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Gulf Oil Spill Swiftly Balloons, Could Move East

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

A sense of doom settled over the Gulf Coast as a massive oil slick spewing from a ruptured well kept growing. Experts warned that it could become a nightmare if the Gulf Stream carries it toward the Atlantic. (May 1)

All Natural Solution to Gulf Oil Spill — Clean up with this ready to use biomass product. The reclaimed oil can be used to create energy. This is a renewable, agricultural product that can absorb 800 gallons of oil per ton. It is environmentally safe and available for immediate application. Please watch our promotional video, soon to be on this same channel, for more information about Show Me Energy Cooperative and our biofuel pellet. Feel free to call our offices in Missouri: 660-656-3780 and visit our website: www.goshowmeenergy.com The coast guard has expressed interest — stay tuned for news updates. Thank you, Steve Flick

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  1. kingsioux7904 says:

    I jumped for joy upon hearing of phoebe prince’s death. she’s a fat ugly irish slut. I love watching her writhe in pain. I’m reliving her moment of spectacular death. She tossed and turned on from the rope. Maggots crawled out of her eye sockets and nostrils. Then her body went stiff. She gasped for air, choking on boyfriend’s semen. Then her body went limp and she was no more I wish I were there to capture that kodak moment on camera. I’m gonna pee on her irish grave.

  2. cuthebs says:

    I agree beebee, you know why people don’t believe? Who would want to right? But I have to know the truth. I may not know all of the truth, but with a little time, I can discern a lie.

  3. beancube2010 says:

    These people need to work with Hollywood environment activists and ACLU. They need people protesting in front of those companies’ offices in all major cities, simply a show of questioning in Senate won’t do much for them and us who hate corporatist using foreign affiliated business corporations to exploit our local resources, our environment protections, and our efforts for improving living standards and rebuilding community economies.

  4. loonpolice1 says:

    While we’ve got an oil slick the size of Puerto Rico waiting to come ashore the Drudgereport is joking with its news links. It’s got Obama complaining about finger pointing on one link and a foul smell in Louisiana on another.
    ha ha.

  5. holocaustexpert says:

    The real story is somehwhere between 60,000 and 160,000 BARRELS per day is leaking into the gulf. Folks, I can get 5,000 barrels or 200,000 gallons per day from my 1.75 inch garden hose. It is larger than most and is a hose in case I need extra water on something, but the OIL LEAK hole is 22 inches wide and the force is massive. In all seriousness, anyone could figure the 5000 barrels per day was a lie. Entire gulf will be ruined for 25 yrs, if this is not stopped within a week or two.

  6. BEEBEE159 says:

    @holocaustexpert Oh, I forgot to mention that in regards to the media story not making any sense, Obama announces that SWAT teams will be sent out to inspect every oil rig and the military may be called to assist in the cleanup. Sheeple, please wake up. Do not believe what the media is telling you. Think for yourselves. The gov’t, media, and corporations are not your friend; so stop listening to what they tell you is happening in this world.

  7. BEEBEE159 says:

    @holocaustexpert Next they tell us that the platform sunk, yet I have not seen any video showing the platform sinking (or sunk for that matter). Wake up sheeple. Ask yourself the hard questions? Who did this and what was their motive?

  8. BEEBEE159 says:

    @holocaustexpert Like 911, information is being suppressed. For example, the media reports that the entire platform just exploded violently. If that is true then how come only 11 died out of approximately 130 people onboard. The media did not show an explosion; and when I look at the images of the platform, I cannot see any real visible damage. To be continued…

  9. BEEBEE159 says:

    @holocaustexpert When do people begin to suspect that these things are not just happening by coincidence? Once again, we are to believe that it is pure coincidence that this event occurred on Earth Day. It is also purely coincidental that Haliburton worked on the pipe the day before it exploded. Once again, like Katrina, the gov’t is slow to react. Once again, like 911, the explanation given by the media does not make sense (oil platforms do not just explode! Duh!). To be continued…

  10. BEEBEE159 says:

    @holocaustexpert I know people are going to call me names and say I’m crazy. But please just think a little sheeple. Do you really think this disaster was a coincidence? To be continued…

  11. WatchTowerAlpha2013 says:


  12. Chris242tt says:


  13. sciiworks says:


    & yes it will move east my friend but first it’s going to do a number on the Florida everglades, and then slowly sweep it’s way up the east coast, and eventually land right on ENGLAND BP’s doorstep. I guess when the British wake up to the lovely sight of oil lapping on home shores perhaps they’ll nuke the well head as I have been advocating ever since this travesty began!

  14. sciiworks says:

    NEVER convert an experimental drill hole into a production well
    NEVER think well head cement will NOT CLOG in an experimental hole
    NEVER EVER trust Halliburton
    NEVER THINK Obama will actually mobilize the whole country on this fuckin thing
    NEVER CONSULT other countries for help because the USA has all the answers
    NEVER WORRY about the amount of oil spilling into the Ocean
    FINALLY NEVER toss a match into gulf waters ever again

  15. Hooverdarnit says:

    I don’t know how far my suggestion will go by placing my idea on The Associated Press’ Youtube Channel but here goes…. I think the most practical thing we can do to clean up the oil in The Gulf of Mexico is to spread straw and hay in the spill zone. Oil will naturally cling to the straw once it makes contact with it and make it much easier to gather the oil. This should have been done long before they started spraying toxic chemicals on it. It will work. They need to get started now.

