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Obama Wants BP To Pay Full Cost Of Oil Spill!

Posted on May 24, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com May 13, 2010 BBC World News
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http;//www.wildlifepromise.org – This week, the latest news on the BP Oil Spill (Miles was there!), Senate Clean Energy and Climate Legislation and Dirty compares the Titanic to the BP Oil Spill.

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  1. Somai82 says:

    To put it in perspective, 450 million is less than 0.2% of BP’s last year’s $246 Billion revenue..

    Pass this law!

  2. hstone39 says:


    That’s a good one.

  3. Allamericom says:

    Hows the smell?
    Don’t worry BP Obama is very good on the to big to fail BS scams
    Tax’s payers will pay for it we just won’t tell them.

  4. Th2EyA0rEa1MoN2gUs says:

    Kill the Rich oil fucks.

  5. halcyon0830 says:

    It’s NOT the Huffington Post Comedy Story, it’s a Different story that Huffpost did NOT cover, this is REAL STUFF, don’t just judge what I post without ever checking the links. I suggest you actually read what I posted, because this is NOT the satire piece from Huffington.

  6. boots920 says:


    The only reason they get away with the bull shit is because the American people are dumber than a sack of hammers.
    Ie Why would you let a private secret bank run your economy, that’s ignorant.

  7. boots920 says:


    Do nothing there’s no chance of getting out of this crap alive, if you survive you’ll be living like an animal.
    All because the American assholes can’t balance a check book. Buy war bonds..
    Who’s to blame – 100% American problem, no rule of law so the planet turns into a gong show.

  8. hergs says:

    Yeah, let’s all carry around bags of gold coins. Paper and electronic currency will always be used in lieu of metal coinage. It is when private for-profit banking criminals get in between the people and the control of their money supply that shit goes haywire. They play currencies off of each other just like any other commodity on the stock market. It’s all in the name of getting rich. We need direct control of monetary policy, and confiscatory taxes on the blood suckers.

  9. hergs says:

    @halcyon0830 you’re still spamming these stories? The Goldman story is satire, in case you didn’t know. You really should read the stories that you SPAM.

  10. dude12nothin says:

    @boots920 So, where to go then?

  11. hergs says:

    @Garlannd It is within the purview of the executive branch to propose legislation. That’s what every President does during the State of the Union Address. The Congress must still mark it up and vote on it.

    It’s really helpful that you object to everything Obama does, even the things that are in your own self interest, like a good little Republicant. You are in such a knee-jerk state of mind, you would probably oppose his resignation if he were to propose it.

  12. hergs says:

    @dude12nothin By “experts” you mean Wall Street thug banksters. And if you didn’t mean that, you should have. The shorting by these “experts” is what is causing the bonds to drop in value, and causing their credit ratings to drop, which increases their lending interest rates, which causes more debt bonds to be created, which are then shorted. These criminals are destroying whole countries to make a small profit.

  13. boots920 says:

    Not me brother I stopped preparing 3 years ago not going to stick around and watch women, children and the seniors slowly starve to death.

    Wars still going on – check
    The Federal Reserve still exists – check
    Millions of Americans on food stamps – check
    Usurper in power – check
    Illegal bills of credit still circulating – check
    You might survive for a couple of years then you’ll start living like an animal.
    Mad Max world – no thanks

  14. Garlannd says:

    A law? I’m glad the executive branch is making laws now cause that is TOTALLY his job. Judge Jury, Tyrant

  15. dude12nothin says:

    @boots920 The experts are shorting the US treasury notes already just like the did with greece. Canned food, guns, plants, medicine, survival kits…we all need to get some.

  16. boots920 says:

    The American people don’t even know what real US legal tender looks like
    “gold and silver coin”
    Now I know what it looks like and why money isn’t paper (can’t counterfeit gold and silver) So ask yourself why all governments around the world accept worthless paper for their goods and services.
    Its the Zimbabwe debacle world wide, with everyone in power saying – gee isn’t it fun watching the peasants panic like ants.

  17. boots920 says:

    @dude12nothin “Coming down the pipe? Explain.”
    The great depression times who knows, the Fed is openly counterfeiting currency with full international co-operation. ALL GOVERNMENTS
    What happens when the US dollar adjusts to 0 on the world markets (can’t stop that its going to happen)
    Billions of sheople will starve to death, the American people already are.

  18. bobster451 says:

    @boots920 Okay…Calm down…
    I agree that many of my fellow citizens have forgotten the basics of how our country is run. That is sad. When that cunt Sarah Palin states that our country was founded on Judeo-christian principles I get angry myself. It shows she has no understanding of the historical facts of how our nation was created.
    Sadly, many agree with her and her mantra of “drill baby drill”
    The solution is knowledge.
    Yes, there are stupid people. Sadly some of them will cancel my vote.

  19. dude12nothin says:

    @boots920 There are a lot of environmentalist and anti war americans but we are fighting against an empire that can only hear money talk. We elected obama to change that and we and the world got fucked over again by the puppet masters. Coming down the pipe? Explain.

  20. ubtri says:

    The law letting States can off-shore drilling is smart. The people will elect leaders to make the right decision. Go democracy. This should get those cowboys out of modern-day leadership rolls.

  21. boots920 says:


    Fuck grow up there hasn’t been rule of law since 1913 so now world civilization implodes courtesy the American assholes.
    Don’t know how to balance a check book so we’re all fucked.
    Its not the addition to oil its the American people’s insistence to be ignorant of the the US constitution.
    You could shoot the NAZI ASSHOLES into ditches and they still won’t wake up they want to watch football instead.

  22. boots920 says:

    There’s technology out there already to solve the energy crisis but the fucking moronic asshole called the American taxpayer is too fucking ignorant on what real money looks like.
    Get used to living in 3rd world conditions for the rest of your life American assholes.

  23. boots920 says:


    History Repeats
    Look at the valdez spill
    – oil is still there
    – still in court after 20 years
    – nobody gives a shit about the 75% loss of wild life
    – Exxon walked away, just like Pilot washing his hands of the blood of Jesus Christ
    You fucking moronic American assholes deserve everything and more what coming down the pipe.
    Iraq – war for paper profit the American people sit around with a thumb up their ass, this spill will be no different.

  24. ORNGLOC says:

    4,000,000 GALLONS OF OIL!!! Becuz of GREED!!!

  25. dude12nothin says:

    They have billions in profit to spend. Pay up bitches.

  26. MsArgentana says:

    The sixth apocalypse seal :
    the water becaming red as blood and a third of see life will be destroyed.
    We are helping a lot these visions…..to became real

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