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BP Complaints

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico BP

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

www.examiner.com Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Oil rig said oil spill dome failed. BP will use environmental safety for Louisiana. Blowout preventer

A lawyer looked over the contracts BP is having local Louisiana fishermen sign in the oil spill cleanup. BP tried to sneak in limits to when and how much these same fishermen will be able to sue BP for compensation for losses due to the oil spill.

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  1. Allamericom says:

    Obama stands for

    Wake up and smell the roses before your dead America.

  2. Allamericom says:

    To LONG to LATE to BIG The failure of Government is all around
    America is to believe the cretin politicians are now oil experts. Obama stay away and find experts that can cap off the well. Are you here to cover up or make them a welfare States too? Use a bunker missal or one used to cap on the pentagon Bring back our troops we can use them here and now in this oil war. Difference between Katrina and this is Nature / Man another Obamanation of America and sea life. Wake up America

  3. Allamericom says:

    Lets see inside deploy 911s as buildings fell with no plans hitting them and a missal was on pentagon labeled a plane that disintegrated no parts to see all to deploy a undeclared war over oil/Money
    Here our new government 911 To LONG to LATE to BIG The failure of Government is all around us The DemoRepuplicans will go alone with whatever the presidents employer needs as a distraction from freedom take place End the Fed and the inside 911 games will end with them. Wake Up America

  4. videosouthafrica says:

    BP suck … they have to pay the fishermen for at least 20 years … how they gonna do that … well its easy … they have to PAY them … then they must CLOSE down … then the usa public have to STAND TOGETHER and kick the BUMS out of parliament … a little harder to do but the only thing to do IF usa is gonna work … and it hasnt for a long long time

  5. Pat Hawk says:

    I’m horrified that BP continues to use the most toxic dispersant.

    We don’t know the life span of this chemical and our oceans are being poisoned.

    BP is another example of why corporations shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever they please

    That’s our ocean they are destroying.

  6. conspirasist #12 says:

    another tactic to kill off our ocean also,maybe the illuminati and higher order doesn’t wan’t us to eat fish no more.Either way all the conspirisists say theres another reason behind this not just a plain accident.You look at all the technology we supposibly have and in the skies with the military killing our sky with white chemtrails- (military made long white chemical trails in our sky to control the weather and more along with H.A.R.P),and the government and officals can’t cap this oil spill.C’mon!!
    and that live cam is like to laugh in your face at whats goin on and tryin to get everyone hysterical.theres something else to this we will probably never will know just like other things that have happened or (been done) in the past.like they say”don’t believe what they say and much of the media”.Research on your own.

  7. Vern Mackall says:

    The enviromental and economic effects of this is devastating. Every bird I see covered with oil makes my blood boil. I can’t believe what we are doing for oil.

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