  16. TheWizzooo says:


    75 mil is the cap? Oh man that’s chump change in the face of this disaster.

  17. globehunter2 says:

    This volume of oil spewing from the ocean floor is unlike any other oil
    spill in history, its like a black bloody wound in mother earth.Could it
    eventually blacken the gulf coast? and bring untold misery in the process.
    God help us.

  18. Allamericom says:

    ObombA -As we all know What oil? Your all concern with oil when I can’t even find my birth certificate.
    Don’t look closer do what I – i mean what you are doing be good puppets i mean people.
    Signed – Love Hussein I mean Bar-rock inside ObombA

  19. miamiwax says:

    god really don’t fucking like louisiana huh?? jeez give these poor people a break!!!

  20. TheOileater says:

    See Aplusabsorbent video on utubeit’s the answer to mitigation

  21. 69Westerling says:

    Search this in yoututbe right now VICJhLoJVo you will understand this catastrophe clearly

  22. holocaustexpert says:

    Top American oil Expert, Matt Simmons thinks 1 billion barrels will leak into the gulf.
    I say 1,000,000 jobs will be impacted. Obama better act fast to help these folks.
    Hard to imagine the entire gulf is about to be ruined for a decade or more. Dick Cheney allowed oil firms to not add 3rd blow out preventer, thereby saving a $500,000 piece of equipment. Bush and Cheney killed 5,000,000 people in wars for Israel, now 50,000,000 birds and mammmals in the gulf, True Demons.

  23. jerryatrix9 says:

    I’m sorry but what the hell is taking so long to come up with a solution? It’s a hole in the ground, so go get some gigantic fucking 500-ton boulder, and drop it over the hole.

  24. SUPPERTROLL says:

    isnt it great

  25. mwells219 says:

    i’m just waiting for cloverfield to pop out of the water and attack louisiana.

  26. kingsioux7904 says:

    I jumped for joy upon hearing of phoebe prince’s death. she’s a fat ugly irish slut. I love watching her writhe in pain. I’m reliving her moment of spectacular death. She tossed and turned on from the rope. Maggots crawled out of her eye sockets and nostrils. Then her body went stiff. She gasped for air, choking on boyfriend’s semen. Then her body went limp and she was no more I wish I were there to capture that kodak moment on camera. I’m gonna pee on her irish grave.

  27. kathrynlanierwhite says:

    What is it made from?

  28. Kemper1989 says:

    On top of that, why implement a product when like you said, you can just vacuum it off the top? Seems kind of useless to bring in an additional material when it is not required.

  29. Kemper1989 says:

    Thanks for the effort but it just doesn’t make sense to use that product -it’s not very efficient. For such a small diameter you poured a ridiculous amount of that product. Another point, those are ideal conditions, no waves/wind ect. Hurricane season is coming.


    i hope they are smart and pay you guys to help with this oil gusher. will fav/share. this maybe more will see it.

  31. buckamoona says:

    you’d need ALOT of that ‘biomass’ product,

  32. BoldUniverse says:

    Go for it I say! Well done

  33. anthonycrystal33 says:

    how many tons would be needed to absorb the BP oil spill?

  34. JoJolivesofcupcakes says:

    seriously why arent they using this stuff!!!!!

  35. sukmat38 says:

    Now I know why no one has done anything to stop the leak or adapt your idea, because you are not Jewish, you see the saver of the GoM has to be Jew,, watch and you will see.

  36. sukmat38 says:

    The gov should force BP to pump this product right in the leaking pipe, until its fixed.

  37. steven19799 says:

    with 200,000 gallons per day pouring into the gulf i dont enough material could be manufactured in such a short amount of time, also alot of the oil is not floating on the surface, but hovering a few feet beneath the surface that’s why there having so much trouble cleaning it up.

  38. Industreyal says:

    Here’s an idea: Don’t sell it to BP, sell it to the people who want to help clean up. BP is already infuriating hundreds of inventors. They’ll do the same with this. If I could go clean, I would get this stuff in a heartbeat.

  39. jonniebgood1957 says:


  40. ch00bz0rzz says:

    wow cool, not bad

  41. Thunderwavia says:

    thats so cool

  42. alexissocool12345678 says:

    i think tht its a great idea
    finaly a good way to clean up BP’s mess
    plz try to convince them to use ure product!! : )

  43. isaacnd200 says:

    Do you really know what is going on ? Please take just 10 minutes and read the 3 blog posts on my yahoo profile, Isaacnd200….then take a deep breath.

  44. ENIGMA0749 says:

    That is a cool product! 🙂

  45. aln2325826571 says:

    @showmeenergy07 – remaining positive – how can you remain positive about this – they are not going to be able to stop the leak for months – cleaning it up is a bit of a joke – it will bio degrade naturally, but first kill a third of all marine life.

  46. tgkd99 says:

    please keep us informed about how soon you are using it and how can we help
    or where can we see this being used. thank you

  47. loveableLissa007 says:

    This looks like it demonstrtes a clean nontoxic and effective way to clean up the mess and save the environment from this disaster. Its probabbly cheeper than other ways of cleaning up the mess. I would imagine it has fewer harmful side affects too.
    Why isnt this being used/considered. $?

  48. aeoffroy says:

    hay is better

  49. cpoky says:

    Sorry I forgot to add it to last post…THIS is the MODERN DAY tea party item people need to say Look we can do this better than the gov.

  50. cuthebs says:

    You are the man, smackinjake!!!

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