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Most Unreported Part Of Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on May 04, 2010 by bp complaints

MOXNews.com April 30, 2010 MSNBC The ED Show.

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  1. neobootsonious says:

    Figures. This guy’s a lawyer. Lawyer’s the Scottish word for liar.

  2. neobootsonious says:

    In 1980, the 2nd worst oil spill in world history occurred off the coast of Mexico. 140 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico before they finally capped the well a year later. The Gulf recovered from that and the Gulf will recover from this. This spill will amount to 500,000-1 million gallons of oil when all is said and done.

  3. neobootsonious says:

    We’ve been drilling in the Gulf of Mexico since the 1930’s and this moron blaming Bush/Cheney for this is completely retarded. It was an accident. The rig exploded. Let’s clean up the mess and move on.

  4. leftcoaster63 says:

    Hurricane season starts in a few weeks folks!

  5. Aridzonan13 says:

    There are accusations that the pressure from this deep water well exceeded the known pressures from previous wells at this depth. This would infer we may be beyond the technical edge of deep water drilling. This means the expense of deep water drilling may be much greater than we think. And that does not include the damage from the spill.. That $500k piece of equipment may have failed under these alleged unexpected pressures. We’ll never know. That’s bad magambo. & the clock is ticking!

  6. anzelmdoggy says:

    The giant imortal persons, (trans-national corporations) have been destroying and polluting environments, killing people or their livelihoods, and taking advantage of government protections and services without paying their fair share, at an ever increasing rate for at least the past 30 years. I thought that was the whole point of the anti-regulation, pro-corporate movement. Its the American way! Seriously, we should be giving the top executives of B.P. and Haliburton medals or something.

  7. hamace says:

    @MzSally31 Obama knew there were no switches and he didn’t care. I think Obama blew the thing up, we know he wanted to drive up oil prices. Now he gets to drive up shrimp prices too.

    Obama is on record saying he’d like to make us all pay more for what we buy.

    WHy does Obama have so much hate ? Could he be envious of those of us who were born here? I think that’s part of it.

  8. hamace says:

    This is all Obama’s fault. he knew there were no switches on the Oil Rig and he didn’t care.

    He was busy planning more rape on Americans.

    Obama is also responsible for the Haiti Earth quake disaster too. He could have gone down there and saved everyone.

    Dick Cheney did not write oil rig construction policies.

    The Democrats in Congress made policy and t is clear they hate Americans and shrimp

  9. hamace says:


  10. notbestfriends says:

    **Brother, you asked for it! We wouldn’t have to depend on off-shore drilling if the Democraps would support oil drilling on the mainland, nuclear energy development and coal mining. If it was up to these primitives we would all be back in the cave, foraging for meat and dressed in loincloths.

  11. SpazomaticYeti014 says:

    Oil should be banned completely. Henry Ford also drove an electric car he made himself. It worked and ran great even though he did not have the battery tech that we have now. If the Rothchilds hadn’t bankrupt Tesla and his wireless electricity then electric cars would run 24/7 even without batterys. Oil is like heroine. Very addicting and harmful to all who use it. We need to remind those in high places who really runs this planet.

  12. Celienet says:

    @chefjeff1000 – One can only hope. But Cheney seems to be in DEEP hiding right now. Along with his equally toxic spawn. Bush or Cheney rarely left the country anyway. Cheney was all over the airwaves and internet a few months ago. Where is he? Anyone know? AND – I can’t wait for FactCHecker or Politifact’s version on GWB’s stupid invariably lie-filled book. Go to Indictbush.

  13. MrAgmoore says:

    Everyone on the planet should watch the independant documentary, “The Corporation”:


  14. chefjeff1000 says:

    @JasonvonEvil83 ;He didn’t actually put a halt to it, he just put that part of his policy “on hold” until he can be satisfied that it is done safely…?! Um, I think that is not possible. QUIT BURNING THINGS FOR ENERGY! We have many more ways to gather energy that are much more efficient and don’t destroy the planet. I hope you’re right and he pulls this from his policy; I am a supporter, but this knocked me off my feet!

  15. chefjeff1000 says:

    @secretliescomeout ; see my many comments today on why we have this fixation on burning things to get energy; it’s the least efficient way to accomplish this…lovely comment on your part!

  16. chefjeff1000 says:

    @Celienet ; my thought is to get him to travel to Europe; more than a few countries have expressed interest in seeing him, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and “W” at the Hague to face war crimes. If he takes a trip, they will pick him up and ship him off to the international court. One can hope!

  17. chefjeff1000 says:

    @SignalLost730 ; Why does everyone think the only way to harvest energy is to burn something?! This is the LEAST efficient way to go about gathering energy. Love your rant! We need all of the regulations in place that Reagan dismantled; just look at the airline industry. Corporations have no conscience or ethics unless they think it will improve the bottom line. They must be forced to behave, and we as a nation have seen this time and time again. Won’t we ever learn?!

  18. chefjeff1000 says:

    @JasonvonEvil83 ; I am a very left socialist/democrat, and I am a pragmatist and support “O”. That being said, when he announced the off-shore part of his policy I choked on my drink. Where in the hell did that come from? I thought he was done trying to work w/ the right, since it got him nothing but grief. Oh, and he didn’t put a halt to it, he just put that part of his policy “on hold” until he can be satisfied that it is done safely…?!

  19. chefjeff1000 says:

    @bluenote71 ; see my notes about why we think burning things is the only way to harvest energy. We as a people can be very arrogant in dealing with other countries. Good remarks.

  20. chefjeff1000 says:

    @katards; why do we insist on burning things to harness energy? It’s about the least efficient way to do it. Diesel designed his (the first) internal combustion engine to run on peanut oil, but had to cave in to the oil industry- even back then they already had pull.

  21. chefjeff1000 says:

    @ MzSally31; Great comment. The whole “protect the consumer” mentality was dismantled under RR, and we need MORE regulation; in addition to the financial mess, product recalls, etc., let’s not forget how airline service has crashed in quality and safety since he de-regulated them and fired all the flight controllers. It will take YEARS to finish getting over what RR inflicted upon this country. Only profit-hungry ethics-challenged businesses abhor regulation.

  22. chefjeff1000 says:

    It should have been stopped at the first stage. It was approved before the GOP would let Obama’s people get in place. Less than a month after he took office, the gop tries to blame him. Hopefully this will cause him to re-analyze his energy plans.

  23. bluenote71 says:

    The rest of the world hates us (the USA) already. Imagine how they’re going to feel towards us if this spill flows into the Atlantic, which is what is being speculated may happen. Illegal wars for oil, financial catastrophe, immoral health care, and now this. When it rains, it pours. Absolutely unreal. UNREAL.

  24. JasonvonEvil83 says:

    @sandycats99 Actually, a few weeks before this happened he announced his support for offshore drilling. He only put a halt to it because one of the damn things exploded.

  25. AryanKnight says:

    Off-shore Oil-rig drilling is an anti-environmental hazard, and ‘fossil-fuel’ is a misnomer, –for oil is NOT limited, is actually abioticly formed from Magma instead of organic-fossil origin as thought. Accordingly, the ruthless primitive-minded anti-social jewZionist-mafia wanna-be NWO-Kings (‘robber-barons’) Rockfeller/Rothschild et’al have done their best to misinform we-the-sheeple; –yet electricar is now a reality, thus their new criminal-monopoly is toxic/Pharm.-drugs…

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