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Oil spill effects leak into Indianapolis seafood market

Posted on May 08, 2010 by bp complaints

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has crippled the multi-billion dollar seafood industry. As the oil moves closer to shore , it’s making an impact on seafood prices right here in Indiana.

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  1. MrTabby5000 says:

    Google bps safety record.

  2. videosouthafrica says:

    Obama etc etc are working WITH bp oil on the problem … well i know i dont have a hearing problem … sounds like BP has BOUGHT its ‘good-time-girl’ …. ? thats disgusting … you wanna become BP’s GoodTimeGirl ????? BP is sweet-talking Obama and news channels and you all the time … and winning ? you gonna have to BAN bp and clean it up yourself … you cant have bp input on this !

  3. NorthPlum says:

    @AlbertsFlasher BP have stated they are fully accountable and will pay any costs into cleaning their own mess up. They have activated 2,500 people to clean this mess up. In addition it was the oil rig in itself that was faulty and apparently from reports it was a particular part in this oil rig which is 3 miles down below sea levels.

  4. BlameRepublicans says:

    But I thought big fat corporations have our best interests at heart?

  5. AlbertsFlasher says:

    how can BP not be held at least partially accountable for this?

  6. Omega3chimp says:

    They should get people to try to collect the oil with some sort of device for MONEY!,like students like me or homeless people would do that.

  7. clock2012 says:

    2012!!! Nashville flooding !!! Soon to have earthquakes around the world….

  8. ludwiggy69 says:

    I like all you can eat deep fried shrimp but Jesus Christ what’s it gonna cost me now? It probably tastes like shit too. Thanks BP you bastards! Maybe Goldman Sach’s can give you a loan so you can send some more SWAT teams in to clean it up.

  9. derkzukenval says:

    Alway hire halliburton, whose headquarters are in dubai, where southern arabia relies on no place else producing oil or alternative energy. Ya, know, da saudis….them other jews….lol

  10. JeJunicJosh says:

    Ouch!Inflamation!The oil spill’s are just not good, it’s like we’re getting oil spills all over the world everyday.For Jeff, he’s gonna have trouble paying to keep the buffet.With the economy like it is, I don’t honestly think he’ll last long if this Oil Spill affects him greatly.

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