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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part198) – Nuclear Option for Oil Spill

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part!

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  1. matmicmj says:


  2. GulfOilDisaster2010 says:

    There’s something about nuclear fallout that remains after such a remedy.

  3. ValueFreedom says:

    To heck with saving the well… close it down! I don’t think there is anyone who can really say the total amount of environmental damage this leak is causing and will cause. It’s a nightmare to say the least. This is domestic terrorism, and yet, those at the root cause of it are still in control of it, how does that make any sense? Shut the well down! Call, write, every one of your gov rep’s, demand action now!

  4. QQMarkPS2 says:

    No don’t use the nuke idiots! that will posion the Ocean! Oh wait it might happen anyways the Bible says that some oceans and lakes will be posioned with blood, maybe it’s blood of the sea life dying?

  5. believersunderground says:

    DOE have already used nukes. here in the US to. Scott (BUG)

  6. briankofke says:

    If they use a nuke on this there is a real possibility that the 70,000 barrels a day would turn into 700,000,000 barrels a day. Can you imagine that?

  7. videosouthafrica says:

    quit babbling …. logic doesnt work …. BP and us politicians need a serious DOSE of al quaeda …. im sick and tired of all this TALK … its just TALK …. and what is happening is the entire ocean is being messed up …. and the TALK and BABBLING just goes on …. us WENT AFTER AL QUAEDA when they messed up … i think the reverse gear needs to be applied here …. and yes its DEFINITELY legitimate and DEFINITELY needed

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