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BP Complaints

Obama Talks Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on May 14, 2010 by bp complaints

FBNs Robert Gray on how the spill will impact energy policies and a new warning about a J&J product.

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  1. mosquewatcher says:

    good grief.

  2. FierceEyedTiger says:

    Obama that terrorist needs to stop killing Americans with his policys and Taxation.

    Did you guys hear that these fucks want to TAX junk food under the Vail of discouraging youths from eating un healthy food.

    Imagine having to pay $2 for a candy bar so that the government can keep a dollar.

    These mother fuckers have blatantly taxed us to like 65% of our earnings hiding some of these taxes In Cigarettes cellphone sur charges energy sur charges and now food taxation based on ingredients

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