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Is Halliburton to Blame For Gulf Oil Spill? Conspiracy in the Gulf

Posted on May 09, 2010 by bp complaints

There is something not right about the enormous Gulf oil spill incident.

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  1. macpduff says:

    Fail safe blowout protectors – too costly! What’s $500,000? Stop stop stop buying BP gas! That used to be my favorite brand. Join me in passing by BP stations. I believe they know what they are doing, – they just don’t care!

  2. Theitisme400 says:

    Cheney/Halliburton etc are the facilitators of the Illuminati board game! The fact that they concreted the place 20hours before it blew, AND the other one says to me they are definitely playing the game!!!

  3. MrRocketman2010 says:

    then Obama easies up on off-shore drilling.
    there’s a major coal mine exsplosion.
    Goldman Sachs bets against the rigs in the gulf,
    the next day the rig burns and the spill starts.
    Now Obama stps new off-shore drilling

  4. MrRocketman2010 says:

    Obama is against oil and coal production in the US.
    Obama helps start the CCX when he worked for the Joyce foundation (look it up).
    climate-change and globle warming gets bitch slapped by CLIMATE-GATE and the Danish text.
    globle warming loses credibility a.k.a. the elite lose control over their propaganda machine.

  5. MrRocketman2010 says:

    The US government/Bilderburg group staged this to happen to push America into Cap and trade and carbon tax and to curb our oil and coal production

  6. Johngeiger747 says:

    it’s not Obama’s Katrina,… it’s his 9/11

  7. odin422 says:

    Webster Tarpley PWNS this partisan douche on this issue.

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