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How to clean up BP’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Posted on May 25, 2010 by bp complaints

The Hour assigns its crack research team to investigate ways we can get the Gulf Coast Oil Spill cleaned up in no time flat. www.cbc.ca

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  1. irtimed says:

    @xpez keep in mind they don’t have a font for sarcasm yet.

  2. sirolo1 says:

    It was funnier without the sound.

  3. sirussm says:

    funny shit!!

  4. nicholeddy29 says:

    i do not know what kind of cynics can make comedy out of something like the environmental disaster in the gulf of Mexico, you are only insulting mother earth which is the one that feeds you, but also you are spiting at the face of millions of people that live on the gulf that depend on those waters.

  5. ontarianitch says:

    hiding ! loll

  6. xpez says:

    @irtimed umm…i was being sarcastic..its obvious this is comedy.
    i wanted to sound like a crazy you tube poster.

  7. irtimed says:

    @xpez don’t tell other people what they can and can’t laugh at stupid.

  8. xpez says:

    this is no laughing matter…..

  9. FoxyAgent99 says:

    How about Sham Wow? 😉

  10. jchiapet says:

    you cut off my nipple…

  11. fortais2 says:

    Too true…

  12. DreamworxCanada says:

    thanks The Hour players, sadly, your depiction of our current state is not far off. sad… sad what we’re leaving our children to deal with 🙁

  13. gargmonster says:

    technically… the blow-out on the rig occurred while Halliburton was running the cementing of the well, while there were only 6 people from BP on the derrick.

    Might wanna tone back the whole manifest destiny thing as well there NYoly

  14. NewYorkOlympians says:

    @02stv yo dun get a life and stack some money up you fucking canadian bitch…BLOCKED

  15. 02stv says:


    You should read what you just wrote…it’s quite hilarious son hehe

  16. NewYorkOlympians says:

    @02stv meh your just jealous you cant do what im doing, haha its really said, i shitted on your and you have nothing leeft to say, broke, stupid and ugly i bet, bitch!

  17. Elififa says:

    not funny

  18. 02stv says:


    Meh, you’re just a silly kid pretending to be more than he really is.

  19. ketinunkantim says:

    You would better call some tank airplanes with pipes and turn the pumps to run in reverse…. it will get to the land quicker and cleaner…. it flotates over the water, you know…

  20. NewYorkOlympians says:

    @02stv sorry faggot, i have gold n silver i only use fiat to pay for daily shit so suck my dick bitch!

  21. 02stv says:

    You’re just like that neighbor who drives a Ferrari but is at the same time $2 million in debt… tsk, tsk, tsk.

  22. 02stv says:

    *source brilligDOTcomSLASHdebt_clock

  23. 02stv says:


    It’s funny how you use the height of the dollar to hide the fact that you are 12,931,604,026,824 of those same dollars in debt…. (rolling eyes)

  24. NewYorkOlympians says:

    @gilbert4321 really? whats going on with the euro then huh, the usa dollar is the strongest right now against and other, we will be the last and people like me with money will have people like you on the knees, just like your momma

  25. rtsoccerplayer says:

    yeaaa, sound’s working!

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