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oil spill gulf of mexico 2010

Posted on May 04, 2010 by bp complaints

budurl.com Landry noted that the deadly rig accident has not disrupted offshore gulf oil production — which accounts for more than one quarter of the US energy supply . budurl.com.

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  1. wildetaube says:

    I dont understand why the Great Anointed One, Obama, couldnt see this coming and have warned us. Instead of heading out to play golf, couldnt he just speak a few words from his anointed lips and cause the oil flow to stop? Is there some way we can play the Bush card on this — surely this must be Bushs fault!!

  2. mnyshrpknvs says:

    Yet another reason for alternative energy options! Its to bad the environment has to suffer for some peoples greed.

  3. AnotherCuppaCoffee says:

    Dick Cheney is responsible for the size, duration of Gulf oil spill … Refused requiring $500,000 remote shut-off. … he should pay a substantial part of the clean-up costs.

    Google: salon dick cheney oil spill

  4. OnTheLimits says:

    @helgenx yep, it seems so

  5. neobootsonious says:

    The 2nd biggest oil spill in world history occurred in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico, in 1980. 140 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico before they finally capped the well. This will be no where near that. We survived that oil spill and we’ll survive this one. It sucks and is unfortunate but it’s not armageddon.

  6. Xehanator says:

    This completely shut down the fishing community in my area. Oil company came to my grandpa and offered him a settlement since he makes nets for boats. He did not accept it neither did any of the fisherman that were offered it. Good job oil companies. You managed to put many people out of business and ruin several lives in one fatal swoop.

  7. roadKiIl101 says:

    @FierceEyedTiger UFO or USO Unidentified-Swimming-Object

  8. holocaustexpert says:

    @burntissueslikewoah – This is actually very good for the ocean, and ocean life.
    You must be very uninformed.

  9. FierceEyedTiger says:

    Underwater UFO did it by accident.

  10. enciclopedia145 says:

    @ballerinadance1 ah, forse non te lo aspetti, ma io stesso sono in “prima linea” al supporto delle energie rinnovabili, tanto che da due anni ho la fortuna di far parte di un laboratorio UNICO IN EUROPA sul solare termodinamico e sulle energie rinnovabili!

  11. enciclopedia145 says:

    @ballerinadance1 poi devi aggiungere FERTILIZZANTI, ELASTIOMERI, prodotti della CHIMICA FINE, devo continuare o hai capito cosa intendo con importanza del petrolio? Quante persone credi che vivrebbero dignitosamente senza i bassi costi di plastica o fibre? Esempio stupido, quante persone potrebbero permettersi un televisore se, essendo fatto in acciaio, costasse il doppio??

  12. burntissueslikewoah says:

    you are wrong. this will cause devastating effects that you don’t even realize.

  13. enciclopedia145 says:

    @ballerinadance1 non sono d’accordo che il mondo senza petrolio sarebbe un posto migliore. Dal petrolio oltre i combustibili (voglio vedere dove vai senza benzina, l’elettricità è stata abbandonata già negli inizi del 900 dato il basso numero di km che puoi fare con 1 “pieno”) deriva PLASTICA (paragona il prezzo di un barattolo di plastica e uno di metallo), FIBRE (paragona il prezzo di una maglia di cotone e una di poliestere) IDROGENO (si, ad oggi il petrolio è la principale fonte)

  14. enciclopedia145 says:

    @ballerinadance1 Piacere, sono anche io un chimico, per la precisione chimico industriale. Forse non mi sono spiegato bene, io sono d’accordo con te sul fatto che BP paghi il danno che ha fatto, e se non riesce come si è ventilato oggi (a mio avviso ca**ata dato che fattura 361 milioni all’anno, di cui 26 di utile) si potrebbe anche pensare di obbligarla a vendere qualche pozzo petrolifero!

