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NOAA Official: Gulf Oil Spill a ‘Grave Concern’

Posted on May 03, 2010 by bp complaints

A top NOAA official says the Gulf Coast oil spill is a major blow to the US economy and the environment. David Kennedy is the acting administrator for the National Ocean Service, a branch of NOAA that manages coastal and marine resources. (April 29).

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  1. Gelinika says:

    1-800-call sarah palin..to the rescue

  2. millerellis says:


  3. 100chemosabe says:

    Can hardly believe that they didn’t build in a shut off that would WORK!!
    Drill baby, drill….I hope that this catastrophe kills that bad idea…

  4. NickyGanja says:

    2012 is here


    What a joke America has become, the tea bags, the party of no, the demcraps…all while the world watches on and shakes their collective heads in disbelief, WTF is going on???…have you guys lost your sense or country? You want change…but the change can be too hard…you want regulation, but hey that bankers says its no good for us…
    This oil spill is Obama’s fault? His Katrina? Katrina? are you serious…comparing this to Katrina?
    So the Chinese lead poison, was America’s fault right…


    It’s Obama’s fault, all else fails, and no one to blame…it’s gotta be Obama’s doing…
    Financial collapse, Obama. GM and Chrysler making shitty cars, Obama. Jobs shipped over seas, man it was Obama…did y’all know he was Kenyan…I mean McCain is a patriot who was born in Panama…but that too was Obama’s fault, why…cause heck McCain is American!
    Gulf war, Obama. Afghanistan, Obama. Pope shielding priests, the devil himself told the Pope to do it…guess who the devil is, Obama!

  7. BigJimW10 says:

    We’re looking at total destruction of the entire eastern seaboard of the United States in a matter of weeks. Thanks BP!

  8. cdimmm says:

    I’ll tell whats a grave concern mr NOAA, the 24/7 military chemtrail operations that you call contrails…

  9. rw5791 says:

    @classicalskank,go back to your crack house.

  10. MrEvdlee says:

    The Federal Government knew about how bad this would be from the beginning. Obama wasted time while the worst environmental disaster in history will change the gulf for decades.

    Read how much they knew here:


  11. classicallady says:

    @rw5791 You guys never fail to show how crass and vulgar you all are.Don’t bother, I will not read your next comment. Now go back to your white trailer trash. You will NEVER, ever be anything else but a loser and do not merit even to be the POTUS shoe shiner.

  12. rw5791 says:

    @classicallady ,professor of law?You can take obama’s college diploma and go wipe your ass with it.Oh wait,you can’t,those records are sealed.

  13. Allamericom says:

    End our government and intact public work bonds prior to work performed . You mess it up you clean it up .
    Our Government sure did cleaned up the inside 911 ploy fast
    in order to get to war
    A failed Government is all around us – Thanks to the DemoRepublicans
    Wake Up America

  14. classicallady says:

    @conservanazi What an asshole you are!

  15. classicallady says:

    @gritzschke EXACTLY.

  16. gritzschke says:

    @rw5791 Geeze maybe if Bush and Chaney wouldn’t have de regulated the safety , This might not have happened, But instead of pointing fingers maybe BP and Haliburton should get the flow stopped, And try and figure out how to clean up there mess that they created,

  17. classicallady says:

    @rw5791 Right. Come back and talk to us when you accomplish a job as a Professor of Law. You are an idiot. Probably don’t even have a college degree for such outstanding ignorance must be provided by a high school drop out. Loser.

  18. rw5791 says:

    @gritzschke ,anyone could have done a better job than obama.But then,what can you expect from a community organizer who’s never done a damn thing his whole life?

  19. gritzschke says:

    @rw5791 Maybe he should have sent Palin, She knows how to “drill baby drill” And she could handle Haliburtons and BPs Lawyers,

  20. Chris6134 says:

    Heck we live off oil !! We need to drill like hell everywhere. China, Russia, and Vietnam are drilling in the Gulf and are not shutting down just because of this. It’s the stupid USA that shuts down with every little isolated incident. Stupid liberals !! They are killing this country !! The rest of the world is doing the right thing – DRILL DRILL and DRILL.

  21. electio538politicus says:


    I agree, but, as seen in my video, we need enough oil to sustain our thirst while we develop new sources of energy. Oil should not stop alternate source development, but it needs to stay popular until an alternate source becomes efficient.

  22. eal1011 says:

    It is irresponsbile, dangerous, Time for us to go for SOlar power, wind power and Electric cars. Oil will run out, THEN WHAT?? We cannot depend for too long. That is already damage to wildlife, birds, fish and many more, It is irresponsible!!!!!~ Those companies will have to pay HEAVY billions of dollars fines, Damage is done!!!! Time for electric cars.

  23. Idude893 says:

    This is what the thirst for oil does to the country.

  24. rlzzxx says:

    @conservanazi ….Pull your head out of your butt and see clearly

  25. maestroprimissimo says:

    Shame on you for this comment.

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