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Oil Spill Crisis Hits “Jersey Shore”?!

Posted on May 13, 2010 by bp complaints

Will the Gulf of Mexico oil slick ruin the taping of Jersey Shore Season 2? Will anybody care? Also this week, Jay Leno bombs and gets dissed by the President. Oooh, snap! For more on this weeks news stories and more, visit spilledbourbon.com Thanks to Joel @IntroChamp (http ) for the new page design and intro. Joel, you rock! QOTD: What do you want to see on this show??? WEBSITE: www.spilledbourbon.com TWITTER www.twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com spilled bourbon brandon breaux jokes funny cool good video beer drunk gulf oil spill jersey shore 2 snookie jay leno barack obama dubai funny comments

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  1. RandoAnonymous says:

    Leno would be funnier if it was 20 years ago. And that’s sad. Also I am wasted. 😀

  2. NeoMatrixYT says:

    @SpilledBourbon No prob. Replace it with farts!

  3. eClickNick says:

    @SpilledBourbon what program do you edit with? I might be able to give assistance. I def like your production quality 🙂

  4. RandoAnonymous says:

    With this video I am now subscribed! That was great.
    BQOTW: Those memories have faded with many bong hits and tequila shots. I can’t even remember HS. Cheers!

  5. churchluvr13 says:

    of course IM KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im only 16, durr. it was for the common question. i wanted to make it funny 🙂 i sware to god im kidding. on my two crosses that dangel around my neck

  6. SpilledBourbon says:

    @TheJediRoach Thanks! I know…annoying. I”m trying to fix that in my editing program.

  7. SpilledBourbon says:

    @Liquidshrapnel haha

  8. SpilledBourbon says:

    @mikelderek good god

  9. SpilledBourbon says:

    @TheKookyBird I’m not sure how to take that, so I’ll take it as a compliment. Thank you!

  10. SpilledBourbon says:

    @RyanCan7u Thank ya!

  11. SpilledBourbon says:

    @NeoMatrixYT Yeah, yeah…i had an audio fail. Thanks for noticing…

  12. SpilledBourbon says:

    @robban775 You so nice! Me luv u long time.

  13. SpilledBourbon says:

    @EyeAmBatman Thanks! I love the hate comments. They are always the funniest!

  14. SpilledBourbon says:

    @churchluvr13 OMG I hope you’re kidding!

  15. SpilledBourbon says:

    @eClickNick Good tip. I’ve been having problems with that. I’ll try it next time.

  16. eClickNick says:

    I like ur vids.. just a suggestions… duplicate the audio from your mic so that its in stereo, or set the audio to center as opposed to Left or right. 🙂 depending on what program u r using.

  17. churchluvr13 says:

    My daddy made me get 12 abortions. Is that bad?

    Lolz!!! Epic show dude!!!!!!!

  18. EyeAmBatman says:

    Epic show!!!!!!
    ROFL at the comments for Tiwanesse vid.

    I dont have a daddy, i was adopted by two lesbien (katy perry looking) parents..
    They were gentle too. 😀

  19. robban775 says:

    you are going to be big on youtube

  20. NeoMatrixYT says:

    I like the “comedy” dub over Amish “country” club. Smooooth

  21. IRejectSODMG says:


  22. RyanCan7u says:

    Lol nice title change dude xD

    but yeah I cracked up at the Obama thing!

  23. terkadur says:

    I’ve heard dog is actually quite tasty…….. not really

  24. TheKookyBird says:

    You’re like our secret of Youtube. Don’t get famous. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

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