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Mexican Leaders Dither as Gulf Oil Disaster Accelerates: Excelsior, Mexico – The Moderate Voice

Posted on May 19, 2010 by bp complaints

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Mexican Leaders Dither as Gulf Oil Disaster Accelerates: Excelsior, Mexico
The Moderate Voice
The United States isn't the only country confronting ecological and political crisis because of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
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  1. Eugen Blahout says:

    Dear Sirs:

    In my experience in the oil field, there is more to do in this problem than the use of the traditional systems used up today. The reality is that the solutions that are used try to hide the problem from human eyes, like the use of chemicals to disappear the oil form the surface of the water.

    That is a mistake, in way that the problem is going up to another level, that not also continues contaminating but the contaminated area will be increased and the cleanup will be more difficult ( or can´t do ) and have more problems in others ways by the use of chemicals.


    In this moment I think your are only in expectation of having a solution of others people than you, like the BP, Recovery Agencies and Government. The best way to solve this problem is to pick up the oil from surface, recovering the oil and sell it.

    You have a float of boats than can be used in this purpose in an ease way with making transformation on it, so you can have a better future in your business in terms of reducing the oil contamination.

    I have developed a system that permits a very high recovery of oil from water. This unit is a very low cost unit, that permits to recover the oil with presence of water below than 1% that is the requirements of the oil refineries. The separated water of the moisture is also free of oil and can be spilled to ocean again.

    I have used in others applications much more difficult in terms of oil water moisture than the presence in the Gulf oil disaster and with other types of contaminations, like solids, etc. and the results have exceed the expectative so much that the recovered oil was more clean than the new one in the market and the recovered oil were used again in high pressure compressors.

    The system is free of operation and free of maintenance, no power required, very small in size. The unit can manage very high viscosities.


    The goal is to have the minimum of contamination in the ocean and surroundings. These includes to stop the use of chemicals that hides the problem and …. increase it. Up today it´s clear that this types of problems needs new solutions and the new one aren´t in the market place. The mayor problem is that who can guarantee that fishing can be happened in the future in the Mexican Gulf? Can the indemnities be a guarantee to have the today conditions of life fishermen without changing yours jobs?

    To reach this goals it needs only a decision of act in way of recovering the oil and that was your first sight. I think there was economical problems with the technology used and the low efficiencies reached. The important thing is to do something.

    My Expectative

    – To have the opportunity to put my products and equipments in the market.
    – To give real solutions to these type of environments problems.
    – To have a economical retribution that can be traduce in terms of efficiency of the recovery of oil and its sale and the benefits of the solution according to the reduction of costs to the different entities involved in the problem.

    I have had work with PARKER HANNIFIN products ( Racor, etc) for many years and I know of difference in results by using real solutions.

    In waiting for an answer from you and having the opportunity for being part of the solution…

    Best regards,

  2. The Gulf oil leak is a complete disaster…Obama didn’t do himself any favors by criticizing Bush’s response time to Katrina

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