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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part88) – Mexico Gulf Coast crisis deepens

Posted on May 27, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part! be nature citizan!

itnnews — May 17, 2010 — BP have announced successful tests on a system to siphon oil from a blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico. Copyright itn news 2010 BP successful test tests siphon oil gulf of mexico rig collapse explosion spill environmental impacts british petroleum
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  1. musclecarpower says:

    If money wasn’t more important to these oil companies than safety it would have never happened. They should hang their heads in shame.

  2. jeffrey42088 says:

    @MickMan211 ditto

  3. 07541873373 says:

    this is going to killl the whole planet if its not stopped 90 days they should have someone on it now gang of morons shouldnt be allowed to run a sweetshop never mind an oil rig

  4. MickMan211 says:

    ONE OF THE WORST CRIMES EVER COMMITED AGAINST MOTHER EARTH….I LIVE ON THE GULF COAST, AND I WOULD RATHER PAY 10.00 A GALLON THAN WATCH OUR BEAUTIFUL WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENT BE RUINED AND DESTROYED. The profits are not worth it. There is NO amount of money worth damaging our environment. I would rather live like an Indian, off the land, than take part in poisoning nature.

  5. Doenietmeermee says:

    @KhmerD0g to be clear, I do not think a problem is solved, to be clearer, I more often get hindered in communicatin cynism in a 2D medium, thanks for your reply that I can clearify.

  6. Repomex01 says:

    we know the news is paid propaganda sellout schills SO??? what else is new??

  7. fal2grace says:

    @spinalfluidontap indeed:)

  8. fal2grace says:

    @videosouthafrica very good point. thank you

  9. videosouthafrica says:

    the seabed is fractured …. so theyre trying to feed you misinformation to cover it up … heard anything about the RIG …. no investigation into espionage … thats funny … the plane that went down in Libya is being investigated …. funny how BP’s oil rig has just disappeared from news focus

  10. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    @Raycheetah My issue is that we have to get BP’s attention to force them to shutdown the oil spill. They have no intention of shutting it down, because they want a producing well and they will not have to really pay the cost of the clean-up. Most non-technical people just don’t realize that BP has flipped their nose at the US. They can shutdown the well but are not going too. All efforts are centered on rehabilitating the well!

  11. spinalfluidontap says:

    @fal2grace WE aRe SciEnCE

  12. Raycheetah says:


    Heavily fine BP? You do understand, don’t you, that they will recoup any fines through increased prices for their products, which costs will then be borne by you and me? If you want to punish them, do it by restricting their licensing to operate in US waters. It’s punitive, but does not have a dollar-cost easily passed on to consumers (though DC would rather have the money, another indirect tax on the people). ='[.]’=

  13. spinalfluidontap says:

    @fal2grace WE aRe ScIEnCe

  14. Kiddolinfen09 says:

    It’s either that or seal it with some kind of ‘lid’ thing… like a flying saucer!!! : 0

  15. fal2grace says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 and environmentally safe

  16. Kiddolinfen09 says:

    It’s scientific, morally and economically sound : D

  17. fal2grace says:

    @spinalfluidontap you guys are just amazing intellects 😛 lol

  18. fal2grace says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 LOL… great idea!!

  19. Kiddolinfen09 says:

    Tampons and Made In Chinas… held together with third world sweatshop children : D

  20. spinalfluidontap says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 Tampons and that weird gell from Huggies Diapers. I too am a scientist. 😉

  21. fal2grace says:

    @BeenInACaveWayToLong agree..thanks

  22. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    When are we going to tell them enough is enough and force them to plug the source of the spill? Why do we continue to allow them to attempt to rehabilitate the well into active service? All engineering solutions must be focused on stopping the spill.

  23. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    I am going to continue to beat this dead horse until somebody gets it!

    Why is BP not stopping the spill in the most expeditious manner possible to them? Instead, the effort is directed at corralling and retrieving the oil by reusing the damaged riser while 200,000 gallons per day of crude oil are polluting the ocean. The primary effort MUST be to stop the leak, not siphon the oil to the surface.

  24. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    @mbrowshan The truth is that BP should be heavily fined for having continued to attempt to rehabilitate this well back into production while presenting the facade that it was attempting to shut it down, while in fact it has never attempted to shut it down. And, our leaders should be questioned on why they have allowed BP to keep the well open while attempting to bring it back into production while 210,000 gallons/day have spilled into the Gulf for near a month!

  25. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 It has certainly been amusing, watching BP continue to attempt to rehabilitate their well into production while the world believes they have actually attempted to shut it down. There has been no attempt to stop the oil spill, only attempts to get the well back into a production status. America should revoke all permits for this well, telling BP it will never be permitted as an operating well, and force BP to shut it down. A $10 billion per day fine would get BP’s attention!

  26. fal2grace says:

    @debtruth1 i think so deb

  27. fal2grace says:

    @navtel yep it’s all good

  28. fal2grace says:

    @Kiddolinfen09 i have missed your scientific theories kidd:) glad you’re back!

  29. debtruth1 says:

    environmental terrorism

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