  15. ballerinadance1 says:

    @enciclopedia145 batteri chiamati Alcanivorax borkumensis.. 2 hanno fiumi di miliardi da non vederla affatto cm un danno economico. 3- senza petrolio il mondo sarebbe cmq evoluto e sprattutto più pulito. Lo sai ke le compagnie petrolifere hanno minacciato i grandi scienziati interrompendo le ricerce sull’energia alternativa? cerca su youtube FUSIONE FREDDA impara cos’è e poi ne riparliamo.

  16. ballerinadance1 says:

    @enciclopedia145 smentisco quanto hai detto, sn un chimico e nipote di dipendente eni: 1- non sn affari nostri se è stato 1 errore, ki sbaglia paga, come paga ki investe x errore una macchina; avrebbero dovuto munirsi di migliori apparecchi radar e di un equipaggio qualificato e.. ormai da 10 anni le petroliere nn le lavano più cm pensi tu ma mediante batteri che mangiano il petrolio

  17. ogskeetdizzle says:


    and if you really wanna get technical, there is this type of mycelium they found in plants in the jungles it’s in the leaves, you can’t see it without a microscope. it’s pure Deisel , yes that’s right Deisel, natural… all the oil in the world is actually created by ,mycelium. see all the oil deposits on earth are said to be broken down plant material. well it’s now being proved that it all contained that mycelium that has deisel, search “myco deisel” it will be clean gas

  18. ogskeetdizzle says:


    mycelium is safe, i can eat it, oyster mushrooms are sold in grocery stores, they are food u can eat, the spores dont’ eat the petoleum, the mycelium does, spores need to germinate first at warm temperatures, oil is not kept at these temperatures, it would never happen EVER. that theory is completely retarted lol, bioremediation is completely safe, unless the evil company monstanto creates some genetic shit that is bad, that’s the only way i can see bad things is fromthem

  19. ogskeetdizzle says:


    lol that comment was insane. dood that book is on crack, bioremediation is using mycelium to clean up , it’s natural it’s already all over the planet, mycelium is what created the original soils of earth by breaking down the rocks to soils to allow plants to grow. Mycelium is the fungal base that mushrooms grow from, mycelium eats wood, poop, grains. compost, fuck a lot of stuff, oyster mushroom mycelium eats crude oil spills. MYCELIUM CANNOT GO AIRBORNE. lol

  20. Truthforfreedom1 says:

    Profit is the most important thing to these companies. You can bet that the politians are taking millions in bribes to let them save money by cutting corners.
    Texaco PURPOSELY dumped oil into the Equadorian rain forest…17 times more that was spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster. Think of that before you fill up.

  21. holocaustexpert says:

    oil is organic. Nothing to worry about. Mother earth is not bothered by oil. The real issue I worry about is not building more holocaust museums in the future. I am glad America is providing funding for 187,000 new Jewish homes in East Jerusalem.
    My family of holocasut survivors plan to move there one day. Thanks American taxpayers. I deserve a nice home and pension.

  22. QuitePossiblyANinja says:

    wow…a year. the exxon valdez happened in a DAY. the microbes cant eat it in such a short time. adding a huge amount of oil to any place in an instant is an ecological disaster. would you actually dispute that?

  23. AoEnigMoonxPhase says:

    (off topic) Jacque Fresco- Search for Venus Project & Zeitgeist Movement! Beyond Poverty, Politics, Crime & War. A world w/out Money, is it even possible? Stop the Greed w/in the Government ! (Links are in my page!!) Act Now before it’s to late !!!

  24. garciahj says:

    Where are the world class experts who can cap the problem? Why are we placing politicians on the media rather than the experts who can fix the problem. In sixty days every beach in the Americas will have burnt oil rolling up on it. Have the all run for cover? Should the media not be having round table discussions 24/7 with them? Al Gore where are you?

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  26. Radek says:



    (Venus, Florida- May 12, 2010) On the Gulf Coast of the United States the
    shock is now setting in for millions of American citizens as we now realize
    the true extent of the damage caused by our desire for obsolete and
    dangerous fossil fuels, and our perpetuation of an outdated monetary world
    society, where the bottom line has always been profit at all costs, be it
    human or environmental. It is time for a viable solution to deal with a
    system hardwired for self destruction…….



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