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Michael Savage Blasts Mayor Bloomberg and Barack “BP” Obama – May 5th, 2010

Posted on May 24, 2010 by bp complaints

The Savage Nation. (5-6-10).

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  1. 01bossmj says:

    In pondering the great imponderable, i have always wondered when the republican collective conscious became, shall we say, ‘challenged’. Proof +ve, YOU!!!!!

    Rachelabombdotcom, RevolutionNewz, KilltheNWOnow, quick to shout; ‘Neo-Nazi’, KoolAid, guns and religion or object of hate just like Al-Qaeda or KKK or black panthers.

    To summarise, that’s why Bloomberg is a billionaire and you are late on rent/mortgage. An engineer and you do not have a GED.

  2. v19d says:

    A typical white male he Bloomberg needs to shut up. While Obama gets ton of money from BP in the last 20 years by 13 years. Makes good sense. What does BP wanted to do in land of Lincoln?

  3. TheGunman69 says:

    Big-Daddy Nanny Michael Bloomberger… The guy spent 5 million out of his own pocket to buy the NY mayor’s seat, now he wants the tax payers to come up with 200
    million so he can put video camera’s on every downtown street corner…. Moron Michael, the gun-grabbing asshat would be just another leftist quizling if not for his bazillion dollar bankroll

  4. woodowl003 says:

    fema is busy setting up their depopulation camps for us and to forcefully take their deadly vaccines

  5. willieraye says:

    bloomberg sucks

  6. NWsubmom says:

    We have a Dept of Homeland Security and for the 2nd? time now, it has been CITIZENS who have prevented DISASTER, NOT our government!!!

    Truly pathetic!

  7. NWsubmom says:

    YOU are the mentally unstable WHITE guy who hate’s AMERICA!!

    Typical self-loathing LIBERAL.

  8. SpringChatty says:

    put a cap on it……weights will keep the oil down. stoopid govt boneheads ……for christs sake do something instead of letting it keep pouring out.

  9. Temple420org says:

    Obama is a Goldman Sachs/BP sucking tool who doesn’t give two shits about Americans (white or black). He is a globalist who only cares about pleasing his worldly masters. Bush may not have liked black (Kanye West) people, but Obama hates America. Maybe next time the ruling class will let us vote for an American?

  10. RevolutionNewz says:


    OMG, a conspiracy theorist mayor who bought the mayorship!

  11. RevolutionNewz says:

    why is it if a citizen speculates they’re called a conspiracy theorist… yet these asshole politicians do it all the time?

    it might have been a tea party member? it could have been an angry US citizen, mad about the health care bill?

    fuck you bloomberg… you bough and paid for the mayorship, asshole!

  12. bittergunowner12 says:

    Retire Bloomberg!

  13. starVol says:

    Look, Bloomberg is an ass for saying something as asinine as what he said. It was someone who was angry over health care huh? Look, this Guy Bloomberg Guy does not get it!

  14. mike1988123 says:

    preach savage!

  15. USA4July1776 says:

    Paradoxical, isn’t it? “We” elected a man president on account of his ability to get elected president. I guess the egg really can come first.

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