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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part78) – Plan To Cap Oil Leak Not Working

Posted on May 28, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part! be nature citizan!

spillherespillnow.org New TV ad from Firedoglake.com against President Obama’s plans to expand offshore drilling, after the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf.
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  1. grims123rose says:

    these people our fucking retards how could they let this happen fucking stupid idiots

  2. NatureCitizan says:

    the sadest about all is in my eyes that their mind is only money pointing.
    we need to stop this nonsense and start repairing our nature which we allready destroyed for a good part.

    plz peeps wake up and realise ur mother earth!
    do ur part! protect ur planet!

    greetings, barney

  3. Allamericom says:

    We are talking greek here – 911 911 911 911 911 911

    Try 411 and find out what our government is up to
    Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)
    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Wake up America Bring home our troops Oh Ya YOU CANT ANYMORE

  4. Boondocksaint1745 says:

    With the riots and disasters in the world right now everyone needs to prepare for a collaspe of the global economy. Start with food storage and learning survival techniques. I suggest a new survival book out now The Urban Survivalist Handbook at Amazon. It will change your life and help you survive our uncertain future.

  5. econdemocracy says:

    This environmentalist who has voted for Green party more often than Democratic party will not give you a penny for your ad. You could have made 100% of your anti-offshore/oil drilling point without doing so in a way that plays directly into fewer Democrats and more super-drill-baby-drill Republicans winning the next elections. A huge mistake. How to make the same point without playhing into Republican hands?Oh, you’d have to sit and think for more than 2 minutes, for that, too much time for you?

  6. mrgerbeck says:

    O.B.A.M.A. = Oil and Bankster Asset Management Artist.

    Democrat = Republican.

    ABC = CBS = NBC = FOX = CNN = Dialectic debates within the context of a single thesis.

  7. tomitstube says:

    you rock jane, keep punching from the left until this administration stops moving to the right.

  8. murmur5555 says:

    Elitism and careerism do not a good President make…

  9. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @killerbandit sorry, you misunderstand me a bit — I was only questioning your use of the label “corporatist” and the sweeping generalization of the GOP. I find such things thought-killers. In any case, I am *for* regulation. Like I said much earlier, Obama’s administration should be given a freer hand and wider powers. Your country has gotten too used to the notion that governments should be miniscule. The rest of us think this is a kooky idea.

  10. killerbandit says:

    @lefredvoncarstein – De-regulation, writ large in the ‘suggested’ regulations that allowed the BP/Halliburton Gulf of Mexico Disaster to happen.

  11. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @killerbandit I’m not entirely sure the GOP or the “corporatists” think that, but otherwise we’re in full agreement on the rest of what you said.

  12. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @Illimitus Well, looking at you… I’d have to disagree on the first, and heartily agree on the second. He’s just human, but he’s the most intelligent president you have ever had, during one of the worst times for your country in recent memory. What’ve you done?

  13. Illimitus says:

    @lefredvoncarstein Yes. He’s a demi-god and we’re worthless.

  14. ronchiii says:

    @killerbandit I would have to agree with you on those three, except that Paul is a homophobe… Otherwise he seems pretty on point. Eat the FED!!!

    Grayson’s the man!!!

  15. terryooooooo says:

    I’ll bet the environmentalists started the fire in the first place. They bomb drug companies and destroy other facilities, why not an oil rig too

  16. JStarlingPhotography says:

    @chrisdier And I saw that for myself when I visited Burras. I saw and have photos of oil on houses and watched a church group empty plastic containers, found in an attic, filled with oil. And they were saying no oil spilled. Liars.

  17. chrisdier says:

    My house was filled with oil after Katrina. We had a massive oil spill in St. Bernard Parish. Why do these corporate oil loving asshole forgot that huge tidbit of Katrina history? Oh, right… we’re not supposed to remember those aspects of history because it does not coincide with the wills of the oil elite. Being from Southeast LA, I really hope Obama stops offshore drilling and I applaud Firedoglake for this excellent ad!

  18. killerbandit says:

    @lefredvoncarstein – Corporations are necessary and so is capitalism. But as the GOP currently stands and much of the corporatist dems their position is corporations can do whatever they want and I would argue that corporations are subservient to the needs of citizens.

    An example of this is health insurance CEO’s, the heads of the corporation, see their personal profit as a priority over the wages of their employees and the coverage of their customers. This is just backwards.

  19. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @killerbandit Well, I meant that your use of these rhetorical terms were sufficient to delineate your personal ideologies somewhat. This may be futile but I urge you to move further towards the center, where Obama already has been. Sure, Tea Partiers are nutcases, and many of your politicians are demagogues and careerists, but you have to concede that business and corporations are necessary things. Hell don’t listen to me, listen to people like Matt Stone and Trey Parker, why don’t you!

  20. killerbandit says:

    @lefredvoncarstein – Oh I don’t know, Bush and Cheney who completely abandoned anything resembling republican policies not to mention the majority of republicans. They are corporatists, economic royalists and they represented a small small percentage of the American population.

    I actually didn’t outline any personal policies that I can think of.

  21. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @killerbandit Now that is just patently ridiculous, and I urge you to seriously rethink your premises. Since when did “republican” become an automatic curse word? Your country was found upon the idea of an educated, informed populace voting democratically, using the republican model. Notice how I’m not capitalizing the words? What’s all this about “neo con”, “corporatist ideologues”… if the country was guided along these principles of yours, the fall of the USA would come within a week!

  22. mrethrift says:

    Say no to oil period.

  23. belzu1 says:

    Fucking Obamabots. Here you have proof that this guy has been bought and paid for, and yet they still attack.

  24. NYHeineken says:

    Awesome. I hate these Obama-Zombie always complain when liberals question and attack Obama like he’s freaking Jesus. If we don’t keep Obama’s feet to the fire why would he ever keep his promises? Since day one Obama has been bowing down to Republicans for bipartisan. Fuck the Republicans they’ve been wrong on everything.

  25. killerbandit says:

    @lefredvoncarstein – Obama is essentially a republican. If you could place him into politics 50 years ago he would easily be a republican. He sadly is continuing many neo con policies and many of the people he brought into his administration are corporatist ideologues. Ram Emanuel for example.

  26. frknl says:

    Obama is about as far to the right as anybody should be. Past him, you are a sociopath. Thank you FDL!

  27. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @killerbandit Obama is more or less your country’s best hope right now, and instead of getting the broad support he needs, he has to face idiocy and punditry from BOTH ends. Inevitable? Maybe, because your electorate is uneducated, ignorant, bigoted, and too stupid to realize it’s stupid, and too arrogant to have a humble learning attitude. This is why he needs a filibuster-proof congress for now, this is why you guys need less dissent while the job gets done. Democracy should come later.

  28. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @killerbandit You’re right, but it’s a deep-rooted problem that stems from the really asinine ideological bifurcation that only America has. Nothing of the sort will work against the sort of ignorance and demagoguery you’re up against, from BOTH extreme conservatives and liberals. Just look at the liberals here who’re saying Obama isn’t “progressive” enough, as if “progressive” bullshit hasn’t done enough harm in the 70s. (continued below)

  29. killerbandit says:

    @lefredvoncarstein – I will say this in defense of liberalism being one, that for many years (Clinton years and up through much of the Bush years) liberals tried the meek and mild approach and look where it got us.

    While fire breathing no doubt over simplifies an issue and makes compromise all the more difficult it seems to be the only thing that will work against a republican party that will do and say anything to get their way.

    Hopefully I didn’t disappoint you.

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