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Gulf Oil Spill Worse Than First Thought?

Posted on May 03, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil spill cleanup expert on mistakes that may have been made in process.

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  1. abata15 says:

    @chrisintulsa Oh, yeah, it’s their fault. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past Rahm to cause another coincidental emergency to support administration policy. I wonder how many wetsuits they bought with the TARP slush fund? Well, this time it backfired because B.O. looks bad by not responding to the disaster.

  2. Thr0wTheBums0ut says:

    @TheRealCritique – You suck the pedophile Marxist Pope’s dick!

  3. Thr0wTheBums0ut says:

    @toddghall – call yourself one and then throw yourself in front of a bus

  4. toddghall says:


    At least you didn’t call me communist…

  5. Thr0wTheBums0ut says:

    @toddghall – go worship the government and obama you fucking retard

  6. Thr0wTheBums0ut says:

    new world order

  7. TheRealCritique says:

    God is sending his message to stupid christian right-wingers who suck oil company dick. The states that are gonna get the spill are the ones who deserve it, thanks be to my christian Lord. The shithead states of TX, LA, MISS, AL, and FL. Stupidest people in the world. Aren’t you dumbshits glad you supported Sarah Palin and drill, baby, drill. Obama your nig president is laughing his head off right now at God’s justice to america’s anti-progress mongrels.

  8. tonykeywest08 says:

    God is busy bringing this fag nation to its knees. More and worse to come

  9. chrisintulsa says:

    Let’s see… Hey Fox News… talk about Halliburton.. they are responsible for this mess.. they ran the drilling… and yeah.. where is Sarah “the idiot” Palin? waiting for her mentor Rush Limbaugh to tell her what to say?

  10. Bigbird5553 says:

    Why isn’t fox saying good job on DRILL BABY DRILL? Shouldn’t fox news be out there cheering? This is what their rhetoric does.

  11. toddghall says:


    where do people like you come from?

  12. treehugga14 says:

    Dude 4th comment

  13. cakedoodle says:

    what a mess…this is really a bad spill!

  14. Thr0wTheBums0ut says:

    another timely crisis created by the far left, there they go again

  15. aaroniamescua says:


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