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Gulf oil spill speech-Deepwater Horizon oil spill oil spill 2010-BP plc

Posted on May 25, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf oil spill BP BP plc (originally known as British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil spill oil spill 2010 تسرب النفط في دول الخليج 海湾石油泄漏海灣石油洩漏déversement de pétrole du Golfe Разливов нефти Персидского залива Derrame de petróleo del Golfo oil spill gulf of mexico 2010 Anthony B. Hayward Byron E. Grote Sally Bott Steve Westwell H. Lamar McKay Executive Vice President; Chairman and President of BP America, Inc. Rupert Bondy Robert W. Dudley Bio & Compensation – Reuters Iain C. Conn Andrew G. Inglis Carl-Henric Svanberg BP shows Oil Spill Live Feed as slick scale

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  1. Yuchalanus says:

    look at the precaution they took when that icelandic volcano erupted…
    this man made disaster is WAY worse
    and will effect this earth for decades to come.
    (sceptic tone) congratulations AMERICA!
    your own greed is sinking you.

  2. warsun99 says:

    Sorry but i am infavor of the oil coming from our shores. It it were not for the government setting explosives there to cause the oil spill we wouldnt have the problem in the first place. They want to keep us paying for forien oil.

  3. auspiciousbunny says:

    Amen. You got my vote.

  4. Wolfiemouse says:

    Count on Dennis for the truth.

  5. Kucinich4prez says:

    @MetalManDan7 Sorry i did not mean to do that i will reupload it

  6. tubegeg says:

    Great video! Dennis Kucinich speaks the truth. The oil spill should be a sign to the government and those oil-drilling politicans and pundits that Drill, Baby, Drill must die. America must pursue alternative sources of energy.

  7. PsychoticusRex says:

    Call for the arrest of every employee and board member of BP, the seizure of their assets and nationalize it. Obama is Mr. Rogers, a great speaker but no leader, it’s up to you Dennis.

  8. DojoNDude says:

    Thanks Dennis.

  9. MetalManDan7 says:

    why was it cut at the end?

  10. ednshell says:

    Love this man!!!! Way to go Dennis, thank you for speaking the truth and giving the rest of us a voice!!!! Anything you need, just let us know!!!!

  11. KamikazeKoscki says:

    on ATS they are reporting national guard units being mobilized in several states. Choppers have been reported flying towards the southeast. Guys have been called to active duty in GA, Minnesota, Kansas ect. Some are saying they are going to nuke the oil spill, so they have to evacuate the gulf coast

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