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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part140) – Gulf Oil Spill Seen From The ISS

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part!

Peter Schiff Tuesday May 11, 2010 CNBC Fast Money “Gerald Celente” “Dollar Collapse” Inflation Hyperinflation Gold Silver “Ron Paul” “Max Keiser Oil Spill BP”

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  1. seredenko87 says:

    @seredenko87 Winters

  2. pilebut says:

    slowly were realizing the stock market is a ponze scheme and every day we see billions of worthless dollars being traded thats not even worth the paper it is writin on. the wall street shils are still hyping it up. people will realize it when they lose their life savings and pensions. that the whole thing was a scam.welcome to greeces delima america

  3. TheCashistrash says:

    buy gold in these pull backs guys. The market is in the official collapse since may 6 2010. The Dow will probably hit about 6500 before the markets level off. My hunch is more stimulus will be pumped into the economy which will drive inflation and stocks will rise again. The Fed will keep pumping money into the economy to try to save it as our dollar gets destroyed.

  4. jobedied says:

    Buy gold and silver then under the war emergency act of 1933 government can confiscate all bullion from American Citizens pay you 10% of it,s value then after a year value it at five or six times the confiscation pay out. Then government makes a killing screwing citizens some more. Americans better learn to walk around bent over it is much less painful if you allow it to be stuck repeatedly up your ass if you resist less. I would carry some KY jell to really help reduce the pain.

  5. noado51 says:

    The money didn’t disappear..The money went up to the very rich..They are sitting on it as we speak,locked up and salted away in homes,art,investments like bank stocks and the stock market.etc..etc..This happened before many times in history..It will get fixed as soon as it is understood how it happened,however,the poor will suffer first.
    noado51 1 second ago

  6. spyletu says:

    well at least the guy on bottom right seems to have come around.

  7. TheReivorg says:

    Well the conservatives who have been elected in Britain, are pretty much the same as the American RINOs so It might not change much.

  8. spyletu says:

    @shabutie1337 that’s true, unfortunately buying gold and silver comes straight out of the benefit of knowledge that one possesses about economic policies. and even a more sempiternal fact about knowledge is–way too many people over estimate their own.

  9. kgradee32 says:

    That idiot at 2:16. Has he not been around for the past 5 years. A growing economy? Man these people are in denial. Lets see paper money is backed by gold, if gold is rising, what does that tell you? common sense

  10. fiatalfa1 says:

    I wonder with the “conservatives” in charge of Britain now,will the pound become the go to currency?

  11. TheTopBloke says:


  12. Tishela says:

    All those ignorant young people on that show look like bafoons. Didn’t they go to school? Must have slept through history….

  13. Tishela says:

    “What if elephants sprout wings, will they be able to fly?” ROFL

  14. timongarretson says:

    3:39 Does that say Stamford, Ct on the label to the right of Schiff? Is there a Stamford, Ct or is that supposed to be Stanford, Ct like I think it should be?

  15. jsmythib says:

    @1514mojo You are correct on all counts.

  16. KotinsGarden says:

    Peter Schiff is running for senate in Connecticut, donate today!!

  17. imh11621 says:

    the hosts of this show are nothing but a bunch of sock puppets. repeating the same load of bullshit over and over about how the “recession” is turning around. the funniest part is that all of the speakers that try to counter what Schiff is saying always get owned by him. He must really get a kick out of going on there and making them look like idiots. Go Schiff!

  18. shabutie1337 says:

    piss on gold and silver…knowledge is the most valuable commodity a person has next to their time.

  19. abirch300 says:

    Joker in the pink shirt with the Johnny Bravo hair is a hedge fund manager. He was on a CNBC special on the super rich a couple years back before the crash. Now I guess his “hedge” didn’t do so well so he has to resort to being a propagandist for paper money and equities on cnbc

  20. abirch300 says:

    who gives a shit about where the dollar is in comparison to other fiat currencies? Most of us aren’t currency traders. We care about what our dollar buys HERE. And it’s purchasing power is less everyday.

  21. JohnLeeMD says:

    I just don’t understand what’s so funny… people are unemployed left and right, we have so much debt (maybe that’s the laughable part), and people are losing their life’s savings. Yet these commentators seem to think this is a momentary blip.

  22. TheNRA4ever says:

    …so when does the next “Peter Schiff Was Right” video come out? He has enough material to make another one.

  23. yushaos says:

    Thanks for uploading. Peter Schiff for senate 2010!

  24. yjfoo81 says:

    hahahaha…..Ahahahahahahah…….hahahahahahaha……hahahaha…i just cant stop laughing man!!!…lol…PWNED!!

  25. 1514mojo says:

    “1964 & before” quarters, dimes, dollars, half dollars, US coins. Silver might very well, outperform gold!

  26. 1514mojo says:

    Unfortunately, the lying Republican/Democrat politician critters and the federal reserve, (which is neither federal nor reserve), since 1913, have printed (counterfeited) trillions of dollars out of thin air to fix problems they helped create.

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