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Obama Tours Gulf Coast, Weighs in on Oil Spill

Posted on May 04, 2010 by bp complaints

President Obama is warning of a “massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster” as a badly damaged oil well spewed a widening slick toward the Gulf Coast. He pledged to do everything ‘humanly possible’ to deal with the spill. (May 2).

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  1. jasonsadventure says:

    @B4TT3RY as they should, right?. but in addition to that i think bp should be completely liable for all those whose livelihoods have been devastated as a result of bp’s gulf operation.

  2. Allamericom says:

    Iran the 5th Largest oil producers in the world offers to help in gulfs oil crises – call Mr slick Hussein and ask him if it’s all right.
    Wake up America DemoRepublican oil war mongers – Bring home our troops we can use them here and now on a real oil war

  3. notbestfriends says:

    **Brother, you asked for it! We wouldn’t have to depend on off-shore drilling if the Democraps would support oil drilling on the mainland, nuclear energy development and coal mining. If it was up to these primitives we would all be back in the cave, foraging for meat and dressed in loincloths.

  4. JizzonTheDark says:

    I hate fucking commercials.

  5. HemiHead66 says:

    BP to Try ‘Anything, Everything’ to Stop Gushing Gulf Oil Well? Oh yeah – did ya try ramming your CEO’s head into that oil pipe?

  6. BCT071 says:

    If the car industry can drag itself out of the bed it currently shares with the oil industry and fast-track the mass production of practical electric cars this kind of thing will never happen again.

  7. chilich33z says:

    Obama – please stay on the coast.

  8. Deptstate799 says:

    SPILL BABY SPILL! If I can’t be happy, America sure as hell isn’t going 2B happy! This serves as a lesson to the SODOMITE Freemason’s who performed a ritual on me. Care for politcal chat? Join me and my pals in YAHOO government POLITICS LOBBY 1 and 6 CHAT ROOM.

  9. cheeckybutnice says:

    oil spil = longer iraq war

  10. dkkght46 says:

    The state run media is trying to make this Bush fault instead of the community organizer. Where is the leadership? Obama (arrives 10 days later) fails the greatest environmental disaster and NO LEADERSHIP. Maybe if Oassbackwards and Biden has not taken two seperate jumbo jets to New York for Earth Day festivities, we wouldn’t need oil from the Gulf!! But then again, Gore needs to heat his 30,000 sq foot mansion and his $9 million oceanfront castle

  11. lancerhammer says:

    BP did not do this, the talebans did it! Let’s drop more bombs kin pakistan!

  12. BertGriffin88 says:

    Somedays are tougher than other. May 2010, begins the Months of Death for America. Life in America doesn’t have to be like this. But to stop this, responsible, accountable, unwaivering seekers of the truth, technical or otherwise. All the criminals at the highest level of all of America’s institutions must be imprisoned for the evils they have intentionally and willfully comitted.

  13. takeahnase2009 says:

    Crap like this would never happen is America nationalized and unionized the country’s oil sipply. Shit down all BP operations. They have neglected safty standards and have put profit ahead of health and safty. Nationalize the coal industry too. And shut the shit down.

  14. FunnyGuy5051 says:


  15. 9thWardRecords says:


    (and youtube sucks for not letting me post in all caps)

  16. PublicYahoo says:

    President Obamas warning is little late.

  17. beancube2010 says:

    @jasonsadventure This is not simply about money. Real damage and loss are way beyond $100 trillion if you can’t rid of those so-called school brainwashed finance and economy using money ignorantly in estimation.

  18. Allamericom says:

    The Government will see to it that you will not be able to feed yourself – They will Feed you –
    Not funny but a true welfare state you will become Obama is in town.
    Wake Up American DemoRepublicans

  19. Allamericom says:

    To LONG to LATE to BIG The failure of Government is all around us
    America is not going to believe the cretin politicians are now oil experts. Stay away and find experts that can cap off the well. Unless you are you here to cover up? Use a bunker missal or one used on the pentagon . Bring back our troops Demorepublicans we can use them here and now. Difference between Katrina and this is nature/Man Wake UP AMERICA
    Want Health care? Bring home our troops
    Wake Up AMERICA 1 second ago

  20. cdltpx says:

    All the hell the shrimpers caught over TEDs and the turtles are washing up everywhere. I wish we could stop the use of oil in such large quantities. I am beginning to hate the automobile we can get along without the car being used in such large volume. Long rips could be done with rail.

  21. ThaGenius101 says:

    We should boycott BP until this catastrophe is under control. I’m pretty sure that they’re going to use this “accident” as an excuse to jack up gas prices.

  22. truckerfromreno says:

    BP will pay fuck all you silly idiots. Have you not just seen what the banks have done to the world? BP are too powerful to be bossed about by some political puppet that they probably control anyway.

  23. grantdawg07 says:

    obama comes to the gulf coast and a deadly string of tornados hits. coincidence? i think not.

  24. treid100182 says:


  25. MrSuperJuden says:

    @Viprasad Maybe he’ll catch his death of cold. We can only hope.

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