope to change the current corporate system, but the fact is we have no legal standing to do so. The only option therefore would be create something new; a society less dependant on oil perhaps.

  18. Elaina43 says:

    @55ella2007k Please never apologize! I truly appreciate your videos; you help shine light on these issues – they’re not your fault for pete’s sake! Re: your co-worker losing all her friends because she left (or is contemplating leaving) the church is horrendously sad and a perfect example of what is WRONG with religious conviction / dogma / judgment I hope she reaches out for help!

  19. 55ella2007k says:

    @Elaina43 : yes… I’m sorry, Elaina. I tend to be pessimistic, not overly so, but I have a problem with being overly optimistic at every turn. Just can’t do it. I have a co-worker who is contemplating suicide at this point…and I may not be able to ‘talk’ her out of it. Her concerns are legitimate +cannot be minimized in any way. She’s an ex-fundamentalist christian + her entire world is falling apart, because she opened her eyes, and has lost all of her friends. A terrible situation.

  20. 55ella2007k says:

    @CityzenJane : yep….that’s exactly what I was trying to point out. Thank you.

  21. 55ella2007k says:

    @leftysergeant : Exactly. Nobody in power plans beyond their own life-spans. It’s all about quarterly profits, and not much else. There are plenty of renewable energy resources out there, but this would take long-term thinking, and a huge investment, which will necessarily drive down short-term profits for many decades, perhaps even a century. So, nobody is willing to do it.

  22. valhala56 says:

    @55ella2007k I have been veering from depair on this Oil BlowOut to some hopefullness, there is a vid on YouTube with a group suggesting using Hay to soak up some of the Oil.
    If this BlowOut is stopped maybe Oil users will learn we have to switch to alternative energy, the Goverment has to invest in Alternative energy & not Wall Street Banks.
    If the BlowOut is not contained then Man has gotten his due Karma from the earth.

  23. 55ella2007k says:

    @CognitiveDisonance : I agree. But the individual consumer can only effect change within a very small scale. You can stop consuming all the bullshit and live on your own, but this will not stop the overall pollution of our planet. If you live on a small farm + water is polluted upstream, then only larger efforts, not just individuals acting to protect themselves, will make any difference in the long run. And this is precisely, why corporations and big oil need to be held accountable.

  24. 55ella2007k says:

    @LouieArrighi : yep… I would love to hear this, too! Great question, btw, because he’s been mostly silent about all this…as far as I know. Not a peep. And not all too surprising, since Ron Paul is against regulations of the oil industry. How is that ‘free market’ doctrine working out now, Mr. Paul? I hear the loud sound of crickets chirping, while they are still alive…

  25. 55ella2007k says:

    @redmoonspider : thank you.

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